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  1. I did not know HAL has gift cards! I would have purchased some, but not if it's that big of a hassle! I purchase Princess gift cards online using a link on their website. So easy! (screen shot attached) It seems like HAL could do the same, I wonder why they don't?
  2. As was mentioned in post #15, if you booked your cruise through that wholesale corporation, they use Bottomline Technologies. Just curious... Is there a reason for the cryptic description, big box hot dog place? Is it against the rules to mention the wholesale corporation, by name?
  3. Hi Jacqui! We will be on the Zaandam - January 9, 2020, 22-days South America/Antarctica. First time on Zaandam, first time to this part of the world. Very excited. This cruise would be better if you and Jose were sailing with us! Cheers! Bobbie and Jimmy
  4. This is a fun memory from our one and only cruise on the Prinsendam (Celtic Explorer 2018.) Photo taken from our balcony, we could watch Captain Dag bringing the Elegant Explorer into Antwerp. He saw me taking photos and waved.
  5. I actually found the website for Top Private Tours. https://www.*****.com/chile-shore-excursions THANKS for all of the beneficial information and your excellent photos and videos.
  6. Hi scubacruiserx2, I'm reading your posts and enjoying your amazing photography. We are going to be on the Zaandam for South America/Antarctica in January 2020. I am interested in the many private tours you took. Would you share the contact information for Top Private Tours? I tried to Google it, but I could not find a specific tour operator with that name. If you prefer, you can email (in signature) me. THANKS!
  7. Incredible, Jacqui! Your photos and descriptions are great. I'm so glad you got to experience this amazing itinerary on your favorite ship. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to travel along with you. Bobbie
  8. Incredible scenery and photos, Jacqui! Your fabulous vacation photos are causing me to keep adding to my bucket list. Keep them coming. 😊
  9. Love the photos and all of your interesting descriptions. While in Lisbon, we ate at Time Out. So many amazing choices! So, so good! I loved Porto, and discovered how delicious Port wine is. OMG, the train station is unbelievably beautiful. My neck was sore from looking up. Again, your photos are excellent! Thanks, Jacqui, for all the time and effort you put into this thread. I'm enjoying traveling along with you!
  10. When we are on a Douro River cruise, a group like this came onboard and performed for us. The university students music group is called a "tuna." They are very talented and we had a lot of fun watching them.
  11. Jacqui - your photos are amazing! Love traveling along with you. I noticed Jose is holding a Pikolinos shopping bag. That's my favorite shoe, I have 6 pairs in my closet! The Tapas Tour looks so fun and delicious. Savor the flavor!
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