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  1. Thank you very much. Yes I am still interested. If you can mail it, my address is Vicki Buckelew, P.O. Box 1547, Burnet, TX 78611. I will send you any postage cost, if you will include your return address. Thanks, Vicki
  2. Sometimes we eat in the steakhouse, just for the a special night. Nice décor, quite, speeder service (cooked right there). To me the real rip off is what they call the "steakhouse selection" in the MDR. Maybe the cut might be a little better, but we have always found the regular steaks to be good.
  3. Did you ever find your little ship? We will be going on the Glory in Mid August & can pick you up one. (I also collect them). If so happens we will be on another cruise (Sunrise) & in St John, New Brunswick on Thursday, October 3, 2019.
  4. Think I have one, if you will let me know it you still it, we can make arrangements to mail it. I keep looking for a pin or ship ornament from Carnival Celebration. We got married on it in 2003, our first cruise & did not know about either.
  5. We are from Texas & cruise out of Galveston often. Yes the Cheers card does not go into effect until day 2, but we have not had to wait until 6pm. I don't remember what time it was, but got it at the Casino bar, when it opened. Think that is around 11am.
  6. Back in 2011, we stayed at the Comfort Inn in Coco Beach, Fla. It is very close to the port & they had a shuttle. Also the lot was fenced & locked all week. Pretty nice budget hotel, just stayed 1 night. Have fun!
  7. We had a 8 day cruise on Carnival & paid the full price, but had to cancel, due to illness. The problem is Carnival's policy is you have to sail to get credit for the days on the VFIP program. Has anyone fought this & got their days reimbursed? I feel they got my money & was still able to resell the room, even at a last minute lower price. (had to cancel 2 weeks before the cruise). We are very close to Diamond & would make it on our net cruise if those 8 days were credited. Just looking for a little feed back before I start calling to complain.
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