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  1. Just about every mass market cruise line is offering the same kind of incentives concerning cancellations due to the current pandemic. If these kind of terms under these conditions make you sick and you feel it is demonstrative of slimy business tactics, cancel for 100% refund (if you have a booking) and avoid cruising altogether.
  2. The Gem alone has 1,200 cabins. 1,200 times 20 minutes each is a total of 24,000 minutes or 400 man-hours. Working 10 hours a day, it would take 40 straight days to change them all out... and it would require two security personnel as it cannot be done alone. Something tells me it was a somewhat logical decision to yank 400 old safes (so people wouldn't start using them in the middle of trying to swap them out) and then start installing the new ones. I personally would have estimated the number that could be done during a single sailing and limit the yank-and-replace quantity to that many but who knows what's in the mind of those managing the ship. 😀
  3. Your boarding time isn't 2:00pm. Your check-in time is. If you're concerned about sitting in a parked car waiting, plan to arrive as close to 2:00pm as possible. Delays and pile-ups in and around the port of Baltimore can change with the wind. Sometimes its easy-peasy and other times its a clusterf...ooops. Whether or not the "early/late" line moves along at a good pace is dependent on how on time the Pride is back in port, how smoothly debarkation goes and how many others choose to ignore the staggered check-in times and arrive early too. If you are travelling when the weather is to the extreme (freezing cold in winter, blazing hot in summer), my recommendation is arrive during your scheduled check-in time window. You'll move through well without the risk of waiting outside passing out from the heat or succumbing to frostbite.
  4. Yes (in my opinion) avoid Dec 4 first and Deck 8 second. Technically there are only 8 premium balcony cabins as those on Deck 4 have no balcony so I may have been a bit misleading (unintentionally, of course). With Deck 8, there can be noise from above. Of course, we noticed it most overnight when things are super quiet but it wasn't bang-yakkity-bang.... just a noticeable occasional rumbling that was likely carts rolling in the Pizza Pirate kitchen which is directly above. If you are super light sleeper or acutely attuned to exterior noise, avoid Deck 8.
  5. 10. 2 each on Decks 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Those on Deck 4 should be avoided in my opinion.
  6. and here is 7301 from the Miracle so you can see the difference in configuration:
  7. Just to drive the point home on pricing from a sample sailing with interior / balcony square footage: Extended Balcony (185 / 60) $837pp Premium Balcony (230 / 85) $984pp ($147pp more than EB for 70sqft more) Ocean Suite (275 / 85) $1,209pp ($225pp more than PB for 45sq ft more) As long as you avoid (again, in my opinion) Deck 4 (definitely) and Deck 8 (if you can), you can't go wrong.
  8. I am a self-professed fan of the 9A/B/C cabins. $300 over an extended is, in my opinion, worth it. The cabin is more spacious and the balcony easily accommodates two chairs, a lounger and small table with room to spare. The only downside is the location of your choice; being right under the Lido deck, you can occasionally hear some noise from above. In my opinion, the upside is your choice is my preferred cabin configuration (8235/7299/6277) as their "sisters" next door (8237/7301/6279) are quad capacity and configured (in my opinion) oddly. My go-to 9B on Spirt class ships is 7299.
  9. Please refer to this post where I shared the Fun Times for a cruise I took over Halloween:
  10. I'm interested in how you arrived at the conclusion Carnival is looking for inexperienced cruisers who apparently don’t know how to behave while in a public place. If this is somewhere in their promotional materials, I'd appreciate a point-to.
  11. Neither of you earned loyalty. You paid for it... differently.
  12. So Roz and Jonesbk say you can’t be bumped (or they haven’t been) but the terms and conditions posted by Elaine say it can happen. Take the conflicting advice for what it’s worth knowing it could happen but likely won’t.
  13. .... and there is no shortage of passengers sucking up (or down) both.
  14. Thank you for sharing your story about reading and understanding insurance policies.
  15. It's interesting that on April 1, they state "looks like no more Celebrity for us after 10 years". Then on April 20, in a roll call thread for a cruise December 13, 2019, they state "Guess its time to jump in again.". There are a plethora of other posts finding issue with the direction and management of the Celebrity line - mostly due to a supposed "catering to special interest groups". Apparently, those issues aren't significant enough to actually stay true to your word when you say "I'm done". Must sound great to say at the time (because that's how people know you're serious, gosh darn it!) but it comes back to haunt you when your next gripe come up.
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