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  1. Just about every mass market cruise line is offering the same kind of incentives concerning cancellations due to the current pandemic. If these kind of terms under these conditions make you sick and you feel it is demonstrative of slimy business tactics, cancel for 100% refund (if you have a booking) and avoid cruising altogether.
  2. The Gem alone has 1,200 cabins. 1,200 times 20 minutes each is a total of 24,000 minutes or 400 man-hours. Working 10 hours a day, it would take 40 straight days to change them all out... and it would require two security personnel as it cannot be done alone. Something tells me it was a somewhat logical decision to yank 400 old safes (so people wouldn't start using them in the middle of trying to swap them out) and then start installing the new ones. I personally would have estimated the number that could be done during a single sailing and limit the yank-and-replace quantity to
  3. Your boarding time isn't 2:00pm. Your check-in time is. If you're concerned about sitting in a parked car waiting, plan to arrive as close to 2:00pm as possible. Delays and pile-ups in and around the port of Baltimore can change with the wind. Sometimes its easy-peasy and other times its a clusterf...ooops. Whether or not the "early/late" line moves along at a good pace is dependent on how on time the Pride is back in port, how smoothly debarkation goes and how many others choose to ignore the staggered check-in times and arrive early too. If you are travelling wh
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