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  1. I'm on the Iinspiration right now.Today is Catalina.FTTF service is such disorganized shennagians, embarkation was a mess, no communication, my luggage delivered after dinner, priority tendering on catalina is also a mess, we were told to take the elevator down to 3, and show our FTTF cards and it was taped off so u couldnt even get off! However the cruise, the cabin, the steward, and MDR dinner is great. (Horribble breakfast service this am, our drinks came after we ate, after asking 4 times... For us, this time FTTF has been a mess and a waste of $. But cruise is great.
  2. The W ft lauderdale has a pool party that is open to the public and free on Sundays, they also rent private cabanas starting at $150. The bellman holds your luggage. A good place to kill time if you do not mind the younger crowd or loud music. Nice place.
  3. Zonin is also a Moscato. On the per glass menu from HAL it does not not state what it is, but also lists Zonin Moscato. Under the $7 there is: Cantine Maschino Prosecco, Monin ( most likely the proscecco you had as the Monin Moscato listed lower is more costly) and Pol Clement House Champagne. All three under $7. Nicolas Feuillatte is listed as $12.50 per glass. How did you like it?
  4. Yes. drink Tiramisu Martinis, Grasshoppers, Fun Ship Specials and Sangria.
  5. We only misbehave on the balcony so only our neighbors are affected :p:eek:. If they happen to see misbehavin via plexiglass they can close their eyes. Lol
  6. Yes. :( HHH (dh) said screw it, buy the flat rate package. They agreed to doing the 4 drinks we like for under the $7, now just waiting to hear if they will offer any red besides the house under $7 and at least one dessert wine. :( We will see in Nov... For sparkling, they offer prosecco, house champagne, and zonin, but it does not say what zonin it is. Can not be the moscato as that is $8.50 per glass. Ships coordinator said we had to wait till we got on the ship to ask the bar manager about reds and dessert wine. Ugh. But at least they could answer the mixed drinks part. Had to send the recipes.
  7. Im scheduled to attend a HAL webinar i think its at 4pm sept 26(even though i only recommend HAL weddings before Nov because of Royal Ocean Events) and although i will be traveling to northern ca that day, i am going to do my best to make it, because usually there is a q & a at the end. So i am signed up to do it. I will definitely let u guys know how it goes. Im going to start with the implementation of the policy and i will cut and paste the policy thats been posted here before they backtracked.
  8. Hehe! Surfergirle loves cabanas, that way she can have HHH (handsome hunky hubby) all to herself! :eek::D:p
  9. Nope not yet ive been home only 2 nights ( i was traveling for 2 weeks for work) and before that i was waiting on my laptop repair from bestbuy. Black tie protection, best thing ever. But needed a keyboard. So sorry to keep everyone waiting ! My little phone just would not do... Its finished just needs a closing. Its really just a list, the one posted today was so much nicer! I was thinking that we should only have one but everyone says two is better so ill finish it. Any thoughts?
  10. I can let u know after now. Villa E is the farthest one down the beach and what we have. There is a video of it on you tube.
  11. $550 private hot tub, bathroom and shower. Good because HMC always seems very cold to us because of where we live. Sweatshirt cold. Lol.
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