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  1. So, I am 14 days from my cruise. I submitted bids when I got the email. I remember in the past, people mentioned watching the "status" of their bids. ("Pending" and "processing" meant different things) But I don't see a status. Where would I see the status of my bid?
  2. I will also be there next month, and received the same notice. Can't wait!
  3. Actually, it depends on what was offered at the time you booked your cruise. I am booked on a 9 day cruise in February, which at this time would qualify for 4 specialty dinners. But, at the time I booked, it included only 3 specialty dinners. Our Amenities page shows 3 Specialty Dinner package (x2).
  4. I haven't read through all the posts yet, so I don't know if it's been mentioned, but on this page of the daily, it is really hard to see, but apparently they are making Cruise Critic available to all, to leave reviews of your cruise. "Just head to the Internet Cafe, or visit CruiseCritic from your own device and write a review to share with the world."
  5. Longtime lurker. I had a question, but didn't want to ask it until I finished reading all the way through, just in case it had been asked before. You had the Premium Plus Bev Pkg, and went to Starbucks several times. Were the Starbucks drinks covered under the upgraded package?
  6. I'd like to know why... Something (a-la-carte) priced at $39 (cold water lobster) has a supplement charge, when used in conjunction with the SDP of $25.00, but something priced at $49 (surf and turf) only has a supplement charge of $19.00?
  7. How much was the dinner show outright (without the dining package credit?)
  8. 😲 Does this remind anyone else of a recent series of commercials?
  9. So, with a card that can't be punched, can it be "read" through a clear pouch? Or would it have to be removed each time?
  10. 😊 Victor Bodden said we will still be able to hold and interact with the sloths, even with the new arrival time. Yay!
  11. I'm really worried now that they changed our itinerary, that we won't be able to interact with the sloths. We won't be into port until 10:00am, and I heard that sloth hugs end at 11:00am. Checking with them now.
  12. Thank you. I have messaged Bodden's to request pricing and info!
  13. Will be on the Getaway 2/7-16/2020. Roatan on 2/11/20 from 7:00am - 3:00pm. Wondering if it is possible to "hold sloths" and do Tabyana Beach (snorkle from shore) in the same day. From what I understand, the sloth experience would need to be early in the day, as they don't let you interact with them after a certain time. But not sure logistically, if it is possible to do both in the time we will be there. Anyone done this? Suggestions on who to contact? Thanks in advance!
  14. So, if I have the Beverage package, I understand that before sailaway, I will be paying tax on any drinks ordered. Should I be given a receipt to sign for those? Or just check my onboard account to verify what I was charged?
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