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  1. So, if I have the Beverage package, I understand that before sailaway, I will be paying tax on any drinks ordered. Should I be given a receipt to sign for those? Or just check my onboard account to verify what I was charged?
  2. From what I understand (just from reading the boards, haven't actually used it yet) you pay 9.95 + - per device to connect to the text/call within the ship. So each device you want to use would have to connect and pay the fee.
  3. I read somewhere, that upon returning to the ship in warm ports, they greet you with cold towels. Did I read that they also give you water?
  4. 😝 Haha, we are 248 days out...and I've already started staging certain items. Does this mean I have a problem?
  5. Will be visiting N.O. for a couple days pre-cruise next year. Hubby has always wanted to do an airboat swamp tour. He also wants to visit an alligator farm (people interacting with the gators, feeding them, maybe the stereotypical head in the mouth pose, gift shop with gator stuff, etc.) I was wondering if most of the airboat swamp rides would have an attached "farm" and giftshop, or should I look at 2 different venues? Also, if you have any recommendations for great tours, I would appreciate it. The airboat tour I am currently looking at is a "small boat" tour that includes transportation to/from downtown hotels. TIA
  6. Following...not sure how/why it wouldn't be able to be done though.
  7. I'm not sure if I should piggy-back my question here, or start a new topic. I'll try here first. I understand that excursion credit is applied to the on board account, after the excursion has been completed. But, it seems like I read that the disembarkation point is also considered a port, and you can book excursions for that port also. How would that credit be handled?
  8. Also, if I'm not mistaken, I believe would be charged from mini-bar, or delivered to room.
  9. Thanks Slugg. It didn't even dawn on me, that someone could think sushi. But then again, I'm not a sushi person, so...
  10. Not that I want to get into a discussion on the pros or cons of plastic straws, but I am wondering...from anyone that has used a collapsible straw...are there any issues with the "seal"? Or do you tend to draw air, like a plastic straw with a small crack or defect in it?
  11. I used to read about fantastic lobster rolls that were available from an Ocean Blue "lunch counter". But I haven't seen anything posted recently about either the lobster rolls or the lunch counter. Any info out there?
  12. I'm going to bump this, because I'd like to know the answer also. For either Breakaway, or Getaway...in New Orleans. Hopefully someone will provide an answer.
  13. This was an amazing review. I wanna cruise/party with you guys! You all look like so much fun. LOVE the LCR get-together. The largest game we've ever had was about 8 people. Thanks so much for sharing this. I will be sure to look for your upcoming reports, as I really enjoy your style!
  14. Planning for our Feb 2020 cruise, departing from NOLA. Spending a few days pre-cruise. Hubby has always wanted to ride in an Airboat, and I see that there are Airboat tours available. I have a fear of going fast, but figured I could "suck-it-up" and white-knuckle my way through it. But, most of the descriptions say that it is not recommended for people with back problems. We both deal with back problems, him a little more than I. He uses a cane for stability. I am sure he would say that he wants to do it anyway, but I wanted to find out from someone that has done these tours, what is the drawback for people with back issues? It is the "slapping" of the boat on the water? Quick turns? Other? Also, I did a search and didn't find many recent reviews mentioning these tours. Any recommendations for good companies to use? They might be able to give me more information also. Thanks in advance
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