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  1. Welcome to the rollcall Genuine and family hope to see you onboard do not forget to sign up for the meet and Greet. Happy New Year to everyone. Paul
  2. I have seen where some of the folks whose cruise got canceled are now booking this cruise with there 25% future cruise credit, so maybe this is a good sign ours will still sail. Paul
  3. We are getting in a day early also and we rented a car at FLL for 24 hours for $50 and drop it off at the port the next day and they will shuttle you to the cruise ship for free. This way we can go and sight see the day before and not have to worry about finding more transportation. Hope this helps. Paul
  4. Rolloman you are talking about the 2nd sailing out of Port Canaveral there is sailing out of Europe prior to PC correct. Paul
  5. Wow I feel like I just got my 1st Christmas present seeing these photos Thanks I can not wait until my turn onboard the updated Oasis on 1/26/20. The chairs with clam shell cover or they free to anyone are do you have to pay to get one in the Solarium. Paul
  6. Wow that should be a great turnout, but there is plenty of time left to get over 100 to join. Paul
  7. Welcome to the rollcall rolloman we look forward to meeting you don't forget to sign up for the meet and mingle I wished I was on the Edge this Thanksgiving. Paul
  8. Welcome to the rollcall Dunedinmaiden we hope to meet both of you onboard don't forget to sign up for the meet and mingle. We are getting ready for our cruise this Thanksgiving out of Jacksonville with grandkids and family. Paul and Honna
  9. Welcome to the rollcall Deewaynick and family wow what a group it sounds like a great time for your family. We are doing a cruise this Thanksgiving with our kid and grandkids on the Ecstasy. Paul
  10. Welcome to the rollcall Happyhomemaker glad you and your family will be joining us, we look forward to chatting and meeting you onboard. I have been to Savannah but my brother and sister that will be on the cruise have not been able to make it yet they will have question for you. Paul
  11. Welcome to the rollcall Nutsok we look forward to meeting everyone. Paul
  12. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend, we do not even have to fire up the grill just place food on car and it will cook it has been so hot here in Mississippi. Paul
  13. Hello hello is there anybody out there, just wanted to bump our rollcall up. I check over here every so often but we have 3 cruises before this one. Paul
  14. Welcome to the rollcall Lindawaring2001 sounds like you and your daughters should have a great time we look forward to chatting and meeting ya'll at the M&M. Cruisebrotha06 I finally got signed up for the M&M it says we are up to 29 folks which puts over the minimum required for having it. Paul And Honna
  15. Mcdni thanks so much for what you have posted so far if you find time I would love to see more if not have a great cruise. Thanks Paul
  16. Thanks Markbach if you do not mind I would love to see what my choices are for things to do when you get back. Thanks Molly361 I did try Goggle and there where a lot of dailies but they are older ones I want to see the ones since they quit having Dreamworks onboard. Thanks Mr candyman I do not own a smart phone so I will not be able to down load the app, but I hope to see you onboard. Paul
  17. I would like to see some of the dailies or compasses from Allure since they no longer have the Dreamworks onboard we are sailing on 9/1/19 to Labadee , Falmouth and Cozumel. And I can not get the App on my flip phone. Thanks Paul
  18. Its not the link its my info when I connect to the link that is wrong and I do not know how to fix it. But I will keep trying to figure it out and when I do I will sign up. Paul
  19. Well they have put a part of Nawlins onboard with the adding of Emeril's now we need a Pat O' Briens added to complete the New Orleans theme. I tried to sign up for the meet and mingle but I do not know how to change the info and it is wrong. Gobble till you Wobble 2020 Paul
  20. Hi we are Paul and Honna from Pascagoula, MS. we just booked with family members a total of 6 as we celebrate Mardi Gras today, I have to say I am more excited about Mardi Gras on Thanksgiving 2020. Paul
  21. Bulldogmommy I am flying out of NOLA next Wednesday how did you get from airport to cruise terminal and back. Thanks Paul
  22. This is why I love these boards someone always comes through to help out there fellow cruiser. Thanks so much Villager70 and cruisifromtampa for the info. Paul
  23. OK I lied one more time through the cycle hopefully someone will spot this post and help me out. Thanks Paul
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