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  1. Hi Haolenate is there a rental car company close to the cruise terminal that sounds like a great idea of driving around. We will be there on May 21, 2021 hopefully fingers crossed I am from Mississippi will there still be snow on the roads because I do not have any experience driving on snowy roads. Thanks Paul
  2. Just received notice from NCL that all NCL Jewel cruises are canceled until the end of February 2021. Paul
  3. Thanks to everyone for all the info and advise on this matter, I knew if I wanted an answer that this was the site to get it. I am still a couple of weeks out from surgery so I may talk with Dr and see if he fills it will be ok to go or change the date of surgery. Thanks Paul
  4. Thanks but if I cancel now I should be able to get the taxes back correct. Paul
  5. I have a cruise booked for Easter and just found out I have a torn rotor cuff and may have to have surgery if we do not show up for cruise and it is already paid for will I still get my crown and anchor points for this sailing, this was going to make me a diamond member. It is to late to cancel without penalty, which is ok but if I am not going to get the points I can still get the taxes back I think. Paul
  6. We are getting in a day early also and we rented a car at FLL for 24 hours for $50 and drop it off at the port the next day and they will shuttle you to the cruise ship for free. This way we can go and sight see the day before and not have to worry about finding more transportation. Hope this helps. Paul
  7. Wow I feel like I just got my 1st Christmas present seeing these photos Thanks I can not wait until my turn onboard the updated Oasis on 1/26/20. The chairs with clam shell cover or they free to anyone are do you have to pay to get one in the Solarium. Paul
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