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    Indeed so, POA1. Thank you for the tip. Very different results, seems as though the member I was searching for is doing quite well. Interesting, the difference in search "results".
  2. LSEA


    Well thank you Krazy Kruisers. Yes, I was able to search. She hasn't posted in over a month. Hope all is well.
  3. LSEA


    I just want to search by user name. Haven't seen a post from her in some time and hoping all is well. What has happened with the CC boards? I hope they didn't pay too much for this apparent "upgrade".
  4. It was a mistake but don't be so hard on yourself. Work hard, be smart with your money, and hopefully, someday, you'll go on an anniversary cruise. And treat your mom to a cruise too. 🙂 Best wishes for a happy marriage.
  5. [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] Being aware of the total cost is not convoluted. Its called being an informed consumer. While I'm at it, when people talk about what's "free"? Nails on a chalkboard to me. Nothing is free! But many things are included with the base fare.
  6. Sewing is a hobby for many of us. Like reading. I wouldn't consider leaving my books at home, or my handwork. Life back home interferes with my hobbies. Cruising is the perfect time to indulge!! I hope to fit in a quilting cruise someday. Pricey yes, but for me, worth every penny!
  7. Terrific review! Thank you for taking the time to share!
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