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  1. stubbornoldowl

    Which excursion would you recommend?

    [quote name='OCruisers'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"]We did "Paris on Your Own" which worked out quite well for us because we had been to Paris before on a land trip. :) LuLu[/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] Hi LuLu - If you have done this excursion recently, can you confirm where you were let off the bus - whether it was near the Eiffel Tower or Place Concorde?
  2. stubbornoldowl

    NCL Spa pass

    Does anyone have the particulars for the spa on the Gem. I particularly love the heated loungers. Thanks. Linda.
  3. stubbornoldowl

    D-Day Tour Options

    Would these tours be available from Cherbourg as well as Le Havre?
  4. stubbornoldowl

    Blue Diamond Tours - Halifax

    We're looking at the same tour - hope you get a reply as we would be interested as well.
  5. Has anyone stayed at the Best Western Dam Square in Amsterdam? Any comments would be appreciated. I understand that it is a little difficult to find but the price seems pretty reasonable including breakfast. I'm wondering how easy it is to get from the hotel to the Central Station - we have to catch an early morning train. Are the rooms clean and how is the breakfast? Thanks.
  6. stubbornoldowl

    Best Rome alternative sites to see? conflicted

    Hi Ron - We also had time to put in on a stop in Civitavecchia, having been to Rome recently as well. We took a ship's tour to Tarquinia and enjoyed it very much along with the local museum that contained additional Etruscan information. It probably wouldn't be exciting enough for everyone but we were pleased to have made the visit there. Linda.
  7. stubbornoldowl

    Limassol, Cyprus

    Thank you for all the suggestions - now to decide what to do.
  8. stubbornoldowl

    Limassol, Cyprus

    We will be making a stop in Limassol, Cyprus on a Jade cruise in February. Any suggestions on things to do? Thanks.
  9. stubbornoldowl

    Civitavecchia Port Shuttles to Taxis?

    This has been asked but I don't think responded to - Can anyone recommend a car service - from port to airport, specifically. Thank you.
  10. We will be visiting Alanya, Turkey on an upcoming NCL Jade cruise. Would appreciate any suggestions about sights to see there, private tours, ship tours etc. Thank you.
  11. stubbornoldowl

    Hilton Rome Airport Hotel - ship transfer to pier

    Yes Aquarians - that's what we were thinking. We have been to Rome 3 times before - thought we would use the free shuttle if the jet lag isn't too bad. Have you used the free shuttle before? I was wondering where they let you off and pick you up in central Rome? Also if you have done this before, was it easy to arrange and meet up with the ship's transfer at the airport? Thank you.
  12. We are considering coming into Rome a day ahead of NCL Jade cruise and for convenience staying at the Hilton Rome Airport Hotel. Wondering if we would be able to return to airport the next morning and just catch the ship shuttle from there. Has anyone done this? Thanks.
  13. stubbornoldowl

    Jade - thermal loungers and packages

    Thanks for the info - I only recently discovered the thermal loungers on another cruise line and really loved them. Another question - What is included in the spa pass besides the thermal loungers? They don't have a hydrotherapy pool, do they? Thanks.
  14. Hi Clare - We are looking for the same thing - most tours go to Cairo and we have been there before and not wanting to go back. I am definitely going to look into Memphis Tours or if I find anything else, will post back here to let you know.
  15. Does the Jade have thermal loungers? If so, I would appreciate info (pricing) about purchasing packages for the entire cruise? Can you pre-purchase or is it best to purchase on-board? Any other tips. Thanks. Linda.