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  1. Has anyone taken a FCC from a cancelled cruise, and successfully applied it towards a payment on a booked cruise, not use it as deposit money on a new one? And/or used 2 Future Cruise Credits from 2 different cancelled Cruises and applied together for only 1 new one?
  2. I think it’s getting closer to nil with this. . But I think the problem may also be the NY ports won’t open by then. another question, Has anyone successfully take a FCC and apply towards payment of a previously booked cruise? Or used 2 FCC from 2 cancelled cruises and Combined Them towards 1 new one?
  3. My October 5 night Bermuda out of Bayonne is still listed as normal.
  4. Did it on the adventure, worth it at $45 pp that I think we paid yes. At $79 pp? Not at all. IMHO Terri
  5. I was going to say Baha Mar for sure. It looks great from what I’ve read about it. But then realized your traveling in August. Prime Hurricane time. The ship can usual get away and find blue skies, the resort cannot. So I say if all else is equal, then My 2 cents are the cruise
  6. Hi, I have lots of experience across several different cruise lines, but planning my first Disney. I know how other cruise pricing works and i get emails every day of BIG new sales from all the other lines. Does Disney ever put cabins on sale after the cruise dates have opened? I know their WDW rooms do not change once posted, but packages are offered constantly if bookings are down so in a sense rooms are on sale. Just trying to decide if I should book, or watch and wait.
  7. I did one last year. Bought it at the round kiosk right on the pier. Was cool going into the Bermuda Triangle in the dark. Never were so far out that we couldn’t see Bermuda in the distance. Then they turned on spotlight under the boat, saw all kinds of fish, and even a turtle swim by.
  8. Does anyone know if the splash pad area is open to the diaper set? Thinking of traveling with triplet 1 year olds
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