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  1. I loved everything about GSC except for the tendering. For young people who are sure footed no big deal. For seniors like myself that are a little unsteady on their feet (I do not use a cane,etc just clumsy) it somewhat of an ordeal. We rented a cabana and had the best time ever.
  2. Encore. When moving I felt we were in an earthquake it shook so much.
  3. I found out the other day that if I lost my card I could go to the hospital where I received both doses of the vaccine and they would have it in their computer. Then they could make me another "original".
  4. That does make sense but we just decided to get a refund and apply it towards a 2023 cruise.
  5. We were all set to sail the Pearl in May of 2020 when covid hit. It was so disappointing because we loved the Pearl and really needed a vacation. So we jumped at the chance to reserve the Pearl for August 2022 and felt surely by then the whole covid thing would be a thing of the past. Fast forward to a couple of days ago and we decided that even though it is a year away we would cancel. I love NCL and I know they are doing what they need to but I just don't feel that I can commit to any of their sailings with all the different changes they are making. First it was covid test only. Then vaccination only. Then vaccination plus covid test. Then no masks, then masks etc. etc.( most of this told to me by their agents) Plus let's say even though we are vaccinated for some reason we test positive at the pier what do we do then? We would be flying in and couldn't (and wouldn't) risk infecting someone at a hotel or flying home. So here is a question.Are we stranded? Do they have protocols for this? Or is it a work in progress.
  6. In Ketchikan there is a lumberjack show that is very fun. A block or so away is a Tongass Rainforest museum/conservation education center. It is almost free to get in. The big attraction is a room with a huge screen that has an IMAX type movie of flying over the forest and glaciers. After that I didn't feel so bad about not taking a helicopter tour it was so beautiful. In Juneau we rented a car and drove to the Mendenhall glacier and then to Douglas Island and ate at a local pizza place. We were the only cruise passengers there. The Encore is a beautiful ship. My favorite part was the Observation lounge.
  7. It depends on the ship. If you are talking the Encore then the answer is no for the buffet, no for the main dining room( if you are willing to wait in a line) but for specialty restaurants then yes. If you are in the Haven then none needed in the Haven restaurant.
  8. We cruised the first week in Sept. inside passage. It was very pleasant. Not too hot not too cold. A hint of rain a couple of days. We loved it.
  9. When we were in Falmouth we just stayed in the fenced area. Had a good lunch, listened to some great music and shopped for souveniers Some friends of ours decided to venture outside the gate (even though we were advised it was not a good option) and headed back almost immediately.
  10. For Alaska the Haven forward cabins on decks 9 or 10on the Gem class ships can't be beat. They are not in the Haven area but come with all the perks. Keep in mind the Captain spins the ship around so everyone can get a good look space permitting so as long as you are in a balcony you can basically see everything.
  11. Lobster roll on the Encore Almond pastries on the Encore
  12. I may have missed it but has there been any info on saving the fall2021 New England cruise season by only going to US ports? Normally the round trips out of Boston or NY also go to Canadian ports.
  13. Last year our cruise was cancelled past final payment. I opted for a refund and received in in around 6 weeks.
  14. I have heard this from people who did back to backs. The shows were the same and even the answers to the trivia questions were the same LOL.
  15. Hello JamieLogical, As others have said it is a personal choice and given the fact the Haven cabins are more expensive you would need to weigh the pros and cons yourself. Our experience is a little different. I actually feel like on the Gem class ships (I have sailed on the Pearl, Gem, and Jade but not the Jewell) the Haven was a better experience than the Haven on the Encore. We stayed in an Owner's Suite on the Gem class that was so much bigger than all but the biggest Encore suite and it had wonderful balconies. When we did venture to the Haven area (we were not in that area) it was almost always deserted and very quiet. We could order drinks or food and sit in solitude there. On the Encore the Haven area attracted families with children and while I love children they dominated the pool are and were running and screaming unattended in the lounge area. Ironically when we went to the Observation lounge on the Encore that is for the non-Haven passengers it was relatively sedate and had a bar and food put out at 3:00. On both types of ships I loved the priority embarkation and disembarkation as I am a senior citizen and can't stand for long periods of time.
  16. I saw the servers singing Happy Birthday quite a few times on several ships in the restaurants along with some kind of dessert. I am not sure if you can arrange ahead of time or speak to the venue a few days before. I am pretty sure you can purchase decorations for your cabin too.
  17. I am wondering if Carey is going to be the Hotel Director on the Pearl after they restart. He has been on that ship forever and we think he is great.
  18. The Encore did not have Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi when we sailed her in December of 2019. I don't know your embarkation point but in Miami there are soda vending machines in the waiting area and some people buy a few of their favorites to bring on board after they pass through security. I am assuming they weren't confiscated.
  19. I have followed this thread before and I apologize but I don't have the time read all that I have missed. That said I have only ever sailed in the Haven on Ncl both on their Jewell class ships and also a larger ship the Encore. Near as I can tell for me anyway it was worth the extra money. Not having to wait in line, a dedicated restaurant with better food selection, and a larger cabin were totally worth it. That said, if I did not have the money to sail in the Haven it is certainly possible to have a fabulous time. It just requires some extra logistics. The Observation lounge in the main part of the ship on the Encore was every bit as enjoyable as the Horizon lounge (in the Haven). Timing when you go to the restaurants will result in a less crowded experience too. It's all good. Plus I sort of envied the people sailing on the deck where the gangplank was. So easy for them to just get on and off the ship at the ports.
  20. We have stayed on the 9th deck on the Pearl all the way forward.Just brought up the deck plans to refresh my memory. I heard from my neighbors that they could really hear the music in the theatre in these forward rooms but for some reason we didn't. I don't recall anyone mentioning noise from the atrium. The Bliss lounge is all the way aft so that is not a factor. No guarantees though.
  21. I am ok with vaccine, shore excursions, mask, etc. as rules for cruising. I am not OK with the testing requirement. The reason is that the tests are not 100 percent accurate. How do I know if I show up it will show a false positive and then I have to deal with the consequences. FWIW where I live the tests are not all that reliable. Mostly false negatives (everyone in this one family has the same symptoms but one person tests negative??) and One person tests positive, asks for a re-test and tests negative. If my perceptions are wrong and someone on this board knows for sure there are no false positives please ally my fears. thank you.
  22. If you go to the NCL site you can pick the cruise you want and all the categories of cabins will appear. If you click on the Haven then those cabins will appear. The lowest category will depend on what is available at the time. Depending on the sailing there are different perks included. Most of the time drinks, dining and wifi will be among the perks but you would have to pay gratuities on the free packages. If by included gratuities you mean daily service charge that is only rarely included. Happy sailing.
  23. We don't use the butler all that much in fact we usually ask him not to bring the afternoon snacks. However it is nice for him to replenish the coffee station. It can be somewhat confusing because in reality there are three people helping you. Look at it this way on a Panama Canal cruise the room steward made sure we had extra towels and changed out some light bulbs. He also called maintenance for an issue with one of our electrical outlets. The butler refilled the water in the coffee machine and left extra coffee and tea bags. The concierge escorted us down a special elevator to get off the ship faster.
  24. This is not specific to euros but our general rule when traveling. We order currency from our bank before we leave. My bank charges an extremely low exchange rate to it is worth it to us to be prepared. How much depends on where we are going. If we are making a day stop somewhere like Cartagena I brought $200 worth of their currency. If we are embarking or disembarking from somewhere other than the US I will bring quite a bit more. Keep in mind that should an emergency happen some hospitals outside the US will require a cash deposit before letting you check in to a private hospital. I was told this in the Bahamas. So I plan accordingly. My bank will take back any paper money but no coins. FWIW I had quite a bit of Canadian money left over from a cruise so I gifted it to someone the next year who was doing the same cruise.
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