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  1. Thanks so much. I wonder why they would run up and down this deck instead of on the track? I remember back in the early 2000s laying out in lounge chairs on this deck. That was back in the day, before any of the bells and whistles were on the ships like now. I’m thinking since there areso many lounging areas like Serenity deck, etc. This deck 3 is probably pretty lonely after the initial boarding day.
  2. There are outside areas on deck 3, near Guest Services and Shore Excursion desk for guests. Lounge chairs are out there when ship sails. This is directly above the Oceanview cabins on Deck 2. Has anyone experienced much noise in their cabin from chair scraping above them?
  3. Same here! I’ll bet most of us don’t know about ginger being a natural blood thinner. I have been on Coumadin for over 30 years, and I just found out about 4 years ago. I was so disappointed because it works so well, with no drowsy feeling. I literally had to google it to make sure. I’m just grateful that I had the sense to stop. Most people have nothing to worry about. It works wonders on normal blood. If there may be just 1 person on Thinners, this warning is for them.
  4. Please consult with your doctor before taking ginger pills if you are on Blood Thinners, mainly Coumadin. I have an artificial Aortic Valve, so I can’t take Plavix. I almost landed in the hospital because Ginger is a natural blood thinner. I was taking the ginger pills on a cruise. They worked so well, and I was very happy. I started having unusual side effects and large bruises. I immediately stopped taking the ginger, because that was the only different meds I was taking. When I got home, I went to the doctor, who read me the riot act. My blood INR level was so high, my blood was so thin that there was risk of internal bleeding. Please, please be careful. I thought I was safe because this is a natural product.
  5. Im not sure if this will work on this site, but I saw it on YouTube. I wish the prompt would allow me a preview before I post it, but it will not. I saw another picture somewhere of 9201 on the Breeze with the same 2 chairs as this Dream video. But maybe the Breeze was updated since then.
  6. Thank You so much for sharing the info. It is so appreciated, because I knew Carnival was holding off letting people know about it. I saw a vlog from someone on the 6th deck. I could hear all the construction, but had not actually seen any reviews from anyone who actually could confirm it. When I saw the picture on a group I am in, I screamed aloud because I was so happy to see the proof in the pudding. I thank you an de trvlglrlmq for proving the rumors were true. I did not know where the original pictures came from, but I really thank you so much for posting them for us to see. Could you please tell me what that smaller box under the desk beside the fridge is for?
  7. Thank You so much for this information! I was so happy to hear this. I do feel so bad for the people who paid their fares to have to hear this noise on their cruises.
  8. A cruiser already on the Triumph had one of the newly renovated cabins on deck 7, and a USB outlet is between the beds! Also had a mini fridge and the new colors and fixtures like the Horizon.. I wonder if all of the existing cabins from deck 1 to the top will have these renovations done by the time she sails as the Sunrise? Are these changes going to be just select suites and new cabins? I know it will be a while before it goes in for total renovations, but they have already started while people are cruising. Has anyone gotten any solid info on the cabins other than the new ones? Thanks.
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