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  1. Thank you for all of the replies. This has been interesting because I am a TA. I have not had a client sail on Celebrity yet so I booked a personal trip so that I could have the experience and hopefully expand my sales to include Celebrity. As a TA, I like to provide my clients with clear communication and documents that state exactly what they have paid for and will receive on board. So it has been confusing to me to not have the indication of the perks. I do have a printed invoice, however the perks are listed as the promotion code. It does not clearly state exactly what I will receive.
  2. I booked my upcoming cruise on the Summit back in December. I booked with the perks of on board credit, the beverage package and Wifi. I have had the on board credit available in my account for booking of excursions, etc. Except for on my actual invoice, I haven't seen the beverage package or wifi indicated anywhere else. I don't see it anywhere on my cruise documents which I just printed out. How will I know how to access the wifi and the beverage package on board? Thanks. Christine
  3. I am sailing on the Summit in October. I thought that Qsinine was going to be replaced. It is showing as an option for me to book for my cruise.
  4. I am a long time Disney cruiser (I am Platinum level). I do sail on other lines at time for work (I am a travel agent) or sometimes for our personal trip. My husband and I have done Norwegian, Royal and are doing Celebrity in the fall. I can tell you that nothing has yet come close to Disney. Yes, it is more expensive but the level of service and quality across the board is superior. The shows on Disney are definitely better. They way they handle excursions is better. That said, we will still continue to sail on other lines. Sometimes the price makes the difference or another line has an itinerary that Disney doesn't. We have never come home having not enjoyed our vacation. You just have to go in with managed expectations.
  5. Hello, My husband and I are considering the 9 night Baltic Capital cruise roundtrip from Copenhagen. I am looking for feedback from anyone that has done this cruise. Positives / Negatives / Recommendations. Thank you. Christine
  6. I have a cruise booked on the Summit for Oct 2019. I was just looking around the Cruise Planner and don't see Qsine listed as a specialty dining option. Qsine is on the Summit, right? Any reason I don't see it listed. I only see Tuscan Grille and Sushi on Five. Thanks. Christine
  7. Hi, I have a question about the specialty dining package. How does it work when you go to a restaurant that has an a la carte menu?
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