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  1. Thank you all for your comments, very helpful. We'll probably try a short cruise next summer as a taster- there's one for 5 days going to Orkney and Shetland which looks good as we've never been there and it doesn't seem sensible to go down to Southampton and then spend a day heading north again to dock in one of the ports for Edinburgh! WeeCountyMan- I didn't realise that you could park overnight at Ferrytoll. Thought it would be the same as Ingliston Park and Ride so that's useful to know. We would likely be coming over the Kincardine bridge and for 5 days, it won't break the bank to park at the dock. It would make it easier on the way home. Thank you all.
  2. We have cruised many times, mostly P&O but also Cunard, Celebrity, NCL and originally with Airtours. We were wondering about trying Fred Olsen mainly to avoid the trail to Southampton as Rosyth would be handy and Newcastle another alternative. We have had conflicting reports from friends who cruise ranging from "its dreadful and full of elderly" to "its wonderful". As we have both recently retired, the chance to do some shorter, possibly short notice cruises is attractive. I've searched through these boards and have found a lot of useful information but have some questions if anyone can help. We have had balcony cabins on most of our cruises apart from the first few years. However if we are going to cruise more often, we thought about trying outsides or even insides. Another complication is that I need to be midship and lower down to try and minimise seasickness. Does anyone have any thoughts on the inside cabins on Deck4 on Balmoral. Ideally we would like a double bed and this seems to cut down the cabin options. We also prefer a table for 2 and have done freedom dining so aren't used to fixed dining. We tend to eat early though, so first sitting would suit us fine. What is the likelihood of getting a table for 2 and which restaurant(on Balmoral) would be best for this. We like ballroom/sequence dancing having gone to the lessons on a cruise a few years ago and got the bug. We go to a class at home but are still beginners!! Is there much dancing on Balmoral on sea days/evenings. Finally, what long stay parking is available at Rosyth. I know its not particularly easy to get to by public transport. Thank you in advance
  3. Hi, we stayed in E717 a few years ago, so a few doors away on the same side as you. I'm pretty sure we had robes. The cabin was spacious with a sofa/seating area between the bed and balcony doors. The balcony is completely shaded (which suited me as I burn easily) unlike the deck above which has no shade and the balconies are overlooked. There was no problem at all with noise from the lounge- it may affect the other side. Before we booked, I read advice on these forums which reported potential noise in the even cabins. we really enjoyed the cabin and would book it again if we went back on Azura. Enjoy your cruise
  4. Hi Bigdunc I've managed to get some info from P&O about the 2018 tickets as an indication of 2019 prices, -exchange rates may alter these- which I've copied below. We've also looked at independently buying tickets and transfers and it doesn't seem worth the risk in case the ship can't tender, or the traffic is mad and we can't get back to the ship on time. Hope the info is helpful.( The VIP option is more than the cruise costs!!) Monaco Grand Prix Transfer: adult £57 / child £55 This coach transfer is for guests who have purchased tickets independently for the F1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2018 Monaco Grand Prix - Standing Tickets adult £169 (includes standing ticket, coach transfer, picnic box and ear plugs) Monaco Grand Prix - Grandstand tickets: adult £599 (includes Grandstand ticket, coach transfer, picnic box and ear plugs) Monaco Grand Prix - VIP Gold Package: adult £1875 / Child: £1875 (yes - same price for adult or child) (includes Gold Package ticket with a table reservation for lunch and coach transfer)
  5. Thanks ScotchBoy. My preferred option is a guaranteed seat in a good location. Thanks for the tip about a hat and sunscreen as hopefully the weather will be good. Cheers
  6. Hi, we stayed in F507 on Britannia lady year so on the other side from you. It was a great cabin, the lifeboat didn't cause any problem. Plenty storage space. It was a bit of a hike to the staircases as we were just along from the midship lifts but not an issue for us. We would happily book the same cabin again.
  7. Thanks Bruce62, that's really helpful. When did the tours become available. I've now had some further info from P&O who say on one hand that this years (2018) tours to the GP had to be confirmed by end Jan, with no refunds if cancelled, and on the other hand the standard mantra that they are available 12 weeks before. There is another option for a VIP excursion with a sit down lunch which costs more each than the cruise itself. We probably will do option 3, the same one as you and presume the 2019 tours will be available long before 12 weeks. Thanks again for your helpful comments.
  8. Has anyone done this excursion. We are thinking of booking one of these cruises and would want to do the trip to the Monaco grand prix. We've emailed P&O who haven't been particularly helpful. Would be keen to hear about the costs, arrangements etc. We wouldn't want to do an independent tour in case the ship couldn't tender or other problems. Thanks
  9. We have Nationwide travel Insurance through our current account (Flex Plus) and checked with them last year about cover for cruises and they are covered at no additional cost. The account costs £13 per month and pays £6 per month in interest. (I pay a small additional premium for medical conditions). I had a panic having read threads on these boards as it hadn't occurred to me that they wouldn't be and we had been on several cruises. There is no cover for missed ports or confinement to the cabin. Scarlet
  10. We've sailed NCL a few times although not as often as P&O. More recently we did a couple of 10/11 day Canary Island cruises from Barcelona in Jan 15 (on Spirit) and Feb 16 on Epic. We wanted somewhere warmer but avoiding jet lag coming home the Caribbean, and the NCL cruises then in a balcony cabin, booked 6months ahead, were cheaper than a package holiday!! But the European prices for NCL in Jan/Feb this year have shot up so we hadn't booked anything as it would have been extortionate as they have made UK bookings all inclusive- drinks, gratuities etc. The additional cost was ridiculous compared with previous years and they still have some pay extra restaurants and the drinks package doesn't include tea and coffee such as cappucino, mocha etc. Also doesn't include cans of soft drinks, only fountain soft drinks. The entertainment on Epic was great and you could pre book seats for the big shows. Spirit was similar to Oriana, Arcadia, Aurora as its smaller. Lots of Americans on board, not sure why they come to Europe in the winter, not many from Uk or even Europe. Prices were in dollars. Most people do get dressed up in the evening but it is very much less formal than P&O, definitely no need for a DJ for the men. I quite like the less formal style, it certainly saves on luggage, but I enjoy P&O too, and we do abide by the dress code. One thing to bear in mind is that there are no self service laundrettes on NCL if that's something you would be looking for. We always choose itinerary first, time of year next then ship last. We have another 2P&O cruises booked this year, luckily managed to get one of the Oriana cruises in Feb to the Canaries, We were on NCL Dawn from New Orleans Feb and are booked on Pride of America round Hawaii later this year too so we are happy with NCL and P&O. We haven't been on Jade but I would be happy to try it if the itinerary suited us.
  11. I fly from Glasgow or Edinburgh for cruises and wouldn't dream of flying on the day. The suggestion above to get the P&O coach from Glasgow is a good one. You would likely have a sleepless night after the concert anyway but could book the Holiday Inn at Buchanan St Bus Station if you want a few hours sleep and then sleep on the bus
  12. We've been in E717 on Azura and it was great. Not noisy at all. I believe the even cabins are above the band/ speakers and get all the noise
  13. Thanks again soccerref and scriv re formal clothes. We usually fly to Southampton but may need to rethink this time, or pay for an extra case. I can survive with a black skirt and three tops. Might have to wear the winter boots and several layers on the flight which wont be a pretty sight!! Thanks again everyone
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