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  1. Just reaching out to anyone who has had experience with booking with Princess Casino Free Stateroom. Not the 35% casino discount as I know there cancellation policy. I had to give a deposit and port fees up front which came to approx 950.00 and am told that if I cancel ( even 4 months before sailing )none of my money is refundable or transferrred to an OBC. Has anyone experienced this or had a different outcome?
  2. We will be sailing next year (hopefully) on the Enchanted Princess, Aloha deck Stateroom A204 and A203. Looking at deck plans there is a white block ahead of us that I am assuming is something for the crew. Does anyone know what that is. Also our cruise friends are in A203 and do they have to walk all the way down to the elevators and around to get back to our room. Could not get a room beside us. I think the Enchanted deckplans are similar to sister ships if anyone has been in these rooms. Tried getting a hold of Princess to ask and gave up waiting and thought this may be the fastest way to find out. Thankyou for any insight to this you can give.
  3. Just seen it on our news in Canada that Celebrity will be allowing non vaccinated individuals as per the Governors statement however those unvaccinated will have to wear masks and any covid tests required they will have to pay and also will have designated areas that they can and cannot go to. Also for shore excursions will be denied if the island requires full vaccinations.
  4. I went to AskOceanMedallion a360ad7@carnival.com and also customerrelations@princesscruises.com and expressed my dissappointment that my Iphone 6 they say is not compatible with the app. and also when onto the App store and rated the App at 1 and said it was a good way to sell more phones. There is nothing wrong with new technology but the programmers and companies should ensure that it is up and running efficiently before they do away with the old . There will be glitches in anything new but this is totally painful for people who will be sailing soon and cannot get it to work for them.
  5. Well I have heard back from the Medallion Customer Service and they tell me my I Phone 6 is not compatible with the Medallion. They said they would assist me when the time comes to get Ocean Ready . (Not sure what that means). So if anyone else out there has an I phone 6 and gets the app working please post it please. Also I have an I pad mini that the app is working on so my question is to the people that have used the Medallion on the ship how often once you are on board would you need your phone . Would it be required if you wanted Dine my Way, or Ocean Casino Games, or anything else ? I like my phone and don't see the the need to upgrade just so I can use the app. Thankyou in advance for any advice.
  6. If anyone gets a response from them please post it as I directed an email to them and got 0 response.
  7. i know how frustrating it is Nerbuck as I am having the same issues. Some are not and some of us are. Princess is relying on the producers of this app to get it up and functioning properly. They keep adding features to it and hopefully it will not be too long before it runs correctly for everyone. I have been on many Princess cruises and do not let this bring you down. Technology can sometimes get in the way of the fun of planning our next adventures . Princess is a great cruise line and hopefully we can all get past this aggravation sooner than later.
  8. Updated app working fine on my ipad but still will not work on my iphone just up and crashes. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it. The developers will need to get all the kinks out and soon or will be a total mess when the cruises start and people cannot get the app to perform properly. What good is an app if it only performs for a select few.
  9. Thankyou so much for this information. Will give it a couple of weeks and see what happens.
  10. I have tried to contact the app developer with no luck. I have no problems with the app on my ipad or hubbys Samsung phone but it keeps crashing on my iphone. Great Princess idea but painful when not running right. I have tried all the tricks to get it to work properly with no success yet.
  11. Live one day at a time Gotta Luv Cruising and Happy Anniversary My husband had a stroke 4 years ago and yes there is a chance of another and yes his memory is not near what it was but the secret is stay active body and mind. I totally hate that saying It Is What It Is. We cannot change what has happened in the past but think positive and I bet you will have many more Cruise Critic Anniversaries. Arlene
  12. Thank goodness others are having this problem and not just me. I have it downloaded but the app is closing continuously. I got a hold of Apple who tells you to redownload, force delete and reload etc. But nothing works. I loaded it on my Ipad and is fine and onto my hubbys Android. I have redownloaded it at least 8 times to my iphone , finally got some information in but tried again this morning and will only stay open for about 30 seconds. Arlene
  13. It is not that we Canadians do not want the ships to stop as Vancouver so depends on Tourism as well. We are not as fortunate to have as much vaccine available to us as the US does so we are struggling to maintain control of this virus. I am a big cruiser but am happy that we are putting the health of our people ahead of vacations. We are so tired of lockdowns and can hardly wait for things to be up and going again. None of us thought we would be in this situation for so long but together we will weather this storm. Big time cruiser from Ontario Canada
  14. Lol I think that is what it may look like after a few cocktails. I will try to reboot the phone and try again. I actually deleted the app in frustration went back and downloaded again and was the same but will certainly try again. Thankyou all for your responses.
  15. Thankyou for the response. I am on my phone and it just closes and goes back to the app symbol on the phone so I open the app up and start again and does the same thing.
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