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  1. Can anyone tell me when you open your stateroom door with cruise card do you have to take it out of the landyard and swipe the lock. Thankyou
  2. It is new versus old. We are Princess and NCL people. The formal night on Princess is up to the individuals. Some dress some not . Individuals choice. NCL is more laid back than Princess. We did find the food and service much better on Princess but we have just booked a Feb cruise on the new NCL Encore . Less children on Princess. We have gone on the older ships and had great holidays and have been on the newest ships and had great holidays. We will however pay a little more to go on a newer ship regardless if it is NCL or Princess as this is our preference.
  3. Have been on both but not on Epic for a bit. We truly like Princess better as it suits us more. Less children better food. But the best entertainment we ever had was on the Epic. I don't think you can go wrong on any cruise as it is what you make it so have fun.
  4. i can appreciate where you coming from. I have booked a cruise with NCL again and have cruised with them many times in the past. I tried calling several times and waited on hold for over and hour each time. This has never happened in the past and their customer service leave a lot to be desired. My mistake is i should have a personal cruise consultant like I do with Princess and all I do is email or call the consultant and they handle all the issues. The reason companies and not just NCL give poor customer service is because we let them. If enough people stood up and expressed their displeasure and that is usually by not booking with them or buying a companies product then perhaps they will make the necessary changes to try and keep their customers satisfied. I will complete this cruise with Norwegian but if their service does not improve then I have the choice to go elsewhere and I will.
  5. Thankyou all for the great information. It is very much appreciated.
  6. We are going to book reservations for dinner in one of the complimentary dining rooms. Looking for info on what one you would book and why. I heard that Manhattan is larger but much noisier than the other two. Looking forward to your comments.
  7. If you talk to the people that work on the ships they will tell you that 100% does not go to all the employees. Each cruise line is different with how they distribute their so called gratuities. You can call it what you will and choose to pay it or not. I have always paid it and hopefully the employees behind the scenes such as deck hands, laundry people, etc get their fair share. I always tip up and beyond for great personal service I get from my steward, waiter or anyone that went up and beyond what they needed to do. The choice is strictly yours and it is not necessary to convince people of your reasoning and it is also not necessary for people to be critical of your choice.
  8. i am from Canada and we have to pick up the certificate in person. I am quite sure if you called CAS and give them your players card number and you are Diamond or Platinum then they will give you a significant discount on a 7 day cruise, Just a note that Princess gives 35% off select cruises for people that gamble enough on their ships.
  9. When arranging insurance please read all the fine print. Most do not point out to you that they may not cover if there are pre existing conditions.
  10. Thankyou very much for the clarification.
  11. What is an Away class ship. I understand Getaway, Breakaway but Joy, Epic, Encore do not have away in their name. Is it due to the size of the ship that determines if you have to make reservations.
  12. I know the cost of the Go Carts is 15.99 but not sure if you have to book a time to ride them or just line up. Does anyone know the cost of the Laser Tag and do you have to reserve a time or just line up for it. If you have to reserve is it done when you get on the ship. Thankyou
  13. If you have the Ultimate Beverage Package can you go into any bar , order a drink and listen or watch their entertainment. Also does the Bliss have a late night buffet and what time would it be open until. Ty
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