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  1. You can absolutely order custom sandwiches. The premade are only partially put together. The freshness has not been affected and it has decreased the wait time considerably. Don't worry.
  2. I always loved reading the reviews from the Canadian Mounties couple. They always seemed to do B-B-B cruises and had lots of pre-cruise info and pics as well as the most interesting, detailed reviews. Does anyone remember their profile name? I'd love to reread some of theirs while waiting for my next cruise to get here. This was a great question, thanks for posting!
  3. We always have connecting rooms as we travel with daughter/sil and grandchildren. We split the kiddos up in between rooms. You definitely will hear more noise. If you are lucky you'll have quiet neighbors.
  4. Thanks for your feedback. We would definitely be staying in same cabin so with the exception of going thru customs it sounds like we should think of it as a port day as Essiesmom said.....without the beautiful beach opportunities 😉
  5. We are thinking of doing a b-b (5 days/4 days) on Carnival Dream in 2021 for our 50th wedding anniversary but was wondering if it is a hassle getting off/on for the switch over? How long can we expect before we are back on and ready to roll again? If the majority tell me there is very little disruption I think we will seriously consider. We've always done 7+ day cruises (this will be our 25th cruise) and felt the entertainment was great....with less day cruises how do you feel the entertainment compares as we do enjoy the shows. Any positives/negatives will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thank you for your responses. The way I interpret the link Disneylover89 provided, it would seem that anyone could use the facilities after 7pm (no age restrictions). Guess we'll see in November. Thanks again everyone.
  7. Can anyone confirm that it's ok for children (accompanied by a parent) not staying in the Havana cabins to swim in the Havana pool AFTER 7:00 pm?
  8. Thank you for your quick replies!
  9. Hi everyone......we just printed out our cruise documents and noticed there were no health forms available to print. Has this process been eliminated since our last cruise (Nov 2017)?
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