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  1. This may help. https://thisiscozumel.com/tourist-info/91-transport/1114-cruise-ship-time
  2. Our favorite on Fantasy class ships is an Empress deck mid ship balcony E83 if we can get it. Great view, close to the atrium bar for me and 83 is the year the wife graduated from high school so she can find her way home after a long night!!!
  3. I get the DOU often but, since my wife wants Cheers, and since everybody over 21 in the cabin has to get it, we get that instead. When you go to check in at the casino on the first night, let them know that you have cheers. They usually send us all kinds of "gifts" instead during the cruise like steakhouse diners, wine at diner and treats in the cabin. I like cheers anyway as it gives me coffee, soda, water, milkshakes and more all over the ship.
  4. Sitting at 36, 480 but don't know how. I used all but 900 of my points before the change over on Carnival cards!
  5. Fortunately, I purchased the gift card with a cc so if it's not resolved in a week, I can just call my cc company and get the charge reversed.
  6. I actually purchased a $500 gift card yesterday. Looked today and they were gone. I went to use the card I purchased for my Cheers package today online and realized that the e gift card doesn't have a PIn. I called AARP who told me to call Carnival and gave me a number saying Carnival is aware and will issue another card via email with a PIN. After over an hour on the phone being passed back and forth within Carnival since nobody knew of this situation, we got AARP Rewards on the line in a 3 way conversation. AARP has now stated that they know about the problem but haven't solved it yet and that it is their fault and will get back to me in a few day. hopefully with a solution..lol! Good thing I don't need that $500 for a cruise tomorrow. Lots of bugs being worked out I guess.
  7. One per month "per vendor" up to 3. I have no idea how the vendor thing works though.
  8. I purchased one this morning and it worked fine (printable card). Only thing new and not so great is that there is a monthly limit to how many you can purchase.
  9. If you look into how ships water is processed, you will find that it is basically distilled water. I have always filled my cpap with tap water onboard and never had a problem. Enjoy your cruise.
  10. Paradise is a great short cruise ship. With the new additions and recent refurb, she shines. We do these 4-day cruises very often and never feel like they are "booze cruises". Tampa is a very easy port to get in and out of plus, the Florida Aquarium is right next to the ship for some morning fun!
  11. Yes it does...LOL! Premier GetAWay Cruise.
  12. I just got 2 $500 cards last week and they didn't send a tracking number. I remember reading somewhere that gift cards and magazines would not have tracking numbers sent. Luckily, I was home whenUPS showed up for a signature.
  13. There is no curtain in the Grand Suites on Paradise and I think all Fantasy class are the same.
  14. We have always purchased discounted gift cards through AARP and used them and then a CC for the balance. You can choose "pay with a gift card" apply it and then when the balance shows, choose "pay with CC'. Easy.
  15. Funny I timed it yesterday on marinetraffic dot com and they left the pier at 4:00 and were under the bridge at 6:30.
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