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  1. Just some perspective, as the OP — up until about a decade ago I had been on, I think, 11 Carnival cruises. Then, for no real reason, we started spending vacation time doing other things. This year was our first cruise in quite some time. We really enjoyed it and were reminded how great of a vacation a cruise was. We probably saw 15 or so different ships over the course of the recent cruise; four, I believe, were Carnival. All of the Carnival ships looked distinctly worse than the other cruise lines. Specifically, the hull visibly showed more rust than the other Cruise lines’ white boats. My DW mentioned it to me too before I had an opportunity to mention my thoughts. We were discussing looking toward Carnival again, and I was just wondering if something has changed.
  2. I recently returned from a week long cruise on the MSC Seaside. During this cruise we were docked alongside several Carnival ships along with other cruise lines. The Carnival ships were all very rusty while the ships from other cruise lines showed very little rust coming through the hull. Many years ago I went on numerous Carnival Cruises. I don't remember this being the case. Has something happened?
  3. Anyone have any pictures/videos of the repairs? I loved the Facebook video the news channel had, but it only lasted for a few hours.
  4. We had a $60 mysterious onboard credit appear on the missed Ocean Cay day. Also, anything we prebooked ahead of time for Ocean Cay was immediately refunded to our onboard account.
  5. All, I have attached some info you may find useful. Note, we were unable to dock at Ocean Cay due to high winds. They revised and reissued a new daily planner for that day. Both are attached. Msc seaside daily planner - Dec 14 2019 - 9-24 PM.pdf MSC Bar Menu - Dec 17 2019 - 9-56 PM.pdf
  6. I've heard of the room steward being able to provide quite a few niceties if you ask nicely. Things like a bathrobe, slippers, lotion, and a stool for the balcony chair. Has anyone ever experienced this, or is this all a legend?
  7. Is it possible to obtain seating for two in the main dining room on Seaside, or are you required to sit with others?
  8. Great. Thanks for the advice! And also, I assume San Juan allows open container, correct?
  9. Does anyone have the daily planners from recent Seaside Eastern Caribbean cruises they would share? Or, if there is a link, point me in the correct direction. I searched, and couldn't find anything as of recent.
  10. I'll be at Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, from 7am to 5pm. I would like to wander around the island. Maybe buy a bottle of wine to consume. Preferably do my wandering by foot, but would be okay with taking a taxi somewhere. Any recommendations and places to buy wine?
  11. I'll be at San Juan at night. I would like to buy a bottle of wine, find a picturesque location, and drink it. Any recommendations of where to procure and partake the wine near the cruise terminal?
  12. I've sent them a message twice through the "contact us" link on their website, however they have not replied. I tried calling, but after forever on hold I hung up. Just trying to ask them a question.
  13. I am trying to figure out if there are any strategies for bidding on the upgrades MSC offers on their website. For example, is it worthwhile to low-ball, should you wait till closer to departure to submit bid, are the minimum bid prices dynamic and change depending occupancy rates in the given class?
  14. We are going to be in San Juan from 5pm to 1am. My question is, what do you recommend us to do with that time?
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