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  1. Off topic i have a thanksgiving cruise coming up to Carbo. how is the weather Nd tempeature? i am not sure what to pack for clothes
  2. Baja Mexico, leaving Long Beach on Royal Princess.
  3. I was thinking it is a new offering as well. I am just going through some pre-cruise check and saw the option. I will definitely look into the Onboard Reservation -> Celebration Packages as well.
  4. Hi, Has anyone done breakfast with Stanley on Royal Princess? Would it be fun for 6 years old? How is the food? How long is the event? How long does the Stanley hangs around? Is it like the character breakfast at Disney?
  5. I am about to order the medallion accessories for my upcoming cruise in 30 days. What's the best way for kids (6 years old) to carry their madallion? I do want them to have the ability to open the Cabin door. Do they need to Madallion gets close to the sensor? I am debating between a watch style and lanyard. Any recommendations?
  6. Thank you for the reply. It is now $249 for 5 days sailing as well. So, i guess they didn't do Per day price. I would do it for a 14 days sailing. For 5 days?? On the fence currently.
  7. is it worth it? how much photo do you really get from that package for a 5-day sailing?
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. It won't fit. The double stroller is 24" wide. I will leave it at home then. I didn't think about the housekeeping cart.
  9. I have twin girls and debating if I could bring a double stroller Citi mini GT (side by side). Would it fit through the hallways, doors, and in the standard cabin?
  10. Will there be Santa photo opportunity if we cruise in December?
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