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  1. Sadly I m in same situation and need tub for soaking,for medical reasons.Took my last R ship 3 wks.ago and now can only book on the large 2 ships.Limits my O cruising and have book on Regent now. But I agree a shower in HC would help.Just not sure why ALL the PH had to remove tubs,but its a fact and now must switch cruise lines. We had many O cruises and took 1 every 6mos inPH.Doubt if the big company will even notice our absence tho. I did express this in past threads and even to the cruiseline,to no avail.
  2. I posted this question on another thread,,but got no response...so...can you please tell me if the dancer Jason is back on the ship now? I had asked about him and was told he was med evac d on one of our ports home,,but not sure what was wrong or if he d be back for your cruise?Maybe one of dancers that greet us at theater door might know and you can pass on info. So very strange because he checked us in on Feb 1 cruise and we talked about the poor singer who tragically died yrs ago onboard a Regent ship,,,,told him to be very careful dancing in possible rough weather.Then heard above,,,and was shocked.Want him to know he was missed and pray all is well.
  3. WOnder if any of you on this cruise have new info re,the dancer Jason..who had to be med evac d at one port? I asked one of the male dancers and he told me about it,,but not as to injury or illness? Hope he s doing better and want him to know some guests missed him and were asking about him. Perhaps someone on Regent can let us know and give info and updates?
  4. Sorry, but I did book my own flight,,,not Regent.Can t blame anyone but Copa. We were on the flight from Santiago to Panama,,then connecting. Glad someone got off on time tho. Did put down in comments on critique about stairs,,but till drydock,,not much can be done.At least they should clearly mark the stairs,,,small lites not doing it. BUt loved everything elso,,,great ship,crew,food,etc. Glad I took all the great side trips too,,,,esp.the Torres Del Paine one...worth every penny. Gorgeous and great weather to view all the mountains. Only drawback was Punta Del Este,,,too much time to SHOP,,,,and majority wanted to just go back to ship,,,,ended up booking taxis for 3 groups.Found out other bus DID take them back,,,,boo...
  5. I was on same cruise,,,but have not read all the posts yet. But we really enjoyed it,,,,just have one thing to warn those on next cruise on Explorer...be very careful of steps in Constellation Theater...I tripped 2 times and saw many others do same.Not marked well and easy to miss. Loved the doorbells,,,so handy. Also, anyone booking this in future,,,DO NOT book flights on Copa Air,,,we,along with 4 other Regent cruisers ,,,were stuck in Santiago for extra nite due to cancellation of our flights...very poor communication and handling of whole thing. Got home 2 days later and just angry and exhausted....so BEWARE. Have been flying MANY yrs.and worst experience EVER.
  6. Odd, says it on web for the new ships.That a a deal breaker for us. LOVE the b fast comfort of room service.. Anyone else have same exp??
  7. I too am interested in this ship,,,anyone done a review of Oct. sailings? Just ordered brochure,,,
  8. See they have breakfast room service,,,does it inc. full hot breakfast or just continental? Is it for every room category?
  9. Did post this on roll call,but for those not listed that our on this cruise,,or even past cruisers,could you post daily blog with pics about this itinerary?? With new format am some how not able to find reviews ,,, Would really be appreciated. Have this one booked for next yr. and interested in all details re ports,shore exc.etc. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for that info re BTO,,,will look more at C,,but also see you must make dining time choice,,,not open dining. Do you have to make reservation for time before ea.dinner if you want to choose,,as they say.?Then is a full hot breakfast avail.in all cabins on C?? I hav e asked for brochure online 2 times and NONE sent. Odd way to deal with potential new customer,it seems.Guess I ll try calling.Do like they sail out of Miami sometimes,,,can just drive down.Need to explore my options since O doing away with tubs in all but 2 ships..boo.
  11. Yes, that was it. Ended up doing O tour there and area much more interesting to us than the Santiago one. We were really looking forward to it,,not sure WHY it was cancelled,but got email before we left.
  12. We went on the O tour of town, along with visit to bar with dancing and music. Had to do this because the tour I wanted to falls and hike outside town cancelled. Of the 3 ports we visited,it was my least favorite. Glad we had guide due to amount of poor people begging in square and on streets,felt sorry but they were aggressive and a nuisance.Would stick with O tours there, as 2 groups arranged for a guide,that we heard of,,and they never showed.Just our experience,of course. q
  13. I wanted to TRY Cyrstal,but DH refuses to dress up for dinner,and C has formal nites.So now go on Regent ex.when O has itinerary on Marina or Riveriera,,,with the larger cabins and tubs.Wonder if C will ever relax the dress code,,,would love to give it a try.PS..forget about me getting DH to change his mind...Went on Seabourn and made such a fuss about a sportscoat,which he wore on FORMAL nite,they never told him NO to entrance.BUt all other men had suits,at least.MEN"""'''
  14. I took the Marina last Feb.around S.Pacific islands and had no problem getting to even smaller islands,as they just stayed offshore and take small boats back and forth.Would NOT go on smaller ships,just because of lack of tub in cabins.Also rooms much smaller ,with less extra rest.onboard,etc. I m glad I went and area beautiful,but looked very similar to Hawaii to me. Plus, airfare and all other expenses much hi er.Just a real treat to see all the world,an experience like not other and am so grateful to be able to do it. Have been doing this 30 yrs now and still MORE to see.
  15. I always take the air and hotel cash credit,,,find I can do better on my own and prefer to pick my own air times,carrier,seats,etc. Same with hotel,,,like to choose my own.The cost is less important to us ,,than convenience.Hate to wait for ALL the passengers to board bus,etc.Faster and more comfortable to take our own taxi.Nice to be given this choice,and know others prefer all inc..Same when leaving ship,,,take taxi when WE want ,not group time.
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