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  1. I just requested a refund,,,and was very happy I got it,,,was thinking they d try to stick my with credit..But they cancelled flight and gave me no trouble. Now,of course,I ll wait the 25 days told me,,to see if it indeed was taken off card. Sad, know many of us out there really NEED a cruise,,so far I ve cancelled 2 of them.
  2. Thanks,,just thought I d ask. Future cruise credit may not be in future,my DH refuses to go on one till vaccine,,,or virus gone. Just the picture of those stuck on the ships did it for him. Have one on another line that I must cancel for Oct. So sad our cruising days may be over. Still stuck with lots of money in air credits,,,oh ,,,considering all that was lost on Stock Market,,why complain,eh? At least we and family are well,,that s really all that counts in end. Stay safe out there.
  3. I cancelled a June cruise before final payment,,,company kept $2oo for credit on next cruise in 1 yr. Then cruises are now cancelled due to virus. Can I get a refund?
  4. I have a cruise in Oct.to Europe too,but must decide by June 25 ,,to cancel. Already cancelled one for June ,,on Regent. Switched air to Oct.and paid $450 ea.to do so. Keep watching news and reading here to keep up to date. So many people have been adversely affected,,so very sad.
  5. Everyday it seems its more bad news. See Princess ships will be docked for 60 days, and sure all others will have to follow suit. I cancelled a Regent one for June,,,moved to Oct.but sounds like that may be iffy, Need to cancel that one,,on Seabourn,,,by June 25. Still not sure what airlines are doing,,,,anyone know? I already paid $450 ea.for moving United tickets to new date. Will I have to pay again?Most likely.Know they probably won t be giving refunds,right? So many people will be adversely affected, in many ways and in many countries.Such a mess and so very sad.
  6. We are also in good health and in our mid 70s.But we were in no penalty to cancel phase 2 wks ago and did,,,just to be on safe side. Will book same trip next June. Do have another coming up in Oct,,,but must decide on that June 25,for no penalty,,on Seabourn.Hope all will be over by that time. Had to rebook our air,,lost $450 ea.but compared to what many others will lose,,not bad. Hope all of you brave enough to go have a wonderful time and all please stay safe. Also, my DH said we d end up killing ea.other if stuck in cabin for 2 wks.,,,same as above poster said.Great.
  7. Sadly I did cancel a June Regent cruise, and booked for Oct.on SB.But my TA said I must make final decision about that one in June. Also, switched air tickets,,for $450 ea.wow. So now hoping and praying it will be better before my next decision date.Mine involves a long flight to Europe too. We are both in 70 s but good health,but just not up to taking a risk.If I must catch the dam virus,would rather be at home,with own drs.,,etc. Not stuck on a ship, in my room. Worse yet, both my DH are med prof,,retired. He a Dr. and me an RN.So really aware of risks in quarantine. Feel so very sorry for those losing both their money ,,and their cruise. What a choice to make.THis constant bad news is starting to get to all of us.Hate to read paper or watch TV.
  8. Can you tell me if they still have stairs in theater,,,,or did they make a slope,,,as passengers suggested from probs on Explorer? From brochure pics,,,looks exactly like the Explorer,,right? Love that ship,,ex.for above ,,,planning to book on it when this whole virus mess gone,Soon,I pray. Wish they could have made seating for rest.on pool deck larger,,,never seem to find a seat.
  9. What does your Mom think?Know mine would carefully weigh all options and give me her REAL feelings,,not just what I want o hear. You can take the penalty or take the chance all will be well. I cancelled because I didnt want to spend whole trip worrying about touching,or inhaling something bad. Or that most of cruise would be at sea,,since ports shut down. It s a terrible decision,but one you must make for you ALL to feel good about it. I have learned one thing,,next cruise I m getting cancel for any reason ins.Know it costs more,but worth it now. Let us know,
  10. Wow,that sounds like very little for such a drastic change,glad you were able to cancel.Hope within no penalty phase,or you have CFAR ins. I have learned that I will now buy that,,when I book.Just in case. Know its more expensive,but will cover this mess and pre existing conditions.Which at our age,,,both mid 70s ,,,they will surely find,,if we tried to collect on reg travel ins. We always book own air,but may look into ins.they offer too. Just spent 900$ to change,,as mentioned above. Glad only 1 case in Barcelona,,,have quite awhile till my trip.Will keep up to date re all of Europe.
  11. Have not been reading the posts here,,,seem similar to Regent. Just cancelled a Balitic one on that one and moved my air tickets to the one I had booked for Oct. on SB...to Canary Islands.YES, and I DID see on TV news that virus THERE and people forced to quarantine in hotel. I m getting upset and feel so very sorry for ALL the others being really screwed up by this disaster. I was lucky to be able to cancel BEFORE penalty phase,,,but did have to pay $450 per ticket for change there. Compared to so many others that will really lose a great deal,feel sort of relieved. Hope and pray this does NOT turn into Pandemic ,,like they fear. So many will be greatly affected,or worse. Also heard Barcelona has cases,,,,thats were my cruise starts.Have till June 25 to cancel that Oct one,,if needed.Then pay another $450 ea.to change tickets again. What a nightmare.
  12. Spoke to my TA,,when cancelling and she said she "heard",,,,NOT SURE.That Regent was going to take Voyager into drydock early. Perhaps its due to sail in Asia?? Maybe this is what you heard about a ship? Not meaning to start a rumour,,,just passing along what I heard. Also,said she was to be on Splendor in March to Bahamas,,or near islands. So that seems to be going alright,,,but reading about Jamaica above..one never knows. Then saw on news Canary Islands has it and people stuck in hotel there. Great,,,thats just where I changed my tickets too for Oct..... To answer about if in FL,,,yes,,,would try to just stay home.As much as possible,,,I m older now and not as brave.Also,watch my GGS and would HATE to accidently pass to him.Not sure if the poster was being sincere in asking or subtle put down.Oh well. If it was just me,,,I probablly would have braved the June cruise,,,that i cancelled.But DH said NO,,,so no choice. Really pray this thing can be stopped and not become the pandemic,,,they keep mentioning. All of you that are still going,try to have a good time and we all here ,I m sure,,are hoping you stay safe. Feel sorry for all the workers affected by this.My TA said she was busy cancelling cruises ALL day,,,and United helper said similar.
  13. Sorry to report, I have just cancelled my June cruise to Baltic region. Last nites news about stock market losses,and spread of virus to Europe sealed the deal. Still in no penalty to cancel,,so will not lose money.My DH said ,,he s NOT GOING...so that s it. Just changed my flight for next cruise in Oct...on different cruiseline ..Had to pay change fee of $450 per person and then charge increase. With United and so lucky they went to new cities. Will plan on doing this cruise next yr.Sad, but dealing with it.Had to remember to also cancel hotels for pre and post too.
  14. Again,thank you all for the info. Will try those sites. Good idea to call,too. My TA has an ins.person who handles it and will also give them a call. Must make decision in 1 wk.So good to start . Did hear that on radio about Northern Italy,,have lockdown on a few small cities.Did not mention Venice,per se. Always a fear that port may be closed due to the virus,,,or that someone on ship gets the dam thing and ALL are then locked in their cabin.Trying not to be such a worry wart,but news keeps getting worse.First just Asia,now starting in Europe. Our cruise goes to 6 or so countries in Baltic...so far that seems ok.
  15. I have looked at travel ins. sites and can NOT find one that doesn thave to be purchased NEar booking date.Some 7 to 21 days. So not good for those of us that need to get ins. right before final payment. If you know of one,,can you let us know. Would pay extra for peace of mind,right now. Must make final decsion by March 2 for this.
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