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  1. It's not really off track because it's something to consider. Also, the baby carriage/dog is taking up space in the dining room, so that's one less paying customer. I think the actual service dogs are welcome, but these little emotional support animals and their strollers and wardrobes....NO.
  2. I know! We are getting into a murky subject, but I'm sure a discrimination charge could be made if a support person wouldn't be treated the same as a support animal. That's the problem when true service dogs are being treated the same as an emotional support dog, cat or duck. I mean, where do they draw the line? We can't argue common sense, because there isn't any. It seems a baby carriage and pee pads would take up a bunch of room, and who knows what these dogs are eating. I love dogs, all animals, but the cruise lines are really dropping the ball with this.
  3. See, I was hoping she would get a free cruise or however the other emotional support helpers are handled. Do you know how it works? Perhaps he should call Royal and make sure, because that would be so embarrassing if we did it wrong!
  4. I think she is toilet trained, and well behaved. Hubby says she's well groomed too.
  5. I haven't read every post, but my husband had a question. Does the emotional support helper have to be an animal? Why couldn't you claim a human to be needed for your support or particular ailment? My DH swears he isn't trying to bring his cute 21 year old physical therapist along on our next cruise, but he says she is the only one who can keep his old legs moving, and without her, he is a real grump at times. Just wondering, dogs, ducks, pigs, why not a human? And at no extra cost of course.
  6. Lol, I know! My husband laughed when I asked if it was safe now. It seems like an incredible thing to do, expanding a ship! I'm just naturally curious about things I don't know or understand. My family was ready with the explanations, because they knew I'd ask about it..lol
  7. For everyone going on this ship, I hope you enjoy it! The crew was really wonderful, and the size of the ship was perfect for us. Our cabin was on the 7th floor, and it was so convenient for the 9th floor pool and Windjammer and we loved having the casino and entertainment a few decks down. Our daughter-in-law won $800 on the penny slot machines, after investing $50. Thanks Dan, I think I am a generally positive person. I appreciate that trait in others too! And P.S. to all the trivia players, bone up on 80's music, Michael Jackson, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and classic hits. Good luck!
  8. It's been several years since we cruised, but for some odd reason we decided 2 weeks ago to book a short cruise and take our adult son and his wife with us. I narrowed the search down to 2 cruises that would work in our time frame and decided on EOS. Knowing nothing about the ship, or the itinerary, we booked first and then read about the ship and where we were going. BTW, when we first booked, there were no balcony rooms available online, but I called and was told 2 balcony rooms were just released, so we grabbed them. As soon as we told people about our plans we heard the "Oh my, I would hate to travel right now. The TSA issues are going to be terrible." Yes, we didn't think about that! But, we were going and even the giant snow storm heading our way wasn't going to stop us. We had a great flight, got through TSA with no problems, in fact, everyone was friendlier than normal. Security was a bit relaxed, but all was good. We stayed at LaQuinta Inn in Cocoa Beach. We had a great ocean front room, perfect weather and plenty to eat within walking distance. Great stay! Now the ship! I read how this ship was cut in half and made larger, so I carefully inspected the outside and my husband assured me that doing that kind of a job was entirely possible, so we were ready to board. We got on the ship very quickly. We arrived right around noon and it was only a matter of minutes to board. I have to say that the personnel noticed my husband's cane and immediately took us upfront to board. However there wasn't a huge crowd in the other lines. My first impression was, this is a very pretty ship! I saw nothing that looked outdated, or needed clean, it was lovely. We all bought the deluxe beverage package, so we wasted no time and ordered our first drinks. The bar staff was friendly and service was good. Of course we were hungry, so next stop, the Windjammer. It wasn't difficult to find a seat, and we were happy with our food selection. We stayed by the pool until rooms were opened, and at 1pm, the announcement was made that our cabins were opened. First impression, the cabin was small! Smallest we've ever been in, although we usually booked suites. But, it was just fine for our 3 day cruise, and it became home to us very soon. We did have one of the older rooms without shower doors, just the curtain, but I didn't mind that at all. You do have to be careful with where to spray the water, it can get wet outside, but we learned quickly to handle it. We ate at Chops because we were approached so many times to sign up for that, we just went with it. The food was very good, the service was fast, and we recommend it to anyone. We were tired, so we found some trivia games, met some good people and just hung around visiting other people. Our kids stayed by the pool for the most part. Oh, we did the casino quite a bit on this trip too. We slept well, the ship was quiet on the 7th floor, and we happily rested up for the Bahamas. The Bahamas. I really don't care for the Bahamas stop. I really thought I would stay on the ship, but our kids wanted to go and my dear husband did too. Now mind you, he had total knee replacement surgery 4 months earlier and he had a bad, bad, time healing, He is still limping and the pain has been terrible. He finally at this time has some pain relief, so he wants to go and do more things after being so sedate. We spent 90 minutes off the ship. If you're not doing water activities, or care to tour the town, we had no interest at this time. It was still too loud, too pushy and not my favorite place, so it was a short stay. My son was approached 3 times to buy weed, or other stuff. No one bothered us in that way, but we're over 60, so we don't look the part I guess. Again, we played trivia and did the casino, and met more people in the evening. The next day, the water was too rough to get to Coco Cay, so it was a bonus sea day. That was fine with us. We discovered the Solariam and loved it! The food, the atmosphere and service was really good! The weather was stormy and windy, so we stayed inside most of the day. My impressions of this small ship....really liked it! Our fellow cruisers were great! I have heard people say 3 day cruises are all party and rowdy, but that was so far from the truth on this ship. We are in our 60's and there were many people our age or older. People dressed very nicely on the formal night, (we didn't choose to eat in dining room that night), and it was just a very pleasant time. There was definitely music onboard, which was pretty good, and people did go to those venues. We did see the comedian do his show and my husband really liked him. I will say, if you need assistance, or if you are using a cane, RC has trained all of their people to help in every case. We got off the ship quicker, but the lines were long and slow for everyone else, including our kids. My husband would not have been able to stand in those lines, so if you are offered help, take it! All told, it was a good cruise and I wouldn't hesitate to go on that ship again. Great staff onboard and plenty for us to do.
  9. We just did the 3 day to Bahamas. I enjoyed the cruise, but it would have been nice to have an extra sea day. Our cruise was far from rowdy, very nice mix of ages. We are in our 60's, our kids cruised too, and they are in their 30's. Suggestion for sea sickness...Bonine. Never been sea sick when taken every day. Also, coming out of Seattle for me was far worse than to the Bahamas. Have fun!
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