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  1. Thanks for posting, and looking for to your review. We cruise Victory next month.
  2. I thankful that no one was serious hurt. I wish I could heard that conversation between the Captain and the pilot.
  3. I add another vote the umbrella stroller. it compact enough once folded up can fit under the bed or closet. Also we had to transition son out of crib right before cruise as he learn to climb out. so once on the cruise he slept on the sofa turn bed.
  4. Looking forward reading your review. We cruise on the Ecstasy in April with a 1st stop at Crowne Plaza.
  5. We also doing the same ship and itinerary with first timer.
  6. Is they doing Victory like the Triumph, blocking off cabin for upgrades during the cruise? I cruise the Triumph in Feb 2019 the cabin I was in just recently completed according to the room steward.
  7. happen to me couple of times
  8. It depends where your friends at
  9. My questions What being done to the ship during the upcoming drydock? Also how you get lucky get do the tour?
  10. I might be mistaken, I believe this place require you to leave the your car keys with them. We had look into this place after notice of this we decided just park at the port.
  11. From what I gathering, sound like the Dream will be the best option. Ik the the Dream have the Ocean view cabin that can hold up to 5 people, also has tub and shower great get everyone clean. Or can go the Suite way on the valor. When come to tough choice between to we but the facts out to the family and a silent vote taken. At the end of the day the wife and myself have the finally say. Keep us posted which way you go, best of luck to you and your family.
  12. Salad Bar and the Chicken Tenders I do remember the time when buffet had the warm melting chocolate cake, and after dinner my boys would leave MDR or night skip and get another helping of the cake.
  13. We've cruised out of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Port Canaveral, Jacksonville, and New Orleans. I will add another vote to New Orleans Out of the places we've cruise from New Orleans just so convenient for us. New Orleans is a great spot to jump start cruise or spend time after the cruise. The last time we had a latter check in the board the ship and all, we park the car, shuttle to port, drop bags off, and walk the river walk outlet and pregame at Fat Tuesday. Once we decided to walk back our zone was already inside and about to load, the only lines to wait was the walk to the ship.
  14. We book two room for past Feb and next spring for the family. Got two different booking numbers for each room. They all link to show the two rooms together (guess mainly for MDR). As far as paying off cruise each booking number pay for their portion.
  15. we bring dry erase markers. Great to write notes / messages on mirror to other cabin mates, to the room steward and to yourself.
  16. On last couple cruise didn't need to fill out immigration form
  17. Which Itinerary would you choose? and why? Nassau / Princess Cay Freeport / Havana
  18. so will the Victory get the same make over, to complete all the ships in that class?
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