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  1. I was looking for late June 2022 for the Horizon for an itinerary similar to what we had booked. It was about $1700 more. Looked at the same week we had booked for this year on the Horizon in August of 2021 and August 2022, both a little more than $600 more than we had paid just to see the rates but we cannot go either of those times. I will keep on checking what else gets released.
  2. John Heald posted this morning that 2022 itineraries will be released for the Dream, Glory, Horizon, Paradise & Vista and that others will be released in the next few weeks. I will be on the lookout.
  3. It's the August sailings too. 😩. We are set to sail 8/22 on the Horizon.
  4. Were you able to contact Carnival for an explanation?
  5. Thanks so much. I know he can travel with the birth certificate but I always prefer to have the passport. He also has a valid global entry card. We will definitely carry the expired one with is just in case!
  6. We are sailing 8/22 on the Horizon as well. My older son's passport expires on 8/11. He is 15.When we went to the post office in early April, we were advised not to send it in for processing as they are only fulfilling emergency passport requests, I keep checking the website and it still urges not to send in your documents at this time. We have had passports for the boys since they were infants and have never sailed without them, but I guess we will take the chance this time if we are able to sail and the passport agency does not get back to normal.
  7. Well....they are back. This morning our 8 night on 8/22 on the Horizon is available in several categories. Weird.
  8. Hope to see you on the Horizon on 8/22. Fingers crossed!
  9. We are booked for 8/22 on the Horizon. No notification about any change. My reservation is still there and I can add specialty dining etc. Yesterday there were quite a lot of available cabins. Scary that it's missing now on a search.
  10. We are booked on the Horizon for 8/22/20. Originally had 13 cabins, down to 11 so far. I know there is no guarantee we will still sail but holding out hope that things will be better and safe enough to sail.
  11. We wanted to make a group reservation for JiJi on my son's birthday for our upcoming cruise on the Horizon. There are 26 of us. We were advised to make 3 individual (because max is 12 on one)reservations and then speak to the maitre'd on board. I have no problem paying up front but really wanted to make one reservation so we could be guaranteed of the same time and sit close to each other.
  12. I guess it is ship specific, or I just did not get lucky. Tried the HUB app to book for the Horizon for this coming August for JiJi for my son's birthday, but it brought me to the regular cart and required payment. I am trying to get a reservation for 31 people. My TA was told by groups and the special events coordinator that the only way we can do this is to make three separate reservations, then let them know when we are on board that we are together. Seemed really odd to me. I posted on John Heald's page to ask and he confirmed that's the only way to do it now. I do not mind about pre
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