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  1. Does anyone have any information about the redo of Explorer? I know it was put off from this May and we have a cruise scheduled for 2/12/21. If not do we have an option to switch our cruise to another ship?
  2. Thanks again, really enjoyed your unbiased opinion. Hopefully after they refurbish things will pick up. I will keep an eye on it as our cruise is way off. Thanks again and safe home.
  3. Our last couple of cruises were on Anthem of the seas. The food IMO on RC is just ok, we eat mostly in The Kitchen (Anthem) and do a dinning package. Just spend so much for cruise and paying extra for food is disappointing. We have always had fun and found something to eat. I found that it is very hard to find anything to eat after 9. Thanks for bringing us along.
  4. Also, are the shows the same? or do they have a different show every night? Usually they have at least 2 or 3 game shows, murder mystery, comics and or music. How about dance clubs? We also have the same cruise booked but after the refit or dry dock.
  5. Aruba is one of our go to Islands and they have many different cultures, mainly Papimento, which is a dutch culture, not sure why the police said that.. They have there own language. We love Twist of Flavor, which is dutch. Also lots of Germain places. We love the Fish House which is on the marina near the airport and very local food.
  6. Not sure if we want to book a Jr. Suite or not. Does Explorer have any up dinning for jr. suites? We have not been on this ship since it moved out of NJ and thinking about a cruise 2021 after dry dock. Last time we booked a suite they had special suite area for the pool but that was G. Suite. They did have special dinning for lunch and breakfast.
  7. We have had the over the water and IMO they are the best.
  8. Merion Mom really dont know much about the cabins. Is there a certain one that is better than the other? Maybe since it is so far out it will be available, lol. I am on 8630 but I guess I could change. Thanks for any info you can give me. We have not been on a cruise in about 3 years and not on this ship since it left NJ. I do remember how helpful you were when I would come on here, thank you.
  9. Thanks Bob was thinking about booking suite for the pool section but it was more than twice the amount of balcony. So no go, lol.
  10. I booked cabin 8630 on Explorer. Have not been on this ship in ages and was wondering if this location is good. Usually on a higher floor but last time we ended under the buffet, lol. Thanks for any help. Also, besides the extra room is there any advantage to booking a Junior suite. On Anthem you got to eat in the special restaurant, The Kitchen, which was really nice.
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