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  1. sharonlacey

    Too Much OBC, how to handle?

    I would have a nice ring in my future. Anniversary so why not?
  2. sharonlacey

    Coastal Kitchen

    Last year on Anthem of the Seas I booked CK on line a couple of weeks before our cruise. They never turned us away as long as we had reservations and I am sure they would not even if we didnt. Forgot to mention we were in a JSS.
  3. Thank you very much for giving me my cruise fix. Have a safe ride home!
  4. No snow for Saturday now so not to worry.
  5. sharonlacey

    Suite Benefits

    In the Jr. suite it is all about the extra room. On Anthem you get to eat dinner in Kostal Kitchen, which is very nice. Beyond that really nothing, maybe special line to get on ship.
  6. Thank you for the great TR. We were suppose to cruise on the Serenade this march but decided to cancel and go to Aruba for 2 weeks. This is the first year in 9yrs we did not cruise so you report is giving me a little cruise envy, lol. Have been on the Anthem 3 or 4 times and last year we got a suite and loved it. Just really do not like the pool situation with the chairs. That is what made up our mines to cancel because it is pretty much the same on all the ships by the pool. But loving your report!
  7. sharonlacey

    Anthem of the Seas - Deck 6 good choice?

    I was a little leary about deck 6, we always got higher decks, but we loved it. Close to all the action and you really get a up front view of the ocean. Liked it so much we will probably book that deck again. r
  8. Thank you for doing this review. Was trying to talk my husband into this cruise next April, maybe with pictures he will change his thinking.:cool:
  9. Thank you so much for your info. We are in a suite so I am looking forward to all the perks. Thanks again for taking the time to give us all info.
  10. Thank you for the great trip report. We will be getting on when you get off, thanks for making us get excited about our trip, and lots of great info.:D
  11. Loving your duel post, it is so cute.
  12. sharonlacey

    Anthem Suite guarantee question

    We have a SJS on the 6 deck, a JS on the 11th floor just became available for 465$ more. For those who have seen or stayed in both is it worth the extra$? Thanks.....Sharon
  13. sharonlacey

    Anthem Suite guarantee question

    We just did a GJS and got a very nice SJS and the cost was almost 1thousand less than choosing the location. Worth saving the money.
  14. sromano, thank you for taking the time to post. It is really nice that you take time from your vacation! Sharon
  15. The shorts at dinner has been reversed, crazy, lol.