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  1. JoePatNYCT

    Old San Juan Restaurants

    Aguaviva on Calle Fortaleza. The ceviche is amazing!
  2. JoePatNYCT

    Discrimination Issue against Solos

    I think we all know the answer to this. So we now have a thread about one individual who was looking for couples to share a dinner who none of us will ever meet or deal with. Bravo.
  3. JoePatNYCT

    Single, first time on Anthem

    I just got off the Anthem. Solo meet ups were non-existent. During the 12 day cruise they had two solo lunches which were very poorly attended. I would use the RCL website to pre-book shows and activities as they are in high demand during the early part of the cruise. You don't want to get shut out. The Diamond lounge was well run. Servers were very attentive. Say hi to Suzie-Q-- a bundle of positive energy. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. JoePatNYCT

    Norwegian Star or Jade good for solos?

    I have sailed on the Jade twice and both times had well-attended solo meet-ups.
  5. JoePatNYCT

    Solo Cruiser's Roll Call

    Traveling solo on the RCL Anthem OTS on Jan 26, 2017. Less than 4 weeks! Joe
  6. JoePatNYCT

    Live from Celebrity Summit, 6/29/16

    Thanks for all the great info about the Summit-- I'll be on the Jul 10th sailing. Quick question-- what time Sunday morning did they allow passengers (who carry their own bags) off the ship? Joe
  7. JoePatNYCT

    Thoughts on Solo Cruising

    Check out this thread for comments on solo dining: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2353775
  8. Even though you may have paid for the full price of the cabin (200% single supplement), the Cruiseline is not obligated to let you add a second person since you have already made final payment. I once had this situation where my adult son wanted to join me at the last minute and it took some arm-twisting. Therefore, it's best to have your TA contact them ASAP to make this change. Joe
  9. JoePatNYCT

    Dining - for me the most difficult part of soloing

    Best to Worst: 1) Good Tablemates 2) Eating Alone 3) Bad Tablemates I've had all kinds of dining experiences. If you enjoy dining alone, no problem-- all cruise lines will have some sort of flexible dining option -- just pick that one and when you show up, ask for a table for two, and dine alone. I've never had this request denied. I enjoy sharing stories at dinnertime with interesting people. What I've learned is that if you show up at an empty table, or worse, have horrible tablemates, IMMEDIATELY go see the maitre' d and get switched to a different table that's more to your liking. I used to waste time "trying to make it work", but it never does. If you're not compatible with your tablemates, it will not get better over time. Cut your losses and move to a better table! Joe
  10. JoePatNYCT

    Solo Cruiser's Roll Call

    There's a place like that on the NCL Sun. Whenever I wasn't in the mood to be "sociable", I ate there. The wings were really good! :) Joe
  11. JoePatNYCT

    Solo Cruiser's Roll Call

    Traveling solo on the Celebrity Summit July 10-17 to Bermuda. Joe
  12. JoePatNYCT

    Solo Cruising

    Why fight it? I have my TA book the cruise for two people, then later (before final payment is due) cancel the booking for one person and the overall price is then reduced by the port charges and taxes for one person.
  13. JoePatNYCT

    First Solo Cruise

    Interesting choice of word-- "harassed". Would you still feel harassed if it were George Clooney or Brad Pitt approaching you? :rolleyes:
  14. JoePatNYCT

    Solo and taking vacation pictures

    Ditto. And don't cave on the stupid stick-- it makes those people look self-absorbed.
  15. JoePatNYCT

    Minor concern about solo cruising

    I've had dinner mates ask me to help with jewelry when they arrived at the table. No biggie.