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  1. 1 hour ago, Sunshine3601 said:

    That is sad to hear of this issue but that's great you are part of 2 groups to help people!

    I'm sure they are very appreciative.

    It does sound that county may need to set up additional testing sites like some counties/cities did last year.  

    Have you had any communications with your County Dept of Health thru the groups you are part of?

    I was slow to put 2+2 together. 

    I’m letting the admins of the two groups know and will be calling our county commissioners tomorrow. 

    From our research, we are the only county in Florida that has any group, let alone 2, started in 2020 and continues to help to this day. 
    Cor***vir** Mutual Aid and People helping People. 
    Brevard, itself needs a testing site like last year. 
    Hopefully, I’ll find out they are working on it. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, Sunshine3601 said:

    I am simply responding to your post that you Cannot find any where to get tested and royal should do it for free or for $25.     

    If Royal told everyone they were going to test you for free or for $25 at the cruise terminal, majority of cruisers that drove to the port will take Royal up on that so they don't have to look for places to get tested.    


    Of course, people who are flying to port want to test at home before they spend money on a flight to find out they were positive and cannot board the ship,     

    Thanks for clarifying.
    I hope Brevard County takes whatever action they can to stop this. Our county free health department has become overwhelmed since cruising has started. 

    This wasn’t a problem before August. 

    I’m in 2 different groups in Brevard County that help people that are struggling.
    Multiple posts, daily begging for information on where to get tested for free. These are people without health insurance. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Sunshine3601 said:

    Why should Royal absorb the cost for you to get tested?  


    If you were to fly out of the US to any of the countries/islands your cruise will visit you would be required to test prior to arrival, possibly sign up for a health visa with that country and test again before you re-enter the US.     All of that would be at own expense.   


    So because Royal requires you to test to board their ship they should only charge you $25 or nothing?     You realize if they did that ALL passengers would end up paying more for their cruise fare.


    And how do you expect Royal to test 600 to 2000 +/- passengers, depending on the ship and max capacity at the time, in a couple of hours?

    Because we have people that are sick in Brevard County that don’t have insurance and  have nowhere to get tested. The person at CVS yesterday flat out told me that they are booked up within mins. of the opening window, mostly for travel. 


    FYI:  Many people live in Florida or fly in early. 
    They could set it up on Thursday for Sunday cruises and Friday for Monday cruises and Tuesday for Friday cruises. 

    Why are you assuming everybody would want to get tested at the pier?  I am more than willing to get tested on my own, but there are NO appointments.  Most everyone flying in or driving a long distance would prefer to get tested near their home. 

    Let’s give Brevard County a break, if you don’t have an ID address for Brevard County, you can’t get tested at Walgreens or CVS. 
    Problem solved. 

    I have insurance, so I’ll go to a walk in clinic on Friday. 

  4. 4 hours ago, Bleueyes44 said:

     I forgot to add my test results finally came through on Sat. 4 days after taking test. When I  called Walgreens they did inform me it is sent to Tenn.for testing  I live in California  so that may explain why it takes do long. I think the 3 day turn around could be a problem.

    I'm cruising again in October out  of Fort Lauderdale I  am going to do my homework as to where I  can get a rapid test when I  get there.

    Good luck. I’ve checked all the Walgreens and CVS’s within 150 miles from PC and there are ZERO appts available for Friday. I need it for Monday. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, xxHadleyxx said:

    We made bids for Star Calss suites and part of our calcualtions was that if we get one we can then cancel teh ultimate dining package we have paid for...bringing the price into somehting we are comfortable with.


    Can anyone tell me how close to sialing we can cancel the Ultimate Dining Package (that should be easy to find info, but I am clearly not googling the right temrs and not finding it).  I am a little worried they might accept the bid at the very last moment and then say it is too late to cancel the pacakge.  Or, in such a circumstance would they work with us anyway?

    If you get Star Class, your Genie will take care of it if you don’t get notified with 48-72 hours before sail away. 
    Usually, you can cancel any extras beforehand up until they close the manifest. 

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  6. Since you are on deck 17, please run in and order a beer, wine or soda when you are not eating in CK and Not during the cocktail Hours. 
    If they say no:
    Ask if you can pay for it?  (I’m not asking you to pay). Just want the answer. 

    Im trying to see if they are denying what has always been for the SL. 
    If they will let you pay, but not give it for free, I want to be aware as I have a cabin on Deck 17 in September. 

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  7. 6 hours ago, fishpick said:

    Myself and @luckyfincruiserare on Allure right now and will be watching this AMA (ask me anything) thread to answer as many of your questions as we can over the week!


    We are in a Crown Loft Suite so can answer suite questions as well. 


    What do you want to know?!?

    Can you go to the SL and get a beer, wine, soda or water from 11-11, exclusive of the cocktail hour and eating in CK?

  8. Curious:  

    Are people getting them back faster if they have Global Entry?

    I just renewed my G.E.


    It took less than 48 hours to be re-approved. 
    G.E. is for 5 years and your passport number is part of the process. 

    My passport will expire before my G.E. does. 

    I wonder if when I re-new my passport will it come quicker because I have G.E.?



  9. 2 hours ago, RFerrington said:

    Whether the Pins are in or out, I just want them to return to 11-11 service on the O class.  Disappointing that they aren't offering that right now.  Of course, I realize that they are at reduced staffing and reduced capacity right now, so hopefully it will go back to the regular operating hours soon.  Or maybe they will use the current situation to implement a permanent change in operating hours as I also believe that many companies are using COVID as an excuse to reduce service (but never price !) and I think it stinks.

    This is unacceptable. The cost of suites on Oasis class are expensive. 
    I hope every suite guest gives a poor rating about this 11-11 fiasco. 
    So.... Can I pay for a drink? 
    So ... is the bartender there to get drinks for people eating?
    If I can pay for a drink in the SL, they can hand me one for free if in a suite. 

    Will someone clarify this for me?

    Can I pay for a drink, but not get one for free unless eating in the SL?



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  10. On 8/1/2021 at 5:00 PM, Tatka said:

        We sailed on Celebrity Edge and all adults except for one woman who just didn’t have all 14 days after second shot were vaccinated. There were kids, but not many. There was no masks (except in ports) and life onboard was pretty much normal except for 50% pax 

    Was she treated differently because the 14 days hadn’t passed, or did they use common sense and consider her vaccinated?

  11. On 7/29/2021 at 11:01 PM, smokeybandit said:

    Invites are weighted based on status

    I think you are correct. 
    For Royal a Pinnacle with 750 points that is Signature or Masters in the casino is better for the bottom dollar than a Pinnacle with 1500 points and not even Prime in the casino. 
    I’m guessing any Pinnacle with over 3000 points also got invited if they weren’t already cruising on the Adventure or Freedom. 
    Just guessing. 

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  12. 5 hours ago, brillohead said:

    Yes, my second leg on that one, and my fourth out of five cruises, so I'll be looking mighty rumpled by the time you see me!   There's only so much you can do when you're washing clothes in the bathroom sink! LOL

    Before the pandemic:

    Actually, getting off between B2B cruises to do laundry at a laundry mat in PC or Ft. Lauderdale was easy. You can find many people who drive to the port that would drop you off at the laundry mat. Uber or cab back. 
    Both cities have laundry mats less than 2 miles once you get out of the port area. 
    Easy Peasy. 

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  13. 13 minutes ago, BecciBoo said:

    People who arrived for their appointed boardings at 1:00 etc, had to wait in line until 4:30 for testing because of the new protocols, some were carted off in ambulances from heat prostration and Cpt. Kate was on pier helping to hand out water etc.  It was a cluster fudge with some passengers from last week's cruise refusing to vacate the ship, they were carted off in handcuffs, it's all over the Celebrity board.  Tons of people missed their planes home, etc etc.  There's a You tube guy over on you tube NOT A HAPPY camper....just a complete clusterfudge.  She left around 7:00 but its a mess.

    I couldn’t find it on YouTube. 

  14. 3 hours ago, Babr said:

    You are correct. People sometimes put in 0 or a minimum amount when they want to reduce the cost of insurance. By doing that, they still get medical and evacuation, but not cancellation or any of the travel related benefits such as trip delay or trip interruption. You could do that if you want the med/evac coverage, but it looks like you’ll be on the hook if it comes to quarantine and rebooking your return flight. I suppose it is a trade off for a free cruise.

    No. I spend less than $20 per cruise and get $7,500 trip interruption with primary medical as I put in cost of cruise ZERO. Squaremouth or insuremytrip.  

  15. On 7/20/2021 at 7:50 AM, Babr said:

    The Healthy Sail page says it does in the section that explains the requirement for insurance for the unvaccinated. There are links that take you to the actual policy. You have to enter your state to  read the policy that applies to you because the state laws that govern insurance are different.


    I looked at the policy for my state, and it lists the minimum dollar amounts required by Royal, as expected. It does not mention Covid specifically nor does it exclude it, so it is covering it as any other illness.


    One thing to note is the evacuation clause. You will be transported to nearest appropriate facility for treatment. After recovery, you will be flown home by commercial air, the most economical and direct route. Don’t expect a chartered jet to whisk you away home.


    There is no mention of quarantine expenses. If you test positive at some point but do not require medical treatment, you will have to wait until you test negative to return home. If you are disembarked to quarantine, the trip interruption clause would apply. 

    If you choose to purchase your  insurance from a third-party supplier, you are required to present the policy at check in.


    You’d expect a Royal representative to know the policies and requirements, but things are changing fast. Perhaps the one you spoke to was not up to date on training. I’d go by what is in writing on the website. You’ve done your due diligence.

    Trip interruption is 150% of your base cruise fare. 
    If your cruise is free from the casino,

    150% x 0= ZERO dollars. 
    I couldn’t find a minimum that they WOULD pay. 

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