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  1. Please find out the TWO casino hosts. They might only have one working. Thanks.
  2. I’ll come down and get you two for $150, if I’m not on a cruise! I’m 17 miles south of PC. 🙂
  3. Allure 6 night 12/5: $512 pp inside Allure 8 night 12/11 $680 pp inside Allure 4 night 12/19 $424 pp inside
  4. What about your clients that have a free cruise from the casino? Is it based on the original cost before the cruise cost zero? If so, is any upgraded costs added to that cost or is it priced just in the upgraded cost?
  5. Thanks. I would definitely bid the minimum on those 2 for Star class. I have no problem giving up a CL on 17 to going to deck 9 or 10 to be in Star class. Minimum doesn’t usually get it, but you never know. So far, both of these are still available on my cruise in September.
  6. Were there any Star class cabins available to bid? What was the minimum bid for the 2 bedroom Aqua Suite and the Star class CL? I’m in a CL this fall and interested to know the minimum bid.
  7. First get admin to fix your title to reflect July Second: I have heard Scuba with Allison or Scuba Tony are good dive operators. I never dive with them because the dive operator I use doesn’t take cruise ship passengers anymore. Third: Post in your roll call Fourth: If you dive often, Coco Cay will be disappointing. If you have never done it, I would do it once. I did it often many years ago when it was a reasonable price. For years I would always see one barracuda.
  8. Imagine an unvaccinated passenger in Star Class or even Sky class. Suite passengers are treated very well by Royal.
  9. He will probably be on vacation. He works in the casino.
  10. The Quantum class has the best SL. The view is awesome and SL is large.
  11. Which post shows a screen shot of the ships and ports of approved test sailings. It includes 2 Celebrity Ships?
  12. It changed in the last 2 hours. There were 12 listed on a non Royal site when I posted. Maybe that site doesn’t update continually.
  13. I wouldn’t if you are on one of the last 3 cruises in July. I would wait to see if they do Royal Up. There’s a significant amount of GS and above on the last 3 weeks of July. The RS is available on one of them.
  14. Great news, whoever told you that getting a $500 FCC is correct, is wrong. Unfortunately, you have to fight it like so many other people. I know some that have spent HOURS trying. They get it done, but the frustration is ridiculous. You have more patience than me! I would rather just have the $500 back in cash. Luckily for me, mine are from the casino and free or less than $70 to upgrade. I always took the refund because it’s not worth this mess they are making you go through.
  15. It looks like Royal gave you correct information, but a poor explanation. I’ll use basic numbers to illustrate. original cruise fare $500 FCC= $625 Applied $625 to new cruise. That cruise is canceled. You are getting back 100% in FCC, the original $625. You are not going to get 25% on top of 25%.
  16. I was replying to a post “that DeSantis should get his pen out”. I THINK that a law should be written that if they cancel less than 90 days out, refunds should be returned in less than 10 business days.
  17. Exactly. If they cancel less than 90 days out, refunds must be returned in less than 10 business days.
  18. If you think cruising will be back to normal by February 2022, Harmony in the 2 bedroom GS with 6 people (holds 8, but too crowded in my opinion) in the cabin is so worth it. The suite benefits allow you so much freedom. No need to buy drink/refreshment package or internet. You don’t need to worry about reservations to any of the shows except The Comedy Show. The suite sun deck is wonderful. Free beer, wine, water and soda from 11-11, and mixed drinks from 5-8:30 every night. Meals in Coastal Kitchen 3 times a day if you want. Free internet. It becomes a stress free cruise with SO much to do. Find a TA that will give you OBC or free tips for 4 of the 6 guests in the cabin. Concierge will email you ahead of time and reserve any Royal excursions you want. If you don’t think cruising will be back to normal, I would go on the Explorer. I’ve been on both. Zip line on the Harmony is quick and easy. I don’t go on the slides, but will do the zip line. The zip line on Labadee is so worth it ONE time.
  19. Incorrect. The cabin is free and Royal HOPES they spend their usual. Royal is taking a gamble (pun intended), that they will spend money in the casino.
  20. Probably not. A Pinnacle member who is MASTERS or Signature in the casino who got a free JS, probably won’t be asked to move. If a person is Signature or Masters in the casino, they know that person has spent a ton of money in the casino. They want them to sail. Add in the person is the highest level in the C&A......
  21. Depends on the class of ship, prices for the cabins, sailing date, excursions bought, drink packages and how much the casino made. Cruises in the summer make more money as the cabin prices are higher and more people buy excursions.
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