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  1. Depends on the class of ship, prices for the cabins, sailing date, excursions bought, drink packages and how much the casino made. Cruises in the summer make more money as the cabin prices are higher and more people buy excursions.
  2. That is not how they handled over booking a ship in the past. It was a Florida port, they contacted most everyone that lived in Florida and offered them their money back if they would change ships and or sail dates. I was offered and declined. My guess is so did most of the people. The changes they offered were not better. They increased the offer. They offered to switch to a 9 night cruise for free, same type of cabin, same time frame, except a longer cruise. I jumped on it. The balcony cabin I got was in the same place as the other ship. So, I got a free cruise and only had to pay the port charges. I went from a 4/5 night ( I don’t remember which) to a 9 night for free.
  3. Are you my favorite Mark from the casino on the Explorer cruise in February 2020? 🙂
  4. Easy. I live 17 miles south of PC beachside. In Ft. Lauderdale, I park offsite and I’m home before 11:00. In Miami, I park at the port and I’m home by 11:30. If you are in Star Class, you will have the opportunity to be first off the ship. Since it’s Miami, I would hire a driver. If it was Fort Lauderdale, I would say go to the airport and pick up your rental car. The Fort Lauderdale airport is very close to the port.
  5. Just noticed the new Pinnacle benefits listed on RCI latest Promotional email I received—only copied the part where it says these are your benefits as a Pinnacle Member!! Notice the difference!! Dated 5/17/21: Benefits BENEFITS • Extra Cruise Points for Suites • Balcony & Suite Discounts • Diamond Club Access • Milestone Cruise Certificate Dated 2/3/21: Benefits BENEFITS • Pinnacle Club SeaPass card with Exclusive Onboard Benefits • Lounge Access • Balcony & Suite Discounts • Priority Check-In • Exclusive Onboard Offers
  6. If you are Pinnacle, please join the social media group and see for yourself. If not, hold your horses, I’ll copy and paste tonight.
  7. This was not a “benefit” email. It was a RCI promotional email. The promotional email didn’t promote the benefits, it just listed the benefits at the bottom and a Pinnacle member noticed a difference between the 2 that she received.
  8. I can’t copy and paste from my phone. Next time I’m on my computer, I’ll copy and paste. The email was a RCI promotional email, which happened to list Pinnacle Benefits at the bottom. She compared two emails she received and posted the difference between 2/3/21 and 5/17/21 Pinnacle Benefits that we’re listed on the bottom of the promotional email.
  9. Define “such nonsense ”. To clarify: just because you nor I received this email, it’s “nonsense”. Are you calling a fellow Pinnacle member Carla a liar? Do you think she lied about receiving the email? Do you think she lied about what was written on the bottom of the promotional ad? Please feel free to join the social group of Pinnacles and comment to her, “such nonsense”.
  10. It is not a rumor. This came from an RCI promotional email that a Pinnacle member received, (not me). The promotional emails were dated 2/3/21 and 5/17/21. At the bottom of the email, it listed the Pinnacle Benefits.
  11. Exactly. Let the citizens of any state with a cruise port decide when to open up. They should also be allowed to restrict who can sail from those ports until the CDC lifts all restrictions. Everyone is avoiding the “elephant in the room”. Cruising isn’t happening because of mask, no mask, vaccinated, non-vaccinated, etc. The issue is the big what IF there is a breakout? Florida cannot and should not be responsible to accommodate a breakout of non-Florida full time residents. All the cruise lines should have come together and taken one ship like the old Majesty and turned it into a “Sick Ship”. Funded by all the cruise lines wanting to sail from Florida. It would be for Florida ports only. All crew and non USA citizens would have their medical treatment and quarantine on the “sick ship”, unless they are critical after the test cruises were complete. If someone is critical and a non USA citizen, the cruise line foots all the bills to a Florida hospital. The cruise lines should’ve started with two ships each, at 50%, with only Full-time Florida United States citizens for test cruises for one month. Along with the “sick ship” for crew. For the money that the cruise lines have lost, they could have funded the best medical staff in the world for the ”sick ship”. Same should apply for all the Cruise ports like Galveston, NJ, etc. For the TEST CRUISES, for example, a full-time Florida US citizen cannot go to Galveston to get on a cruise ship during this time. Once the test cruises go well, open it up to all USA citizens for a month. If that goes well then open it up internationally. Again the “elephant in the room”. No one wants to state it because of people saying “it’s not fair”. I want cruising to start. If this is what it takes to make the CDC happy on the medical end, then let’s do it. I don’t even care if they put an age restriction, weight restriction, medical restriction etc., on the test cruises for the Florida residents. Even if it means I can’t go on the test cruises. Let’s get the ball rolling.
  12. That is why we need less Federal government control and more state level control. We wouldn’t need to sue in court to set precedence.
  13. Everyone gave the CDC extreme latitude last year. Times are different 14 months later and it seems the power has taken over. Stop treating all the states the same. Let states make their own decisions.
  14. I hope the judge has the guts to set precedence, if necessary, in favor of Florida being allowed to run its state as the citizens want. We elected the government officials to make the best decisions for our state. Florida is vastly different than any other state.
  15. Well, if the USA encounters a recession, hopefully not, prices will plummet like in 2008. If that happens, I see many JS’s and some GS’s in my future.
  16. Agree. Before I would sometimes sail in an inside, not now, or at least for one year of sailings. I only have one cruise booked as an inside. IF I can upgrade it to a CPB for a few dollars, I’ll keep it, otherwise, I won’t go.
  17. Where in the USA do you think “good sense reigns”? Maybe you think CA or NY? lol
  18. What law are you referring to? The vaccination card ban? And what governmental agency has a Requirement (proof of vaccination) for matters protecting public health?
  19. I think Navigator, Mariner and maybe Independence will be the first ships. I would be pleasantly surprised if Mariner could go in July. I have her booked 3 times. I just want Allure in September. I can’t wait to have my first CL cabin for a cruise.
  20. If I understand correctly, you can’t name one USA business doing business in Florida that HAS been hurt by this ban? Royal is not a USA business, though it helps Florida economy tremendously. We rely on tourism. I didn’t see where in your response that you alluded that his statements made two weeks ago contradict what he is saying currently. What exactly were the contradictory statements about vaccination cards? I think Maritime Law and Federal Law take precedence over cruise lines. He has the right and obligation to represent Florida residents as best as he can. If what he is doing oversteps Federal law, it will be corrected in the courts. Don’t assume that Royal will be hurt by not being allowed to require proof of vaccination. Since the majority of people that I know that are die hard cruisers are vaccinated, I believe many will cruise with unvaccinated cruisers. They want to cruise! I don’t believe that your typical non cruiser will be willing to jump on a cruise right away anyways. I think that the ships will be filled mostly with repeat cruisers. Time will tell.
  21. What did he say 2 weeks ago? i have only heard and read that he wants a ban on vaccination cards/passports for customers. What Florida businesses will be hurt with a ban on vaccination cards/passports. Please clarify. TIA
  22. What if the cruise was free except port fees and taxes? There is no cruise fare to deduct anything from.
  23. Not completely true. I walk into Publix and Lowe’s with my mask on my wrist. I walk into Walmart with it on, past the entrance person, get my cart, then let it hang down from one of my ears. I don’t shop at Costco, Sam’s or BJ’s Maybe it’s a Beachside thing.
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