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  1. Real shame the pricing is so out of sync with normal fares. £3400 for 4 nights in YC is crazy. Makes my other summer booking with Princess look really good value. Doing my best not to give in and book. New projector for home cinema room or cruise? What a first world problem!
  2. I was so excited about this but pricing is totally out of sync with normal MSC pricing plus they are not offering YC insides. YC balconies are coming out at £3400 for 4 nights! Normal balcony is around £1500 for 4 nights in May. Seems very expensive considering I booked Club Class Junior Suite with Princess in August for £1440 for 2........however desperate to visit her.......doing my best to resist as I just don’t think the pricing is sensible!
  3. Cant wait. Love Bellissima so this will be amazing
  4. Excellent news. I must be a cruise nerd as I thought this may happen
  5. I took the plunge with a 4 night Princess as it was only £50 pp deposit. I can always convert this to a future cruise credit or book another short cruise especially if its Virtuosa!
  6. It will really depend on what ship they deploy to UK. Currently due to be Magnifica which has limited suite options. If however they deploy a ship with a Yacht Club complex then it would knock a P & O experience for six. Love the YC which is a ship within a ship concept much like Haven on NCL. All drinks included, private lounge, butlers, private restaurant and private pool area with outside buffet. You get all the big ship amenities but then can retreat to an oasis of calm. That being said we have stayed in all types of cabin on MSC and have always had a great experience. Ships always ver
  7. The suite offering on P and O is fairly poor in my opinion. Whilst the cabins are lovely you'd think they would include drinks in the price and enhanced dining other than breakfast (I must admit that was a highlight) Iona actually has far fewer suites than Britania and the mini suites carry no enhancement what so ever
  8. I am seriously considering a Princess but ideally want 7 nights at beginning of summer not the end. Sods law that I will commit to a 4 night and then Virtuosa will arrive in Southampton! Magnifica does not interest me so much
  9. The wait for news is doing my head in! Need to make an informed decision about which line to commit to but proving very difficult. My preference would be a YC sailing but if that doesn't happen then I might have missed out with P and O or Princess. Come on MSC spill the beans!
  10. We'd much prefer YC as well although would give Magnifica a shot if that was the only option. Seems to me that Virtuosa is ideally placed!
  11. Not sure as Divina is due for Caribbean season which could go ahead
  12. I think it may be likely that MSC Virtuosa is redeployed to the UK rather than the summer season out of Kiel what with further lockdowns across Europe
  13. Looks like the MSC news gets better and better with MSC Cruises CEO Gianni Onorato confirming on web interview that passengers could start cruises from Liverpool and Greenock. He also teased the possibility of a larger ship than Magnifica or even an additional vessel. Sounds like a lot dependant on UK government from 12/04/21
  14. MSC could certainly steal some passengers from other lines as they are allowing children. I just find all these announcements a little light on detail which makes for a frustrating wait for further information. Looking at the schedule we could grab Grandiosa which is due out of Kiel or Bellisima which seems to be missing from cruise schedules until Asia in November 2021
  15. How exciting MSC have announced UK restart for UK residents. Only annoying factor is we don’t know what shipmso can’t start planning anything. Does anyone have an idea what we might get? Magnifica was meant to do a UK season but not sure she’ll have enough balcony cabins if MSC follow the same plan as the other lines. Really exciting if we ended up with a Meriviglia class vessel
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