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  1. I would certainly give it a go but the pool size and furniture design causes some concerns. I'm 6'5" and it looks from the initial videos that I would struggle to sit comfortably in many of the onboard venues. Hopefully as more detailed reviews come in then some of these concerns may prove to be unwarranted
  2. I'd be interested to know what the official line on the swimming pool thinking is from Virgin? Clearly they have spent millions sorting this out so must be some grand plan behind this?
  3. I think Davey was just reporting on the attitude of the booking staff which considering this was a preview you would think they would be keen to engage with the travel agents
  4. All very strange on any ship of this size. I can only imagine that with the short itineraries that she does that they don't imagine to much lounging around by the pools. They will also be encouraging people to get off and visit the Beach Club. Personally with the amenities of a modern cruise ship, I would prefer to stay onboard rather than visit a local beach. Clearly Virgin want to put their own spin on the whole 'cruise' experience but even the hipster generation surely want an expansive pool area in which to chill and relax
  5. On my 25 plus cruises with various companies we have always had excellent experiences. Cabins have included inside on P & O, inside on QM2, Haven Suite on NCL and Yacht Club with MSC. The thing with most modern cruise ships is that they are large enough to offer something for everyone. I can't remember how many times we've chatted with someone the first day and never seen them again for two weeks. You can choose to go to a sail away party or not...the choice is yours. You will always find a part of the ship that suits a particular style. Personally I prefer a quiet area to read and chill out which I've never had a problem finding. No doubt things have changed as cruising is no longer purely for the rich upper classes but that is true in many walks of life. I will continue to cruise and the minute it gets 'Butlins' like I'll rethink my holiday plans!
  6. With great patience or by being 6'5" like I am and blocking people from pushing past lol! Generally Northern Europeans are not so bad but Southerners tend to be a little more excited! That being said lift etiquette can also be bad on P & O Cruises especially when it comes giving way for disabled guests
  7. Probably the best thing too except early on is this is an Italian/Swiss brand so things are done a little differently to some other American based lines. Many Europeans don't like to wait very patiently in a line other than the Brits lol! That being said we've loved all our MSC Cruises. May be we've been lucky but the food has always been good especially when we've been in the Yacht Club. Finances permitting it's well upgrading to YC if possible. The YC has some inside cabins which can be picked up at a reasonable rate. The YC facilities mean you don't feel short changed not having a balcony. YC is an all inclusive fare including drinks
  8. I've been on Splendida, Preziosa, Seaside and Bellisima. mixture of normal cabins and Yacht Club. All experiences have been superb especially the YC. Next cruise is September 2020 on Meraviglia to NYC from Kiel, Germany. Travelling Yacht Club so I really have no worries about our trip. We are pretty chilled out and any minor problems can be sorted with a word in the ear of the YC Director.
  9. Fair question but Grand class at the time were very large ships as built. The basic design was copied by P & O for Azura and Ventura.
  10. Where is the Suite boarding day lunch on Britannia.Thanks
  11. Accessing it from your smartphone is just so much more convenient though. Always have phone on me but always forget to pick up the daily paper
  12. Hamburg is fabulous place to visit. If you get a chance go to the model railway/miniature village in the Hafen City. Book online as wait can be 5-6 hours otherwise. Depending where you berth you may be close to city centre but otherwise can be a short taxi ride
  13. Having been on several MSC cruises recently their version of the whole 'smart ship' concept is superb. Long term it must be cheaper as saves huge amount on paper
  14. it may be she's in tomorrow thinking about it as its a two nighter back in Southampton on Friday just in time for me to board!
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