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  1. We received this notification today as well... we are booked on a 20 day cruise in September 2020 ... so this has made the decision whether to cancel right now or wait a whole lot easier right now knowing that we will be very well looked after by Oceania. Much appreciated and thank you Oceania.
  2. We are loving these tips, thank you.... we board also in BA on the 19th!!
  3. I have bought a handbag... or two... on our cruises. Again I don't know if they were any cheaper but I loved them so they came home with me!!
  4. Thanks for that info Rob... very interesting that you received the notification from VO and your TA... us... neither! Very strange. Agree totally that they sure do need to improve their communications. Looking forward to a great cruise anyway!
  5. Yes, we booked ours in July 2017.... also showed embarkation in Yokohama... but that is no longer the case. I can't remember when they changed it to Harumi Port Tokyo but it was a while ago. The VO website now states Tokyo as well. There has been no separate notification from VO to us of this change I just went looking for Orion in the Yokohama Port Schedule and it wasn't there so I looked further. Hope you haven't got hotel bookings in Yokohama.
  6. This is from Heidi1 on the previous page.... hope that helps "The ship will dock at Canada Place before the other ships to discharge all baggage and depending on time available may also take on stores. The ship will also board some Canada Customs & Immigration Officers. Prior to arrival of the other ships, Orion will vacate the berth and head to an anchorage. All luggage will be taken to a local hotel. Disembarking passengers will clear Canada Customs/Immigration on board the ship, then head ashore by tender. This is similar to cruises ending in Greenwich. They are using the floats I predicted, which are between Canada Place & Seabus Terminal. Viking has a fleet of buses arranged, which will transport passengers to the hotel, where you will collect your baggage."
  7. Sorry for the confusion .... We will be disembarking Orion on May 26th. So now we will be going from the ship by tender, bus to a hotel (still to be named), collect our luggage with 900 others and then we need to get to the BC Ferries Connector at Pacific Central Station. I assume now it will be a taxi ride for the 4 of us... just happy I hadn't made any reservations. Just need to get to Victoria sometime that day!!
  8. Pushka... no you aren't... hope everyone gets some notification sometime soon... we are the lucky ones on CC but there must be 100's of others who have made arrangements that are no longer able to be met ... and $$'s spent too on transport/tours/etc which will not have the correct starting place and time. I also wonder how many people on May 5th cruise are still thinking that they are embarking at Yokohama, which was stated on our cruise info when we booked....
  9. Thank you very much for your information Heidi.... whew.... now to get our heads around getting our luggage from a hotel and then making it to the BC Ferries Bus Terminal... instead of getting the Bus right at Canada Place.... oh well it is what it is... just wonder when it will be in print from Viking... perhaps not until we board???
  10. Thank you very much for this information Heidi... that makes me feel a lot easier if we don't have to book the Ferry. We are going to go with the flow on disembarkation day as we are in no particular hurry to get to Victoria too early. Pushka... yes indeed we are going to the Viking Info Session this Friday morning...maybe see you there? Thank you all for your input re Vancouver... the Cruise Critic Family is fabulous!
  11. Indeed! A real mess up and I just can't book a ferry to Victoria Island not knowing what time we will be on land and with all our luggage. There are 3 other ships finishing their cruises that day and all passengers needing to clear customs etc! Hopefully by the time we get our documents 2 weeks prior Viking will have sorted it out!? Our first Viking cruise is not off to a good start....
  12. HI Pushka... we are coming from Tokyo and finishing in Vancouver.... and we don't know how we are getting off yet! It is a debacle with the port as you know! Think you will be delayed boarding, have you heard anything from Viking yet... I sure haven't.
  13. Thank you very much LM... we will be on Orion in May... counting the days!
  14. CLOTHES LINE ... question... is there a pull out line in the bathroom to hang out our wet socks etc??? Would be hand if there is. Thank you
  15. Oh dear... is this another Viking error/miscommunication... it seems there have been a few. We are on Orion in May !!!
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