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  1. Mine was less than a week. I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up at my door.
  2. I have done this. Originally booked a 6 day with 4 people and only 2 people wanted to re book. We were allowed to re book but only received $150 PP OBC since the original cruise was for 4 people. Does that make sense? Donna
  3. When I clicked on my email there were zero cruises that met my criteria. So very frustrating!!
  4. The first cruise I tried to book in November took me all the way to the end. It was Nov 21st on the breeze.
  5. I'm not sure what the trick is but sometimes when you go as far as booking and back out of the page, a page comes up that you can put a cruise on hold. Sometimes I have had to do it multiple times but it has always eventually come up. There may be another way but not sure what that would be.
  6. You have to call the casino department. 1-800-764-7419 ext 70358
  7. If you go on the carnival website, find your cruise and go to your cruise manager. Click the link to print documents and you should see it in there. You do not have to actually print them though. HTH
  8. My PVP was able to change my final payment date to a month before my cruise. Which helped since we rescheduled to cruise Aug 2nd. I didn't have to stress about making final payment on a cruise that I wasn't sure was going to happen. Which happened to be the case. We also had a cruise cancelled in March and we did not have to pay a deposit on our future cruise. She was able to have all the money transferred to a new cruise. Donna
  9. They always refund gift cards with a new gift card. The gift cards are not able to be reloaded. HTH, Donna
  10. I was told it would take up to a week for the amount to be correct. When you book another cruise, the PVP has to fill out paperwork to have the penalty that is automatic removed. I was told when the OBC shows, the number should be correct.
  11. You do not have to call. If you are not paid in full, they will do a price adjustment. If you are they will do OBC.
  12. i sent my son's in on February 18th. Still nothing. His was a renewal. Nothing yet either on the website. Donna
  13. Where you able to use FCC for 2 cruises to pay for 1 cruise? I have 3 cancelled cruises. Already rebooked one but it is quite a bit more. Donna
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