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  1. We are B2B guests on this cruise. First time we have heard this child in Adventure Ocean theory. B2B guests were given OBC for the upcoming cruise, not meal vouchers. The crew were awesome and worked hard to make the best of a bad situation. Royal is to be commended for how they handled this.
  2. Contracting the virus does NOT necessarily mean you failed to follow proper hygiene. Most articles about Norovirus advise that alcohol based hand cleaners are not very effective against Noro - only warm water and soap hand washing is. So a passenger making a best faith effort to “washy washy” with hand cleaner at every possible point can still be unlucky and get sick. Please be sensitive and not cast others in such a negative light without some basis in fact. Thanks.
  3. We are currently enjoying a lovely breeze in Central Park waiting to head to the theater at 11am. We will disembark, collect our luggage, and board a bus to Orlando. We will be staying overnight at a Marriott and returning to the ship tomorrow to board and enjoy our 2nd cruise! They are providing an OBC to serve as a per diem for food expenses today. The crew have been amazing - working extra shifts and assignments to keep surfaces sanitized and serve passengers food from the buffets. Cast members from the water show and production shows working in the Windjammer - how often do you get a chance to meet and chat with these lovely young people? We did not even think twice about going on the 2nd leg of our B2B. Oasis will be as clean as a whistle and our costs for the two cruises were cut by half! Excellent job, #royalcaribbean!
  4. Very helpful information - thanks very much! I suspect that’s how it might go.
  5. I do realize they should tell us something but the longer it takes, the more challenging it gets to make flight changes, etc. Hoping someone else has been through something close to this circumstance. Guest Services is absolutely swamped with people!
  6. Anyone had this circumstance? Are they going to make us leave the ship? Do we need a hotel room? Is it possible they won’t let us take the 2nd leg?
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