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  1. That’s great! I’m glad it worked out for you. I just booked a few weeks ago for 2021. I’ll re-evaluate as we approach final payment and make a decision then.
  2. Actually, some airlines are relaxing their refund policies due to Covid-19. I had non-refundable airfare for a trip later this summer and just received a full refund from Alaska Airlines. 😁
  3. Like others, the price of my cruise didn’t go up.i received the OBC and didn’t have to rebook for it.
  4. be sure to talk with tape airline and don’t assume that nothing can be done just because it’s no refundable. I had a nonrefundable airline ticket booked and had to cancel my plans due to Covid-19. The airline gave me a full refund for my no refundable ticket. My travel was booked for a couple months before yours, but maybe...just maybe. good luck! As for cruiseline CS, sometimes it really sucks. A rep actually was adamant one time that I needed a passport to fly from Portland, Oregon to Anchorage, Alaska. As a U.S. citizen I absolutely don’t, but she was 100% certain in her convict
  5. I always book Alaska out at least a year. If it’s cancelled, my FCCs will go back into my account. There’s really no risk since we’re more than six months before final payment. When that time comes I’ll evaluate and either pay it off or cancel.
  6. Also, weather is a crap shoot. I’ve been there in August twice and the weather was beautiful both times, but it isn’t always. My last August trip it was 80 degrees!
  7. I agree with those who said port times are important so when you’re rebooking be sure to look at that. I also agree that Glacier Bay is not the be all and end all. It IS gorgeous, but my Alaska cruises that haven’t included GBNP have been equally stunning. For whales, look at Juneau excursions. Great whale watching there. For hiking, any port should have wonderful options for you. Read the trip reports—you’ll learn a lot about what’s good to do in each port. I’m going next year for the fifth time, and there are tons of options, the only repeat excursion I’ve ever done in Alaska is
  8. I just booked May 2021 to Alaska. We’re feeling optimistic, but I won’t be making any payments until later.
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