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  1. I haven't seen any reports of people being denied boarding because they couldn't get the app to work. Just the opposite - lots of folks report that they just showed up at the pier with their docs and boarded successfully. So onboard is most definitely the best place to meet cruisers face-to-face. Again, if the web-based Ocean Ready site works well when it's released, I'll be willing to give them credit for acknowledging their mistake and fixing it.
  2. With that sort of title, they wouldn't have been developers or development managers (who are what I would consider in charge of the app project); rather, they appear to have been specifically tasked with talking directly to users in order to fully understand the problems people are having (after 52 years as a developer, I'm more than aware of how difficult it can be to repro a user problem based on just a written description of the symptoms). So on a ship was indeed exactly where they should have been. This is a Very Good Thing, It means that Princess is taking things quite seriously, and we have reason to hope that they will get things working reasonably well before too long. We should know soon after they release web-based Ocean Ready - if that's working well, I can forgive any remaining bugs in the app and will reconsider Princess for a future cruise.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me. We should know when they release web-based Ocean Ready.
  4. I've heard (maybe from one of Steeler's posts?) that he was mainly promoting the Medallion itself and the onboard experience, rather than the app specifically. I'm also reminded that the old adage that 'history is written by the winners' applies to corporate political battles as well as military ones.
  5. In all fairness, we don't know what role Padgett played in the decision. He was the 'Chief Experience and Innovation Officer', not the CIO - there were two CIOs (one Carnival corporate, one HA Group) who would have outranked him, one of whom left the company a year ago. The fact that they're now working on the web-based Ocean Ready website means that someone at Princess is on the right track; the critical factors going forward are that person's competence, and Padgett's relationship with them in the corporate political alignments.
  6. Especially now, when they should be back in the office fixing the app.
  7. Well I wouldn't have phrased it exactly that way, but once she had gone through all her issues and gotten the sense that they were seriously considering them, I would have tried to get them to open up about some of the other things. The big question is where Padgett stands - is he part of the problem or part of the solution?
  8. Did you ask them whose brilliant idea it was to cripple the personalizer and rely exclusively on the app? And then who convinced the beancounters that they needed to reverse that decision and spend the money to do the web-based Ocean Ready?
  9. Pretty useless puff piece - it even includes the lie that you need the app to use the medallion.
  10. He wasn't, according to his LinkedIn profile, which shows his previous title as 'Chief Experience and Innovation Officer'. The Carnival corporate CIO is still listed as Greg Sullivan, whose LinkedIn profile shows all of his prior experience as CEO of a couple of startups, neither in a consumer-facing market segment. And Marshall Lancaster, who was the HA Group CIO, left the company a year ago.
  11. I did see a report in one of the threads here from someone who had spoken to Jan, and she indicated that she was going to let the developers setup a booking for her and she somehow expected that to solve the problem. I explained to the readers of that thread (but sadly not to Jan) that there was no way looking at a single booking (much less one that was certain to be setup correctly) could really help, but at least it does seem like she now recognizes that there is a problem. Also, the fact that they are spending development funds to implement the web-based version of Ocean Ready is in and of itself an admission that the app has problems.
  12. Interesting point - I do wonder whether Padgett may have gotten the promotion by positioning himself as the guy who can fix the problems with the app (including introducing the web-based version of Ocean Ready). If he can actually do so, he will deserve our thanks (and maybe even get me back on a Princess ship in the future). We'll see.
  13. The HA Group also includes Princess, Seabourne, and P&O Australia, as well as HA itself. The announcement about Padgett's promotion mentions that he reports to Jan.
  14. Do we really know what his priorities are? It's pretty obvious that someone at PCL had to convince them to reverse the disastrous decision to rely exclusively on the app - I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that meeting. We really don't know which executives were on which sides of that discussion (except for the beancounters - we know they were on the wrong side). That would certainly be an interesting question for someone to ask Jan Swartz. And we'll have to see how the app's current deficiencies impact the onboard experience - ask me again on 12/18.
  15. I would have thought that Princess cruisers tend older than the population at large, which would mean the percentage of cruisers with smartphones would be lower than the overall population. I could be wrong on that question, tho (tried googling, but results were inconclusive). Regarding the other issue, I was able to find a 2019 report from the Cruise Line International Association that said that 11.9 million cruisers were from the US, with China a very distant second at 2.4 million.
  16. It's called risk management - you don't want to leave your customers without a backup if something fails. The executives at most of the companies I've worked for over the years understood the concept - the companies with executives that didn't understand it tend not to be around any more.
  17. No, a Windows app would have some serious problems on Macs. The current website uses Java on the server and Javascript on the client, which is probably the most common basis for web apps (the other option, if you prefer Microsoft technologies, would be to use C# on the server instead of Java); no reason to expect the new one to be any different in that regard.
  18. Well, opening the door can't have anything to do with the app (if it did, folks without smartphones couldn't get into their cabins). And IIRC all of the other stuff can also be done from your cabin TV or the big public displays, as well as the app, right? Based on the posts here, tho, it does sound like you're right that the onboard functionality of the app is working a lot better than the pre-cruise data entry.
  19. Which other lines have you been on, and how would you compare them to Princess? As you can see from my sig, DW and I have been on NCL a lot more than Princess, and the onboard experience was great on both. We really didn't have a strong preference either way - until now.
  20. Well, the app does enable some of the enhanced onboard functionality that I assume was presented to top management as a major selling point for the Medallion project (ordering drinks and making dining reservations from anywhere on the ship, etc.). But of course that doesn't excuse the incompetence of the decision to cripple the personalizer and rely exclusively on a new app of unproven reliability.
  21. No, anyone who's doing mobile development (and pretty much any developer) is perfectly aware of the differences between the various mobile OS's and versions thereof. Where Princess appears to be misinformed is in their estimates of smartphone ownership among their customers - I've seen reports here that they believe 90% of cruisers own smartphones, which makes no sense at all considering that just over 70% of Americans own smartphones.
  22. I believe the appropriate phrase is "penny-wise and pound-foolish". This has got to hurt Princess significantly in the long run - I'm booked on the Majestic in December, but they've certainly lost my business for any future cruises.
  23. What was an even stupider decision was failing to mention anywhere in the published documentation that the "show up at the pier with your docs" option was a perfectly acceptable one.
  24. Maybe they'll surprise us and the web-based Ocean Ready will work perfectly the day it's released. And maybe I'll win the lottery and buy my own cruise line.
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