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  1. We were able to save $300 on one of ours.
  2. Also, not everyone had a choice of Cash back for other canceled cruises. I the spring, we received notice that the Sun would not go to Alaska for 2020 and they automatically gave us FCC.
  3. I totally agree. We can now decide much closer to the date of our April 2021 cruise, and still be able to get all of the FCC back if we cancel. Previously, we would have started losing a % of the FCC we used to pay for it if we canceled it after the Dec 29 Final Payment date.
  4. Rob Little on the Epic. He had everyone in stitches for each sold out show.
  5. I agree. We caught them for every show all week.
  6. That was the old way. It all changed in Feb or March 2020. You now must pay upfront after they deduct the $50. Also, the $50 is only for the first person, so if the excursion is $45, that is the promotion and you can’t use the $5 on the second person. I , too, am not pleased with but that is the way it is now if you book ahead.
  7. NCL said “no”. I had to pay as I booked them. I sure won’t book too many ahead now that this is the case.
  8. It was very easy to do at Food Republic in Dec 2019 on the Joy. We each had own tablet so that each order would be correctly charged.
  9. I am still confused on one point. Can you still call NCL Shorex to reserve it? Do you have to pay upfront if you call NCL Shorex?
  10. This is a link from NCL's Facebook page: https://www.ncl.com/why-cruise-norwegian/book-with-confidence?cid=SM_NCL_PRO_BRA_FBK_LRN_WLP_WHYNCL_HEALTHSAFE060120_NA_NA It has a lot more detail for each of the 6 points. Click on each down arrow.
  11. Hi, you are right. I should have said that the NCL Sun is not going to Alaska in 2020. Thanks for spotting my omission.
  12. NCL is not going to Alaska in 2020 at all. So, now it's sailing to the Caribbean and Bahamas instead. We had a trip that was on the Alaska route and learned 2 weeks ago that it was cancelled.
  13. Hi, do you have an idea of the cost for a taxi tour, please?
  14. "For port calls in Great Stirrup Cay and Harvest Caye, the promotion and $50 Shore Excursion Credit does not apply to equipment rentals." Is a Umbrella Rental or Clamshell Rental considered to be "equipment rentals" ?
  15. Hi, I, too, am trying to figure out how soon we should cruise, since we have now had 2 cruises cancelled in the past month. We just learned yesterday that the Sun will not go to Alaska at all this year, which also cancels the Panama Canal to get back to the East Coast. Then we saw that there will no cruises to NY till late in the year. How will we ever know when NCL is done shuffling their schedules so that we can book something that probably won't get cancelled?
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