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  1. Does anyone know which restaurant is used by NCL for the lunch on their Stone Island Tour?
  2. Thank you. I will research to see if we can do this at Lety's.
  3. Thank you. I like your suggestion of a meet up point. I think there ate lots of good reivews for Lety's, so that's probably what we will do.
  4. Hi, 1.Does Stone Island have plenty of shade near the beach and at the restaurants? We need that. 2. If we did the NCL ship excursion, and our friends do it own their own, it is a small enough area where we would be able to easily find them and be together? Thanks.
  5. Hi, thanks for the advice but I don't have a Uber compatible phone.
  6. Hi, Don't you mean Sunday March 29 to Thursday April 9? That's the 11 day cruise we are on.
  7. Thanks. That's what I thought. El Cactus Glass Factory is just a shop. Maybe we will take a taxi out to The Glass Factory instead so we can see them make something.
  8. Does the El Cactus Glass Factory (Blvd. Lazaro Cardenas, Local #15 Plaza Aramburo; Col. Centro.,) have Glass Blowing demos or is it just a shop? It looks like we could walk here. I understand The Glass Factory (Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas Posada Local 6-A) has demos but it is too far to walk.
  9. Thank you. It looks like the menu I saw before was from the Escape, not the Joy. I guess it might be outdated on the pricing.
  10. Hi, thank you. I saw a posting from "Birdtravels" this week and it showed most dishes at $10 or more. Was yours a lesser cost lunch menu?
  11. Hi, were you there for lunch or dinner? If lunch, was it complimentary?
  12. BirdTravels, thanks for the info on the Local. This is good news.
  13. Hi, are all of the tables and chairs in the Local at the higher height? I am very short!!
  14. BirdTravels, thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. The Food Republic menu I saw on another ship's posting looks very good. We will probably choose it.
  15. Hi, I see timf2001 answered my question as I was typing. Thanks.
  16. Thank you for your response. If we choose Food Republic, it looks like there are many small plates, but few "entrees". What is included in the Platinum Voucher? Do we just order up to $35?
  17. Hi, did you call the airline or NCL? Which one changed it for you? Thanks.
  18. Thank you. I would choose La Cucina if that is the case.
  19. On the new Joy, what are the choices of restaurants we can choose for the Latitudes Dinners? I believe the one voucher is for either Cagney's or Le Bisto, but I don't know the choices for the second voucher. Thanks.
  20. Do both of them get the commission? If not, which one gets it?
  21. Hi, Keith. Do you know which restaurants we can use our Platinum Certificates for on the redesigned Joy? Can we use it at Q? Thanks.
  22. Thank you again. This is exactly what I was looking for.
  23. Thank you for posting these. I don't see where the restuarant's times are listed on these for days 2-7. Am I overlooking them?
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