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  1. Hi, I looked for a paragraph at the top of the NCL.com page to see the cancellations in total. I could not find it. It used to show on the top. Has it been moved somewhere else?
  2. We take masking tape and tape the cord to the floor.
  3. It's not on Hilton Amex, I guess.
  4. https://www.cruisecritic.com/ab/agents/variation-b/news/6099/?et_cid=3428850&et_rid=10399200&et_referrer=TripAdvisor "Norwegian Cruise Line President Harry Sommer also seemed to think that there was a pathway for an August restart in Alaska. "We've seen movement in the right direction," he said in a May 6 interview with Cruise Critic. "We remain optimistic that we'll be able to start."
  5. I have found that if your account number changed, your credit card company will transfer the credit to the new number automatically. If the account was cancelled, after NCL sends them the credit, you can call the credit card company to request a check to be mailed to you.
  6. Thank you. I wonder if it will then stay on the west coast?
  7. Thank you. Good to know. We were also on the Sun on her first cruise after the last refurb and it was nice to have new beds, etc.
  8. Do you know for how long? We are on the Sept 7 Alaska which will probably be canceled but it still shows on the NCL.com schedule to go from Seattle Transpacific on Oct 12.
  9. One of the Sun trips that is missing is the 9 day from Sept 7 to Sept 16, which we have booked. Since CDC said no cruises over 7 days until Nov, maybe they removed all of the longer ones. Even if Canada opens up, we still have CDC making the 7 day rule. “Default Itinerary” shows on ours for this one.
  10. Thank you both, I used my 10% already, so I should get one this time, if I understand this correctly.
  11. Hi when you say if you have any left in your account do you mean a 10% coupon or any FCC?
  12. OK, thanks. I think I understand. So, I should book a cruise now to use the 10% we now have for each of us. Then, when the Alaska cruise is cancelled, we should receive another set of 10% off discounts, and I can book another cruise and use those 2. Is that correct?
  13. Thank you. I am a little confused about Scenario #3, since Serengeti228 above stated they were able to do it.
  14. Wonderful info. Thanks you the specific example.
  15. Hi, thanks, yes, I understand using 1 for each person on the booking. If we have each have 2 10% coupons, can we each use 2 on a new cruise booking?
  16. Hi, I did not have "a 10% discount FCC from a previously suspended sailing" on my Alaska cruise, so I should still be able to get a new 10% discount if it is canceled, right? Then I should have 2 10% discounts on my account, one cancelled April and one from cancelled Alaska. Can I use them both on one new cruise for 2022?
  17. Hi, can you use 2 of the 10% credits on one reservation? We have one credit already from the NCL cancelled cruises for April 2021 and it looks like Alaska 2021 will also be cancelled. If we receive another 10% for Alaska, can they be put together for 20% off the base fare? Or maybe it would be 10%, then 10%, which is actually 19% off? Thanks in advance
  18. Correct, this just came out. Pretty sure that they will all be cancelled soon: The Canadian Government on Thursday issued a new order which will prohibit cruise vessels in all Canadian waters until February 28, 2022. The ruling effectively kills the Alaska cruise season for foreign-flagged ships as well as other cruise seasons in the Great Lakes and Canada/New England for ships under foreign flag. Only a handful of smaller ships fly a U.S. flag. Thanks, do you have a link, please?
  19. I am on the same cruise.Mine says: SUN9SEASITICYSGYJNUKTNVICSEA
  20. Thanks for the memory. My father used this expression!!
  21. Was the $600 OBC shown on the NCL website? I just did a mock booking for my 3 cruises and don't see any OBC. Is it for certain destinations only? I have Caribbean and Alaska. Thanks.
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