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  1. Hi guys. Sorry at the time I didn't really think if this as being off topic as hey it's a fashion and beauty forum. But yes it's part if a cruise forum sooo... Thanks to those who commented about why I posted it here. I have had great advice on here for a range of topics. So I love chatting to you all..And yes not as judgy as some forums. It's good to get a variety of opinion and options . I've tried googling, soooo much information out there. So many beauty forums and I felt so lost. And yeah I don't have alot of friends to ask for help from. The one I did got annoyed when I didn't go buy the products she used. Bit out of my price range and didn't last long. But I'll be more mindful of my posts in the future However I did go and purchase some products. Neutrogena Hydro boost range Water gel cleanser Scrub cleanser Gel cream Cleanser wipes Sunscreen I used the cleansers and gel cream for a few days before I added the sunscreen and also a new powder foundation. Can't remember the name but t wasn't one that was recommended. After a few days I started to feel bumps under my skin along my jawline. So I stopped the sunscreen and foundation. My skin has now cleared up again so I'll try the sunscreen again . If that gives me no problems I'll look for a new foundation Thanks for all the lovely advice
  2. Wow thanks so much for the Amazing respaonse. I was worried it might have been to vague. I definitely want something quick and simple . I think it will be easier to stick to. I think I'll be better prepared now heading out. Thanks for the info and I'll check out the videos once I get home
  3. Hi all So due to some health issues the last 18 months I have really dropped the ball in regards to my skincare. To be honest I wasn’t doing a very good job of it before hand. A bit of a tom boy I would only wear makeup sporadically until I started my new job in a office 5 years ago. Felt totally lost in the makeup and skincare world and tried so many different things. Now I am starting to feel better I really need to get back into looking of my skin health and I am looking for ideas on products. After needing to use some of my stuff for an event last night and realising it was old and needs to be thrown out I've decided to treat myself to some new stuff. But am so lost. At a minimum I am looking for a foundation, facial moisturiser and something to clean my face even if I haven’t used makeup. I work in a call centre so the vibe is smart casual so it wouldn’t be heavy makeup id be wearing daily. I find alot of liquid foundations to be weighty and make me feel suffocated. I also have sensitive skin, however it’s not dry or oily and generally soft. I've been told if I don’t moisturize my skin now even if it doesn’t need it ill regret it when I'm older. Please help me still take gorgeous pictures of me on cruises in the future. I live in Australia but I am happy to buy online. Medium ish price range which I guess is subjective. Any thoughts or just simply your favourite products will be a great help. I'm really at a loss here. Thanks
  4. Ok. So pullmans are what I thought. Is the room able to be set up with the one big bed. Ie 2 singles put together. Any other space for a cot or is there a couch big enough for a small 6 yr old
  5. Hi. I'm looking for some help for my sister. She is going on a cruise that was booked by her in-laws. It looks like they are in an ocean view room on deck for possibly 4012 room. It' s 2 adults and 2 children ages 2 and 6. Does anyone have some pictures of the rooms. The last cruise they got stuck with bunk beds which she didn't like and weren't able to use with the kids. I did check on the website. States 3rd and 4th Pullman bed avaliable . Is that pull down beds. I don't think they would use them. Would the room be set up as 2 singles with the 2 pullmans down. I think my sister was hoping for 1 large bed for 3 of them with either a small couch or a cot. Any theories or photos would be a huge help. I think she's feeling overwhelmed having not planned it herself. Thanks.
  6. Are you in Brisbane just for the day before or after a cruise?. Or will u be staying a bit longer. In Oct my mum and I spent 2 days in Brisbane before our cruise. We stayed at the Sebel Brisbane corner of albert and charlotte st. This was a great central location to shops and food. From here we were easily able to walk to botanical gardens, very beautiful, Southbank city beach, interesting. The city is very walkable. So that might be an option if your staying
  7. I travel with my Mum (mid 60s) who usually leaves all the planning to me(mid30s). We agree on a destination and I pick the ship/cruise line itinerary and give her the options on dates. While she was in Sydney last year she saw the ship docked and sent a photo to me with the comment . " We are doing this ship next time" tell me when and where we are going"😁 The ship looks amazing. So any advice we be great. Looking at NZ on an Oct or Nov sailing this year. Was concerned about maybe being bored on a cruise with alot of sea days and with cooler weather which is why we haven't done NZ yet. Looks like alot to do on this ship so boredom won't be a problem even with cooler weather. But any must do or your fav activities would be a start for to investigate. Was that an indoor pool area I saw in the photos. Havnt checked out the ships facilities online yet so no idea. The photos above the ship looking down were amazing. Was that from a glass lift? Any photos of your room ? Or just any you would like to would be great. Getting excited and it's not even booked
  8. I also know that some people save for years to be able to afford a cruise so sometimes they will have to cut luxuarys out . Although I have friends who are cheap for no reason :)
  9. We often do a morning tour that's drops us back at the ship at lunch time. So we often eat on the ship on shore days. We drop off anything we won't need at the time to. Then usually get off and do exploring on foot or shop. We might grab a sweet snack of something local then. But we had no tour on our last cruise planned we just walked around so we ate all off ship shore days
  10. Well a comedian on my last cruise got spot on . He was talking about people rushing back to the ship for lunch. Well I paid for it. Why would I eat off ship. The whole audience cracked up laughing
  11. I go a bit crazy with the hand sanitizer when going into new hotel room or cabin. I think we need more public announcements on tv in general not just on cruise ships about preventing illness. The amount of people who don't cover their nose or mouth when coughing or sneezing is shocking. I dont think its an age specific or upbringing thing. My 5 year old niece told off my 66 year old mum as she didn't wash her hands. I think people need reminders and also a what can happen to you or others if you don't. Common sense isn't so common anymore
  12. We were on the Royal Legend of the Seas 2 years ago yesterday. Cyclone Winston hit Vanuatu did an unheard of uturn and went back and hit it again. We were advised of the cyclone when we left and told they were keeping an eye on it. We made it to noumea ok. Photo at start of day the 3 of us smiling and bright sunny skies. At the end of the day dark skies and me lookig fake scared. As we left i was like mmm were going pretty fast. Yep. We were running away from the cyclone. Captain announced Mystery island the next day was cancelled as it was under water. And Pt Vila the day after as well as it had been hit and about to be again. We went further north to champagne bay. Showed us a map on the screens of where the cyclone was compared to us and we were heading to this tiny patch that "shouldn't" be effected. Heaps of people on the cruise were complaining. I'm got a bit snarky with a few and was like umm hello we are avoiding a cyclone. I prefer not to die on holiday. As soon as I got internet I googled the cyclone only to find out that 44 people did die on the islands. So yeah it's not an ideal situation but they do their best to keep you safe and hey it could be worse
  13. Without thinking my mum grabbed a banana while eating breakfast and was like I'll have a snack when we are off ship. Our tour ends at 1 lunchtime but this will keep me going if I get hungry. I was like umm Mum you can't. Once I explained she was like oh duh of course what was I thinking. I can't remember which cruise but they were checking bags as we left the ship. Saying all food no matter if it was packaged could be taken off. Not sure how that works for babies or diabetics ??
  14. It varies. It's usually after we get back from a holiday and are like right . Where to next ? Are we bus tour or cruise. Departure from Oz or overseas. I would love to be able to book last minute ie no more than 2 months in advance but my workplace is hard to get time off. We get a roster 3-4 weeks in advance and once its published tahts it no leave. Having to fly a different state also impacts it to. :( I like booking in advance. Some destinations book up quite quick. Also gives me a chance to fully sus out the destination and jump on here and ask a million questions. :)
  15. Oh awesome. This really was a great added bonus for us. We usually don't spend much on a cruise and I already had spending money put aside. So I was thinking of splurging on a spa treatment or try new cocktail. Maybe a shopping splurge 😁
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