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  1. Hi guys. Sorry at the time I didn't really think if this as being off topic as hey it's a fashion and beauty forum. But yes it's part if a cruise forum sooo... Thanks to those who commented about why I posted it here. I have had great advice on here for a range of topics. So I love chatting to you all..And yes not as judgy as some forums. It's good to get a variety of opinion and options . I've tried googling, soooo much information out there. So many beauty forums and I felt so lost. And yeah I don't have alot of fr
  2. Wow thanks so much for the Amazing respaonse. I was worried it might have been to vague. I definitely want something quick and simple . I think it will be easier to stick to. I think I'll be better prepared now heading out. Thanks for the info and I'll check out the videos once I get home
  3. Hi all So due to some health issues the last 18 months I have really dropped the ball in regards to my skincare. To be honest I wasn’t doing a very good job of it before hand. A bit of a tom boy I would only wear makeup sporadically until I started my new job in a office 5 years ago. Felt totally lost in the makeup and skincare world and tried so many different things. Now I am starting to feel better I really need to get back into looking of my skin health and I am looking for ideas on products. After needing to use some of my stuff for an event last night and realising it w
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