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  1. Thank you, all! We did end up booking a private tour through paddy wagon. It will pick us up at our port in Ringaskiddy and take us to Blarney and Cork. Looking forward to it! Thank you for all of your knowledge and good advice!
  2. That is all very helpful information! Thank you! Yes, we're disappointed to be going into Ringaskiddy. Originally we were scheduled for Cobh. It is a Disney cruise and I would hope they will provide decent transportation into Cobh at least, but there is no word about it yet.
  3. This will be our first time in Ireland. Our port is Ringskiddy; apparently another ship is in Cobh that day. Should we just get the train to Cork and spend the day? If so, should we do a walking tour? Please make suggestions on what to do and see here. Or should we arrange a private excursion for the 8 of us to explore beyond Cork? I don't think we desire to kiss the Blarney Stone. We were wondering about Rock of Cashel and visiting Kilkenny. Other suggestions? We just want to feel like we've seen and learned a good bit about Ireland in our very short time here. Thanks!
  4. Hello, We'll have stops in Bergen, Flam and Geiranger. Trying to plan our days without ship excursions. Bergen: We pan to purchase funicular tickets in advance and tour on our own. Flam: We could pre-purchase Flambana railway tickets for 8:35am- the rest of the times are "sold out." (Taken by the ships?) That would get us back to Flam at 10:35. Should we take a 11:00 or 1:30 fjord cruise? Can you bring food onboard? I know you can buy food onboard. 11:00 would give us time for the Viking Village, before taking the shuttle bus back to Flam. Do you have to pre-book the shuttle bus? It looks like shuttle times are the exact arrival times of the cruise. Are you meant to book that time or could we miss it? Geiranger: I haven't researched this as much. Looks like we should do the Panorama Bus. Should we do a fjord cruise here instead of Flam? Or must we do both? I'm trying to balance money and keeping the kids interested. Thanks!
  5. I would appreciate that very much! Have a wonderful trip!
  6. I've noticed that too. We're sailing MSC for the first time August 31st on the Poesia and I'm craving more information. I've found some vlogs from people sailing on the Poesia but not our itnerary of Northern Europe. Quite a while ago, I read a blog of the same or similar itinerary but I cannot find it now. (I ^think^ it was Poesia but perhaps it was not.) Good luck finding more information and please share if you do! Have a great trip!
  7. You've really given us much to do now at our Warnemunde port! We're scheduled to be there from 8am-7pm. How would you plan the day? Head straight to the train to Schwerin Castle? Is Wismar along the route to Schwerin Castle? What is there to see there? If so, maybe we can visit on the return trip. We certainly want to have time to explore Warnemunde and maybe Rostock too. What should our priorities be? Thanks!
  8. Would anyone hesitate to book the 8:35 train in Flam? It's the only possibility offered. The other times I assume are held by the cruise ships. Our arrival time is 7am and we should be at the dock. In Flam, IF we could only do either the train or take a fjord cruise, which would you recommend?
  9. Wow! This is all fantastic information! Thank you, everyone!
  10. Thank you! it's good to know the waterfall is port side. I will go up on deck. It looks like the fjord cruise you recommend above is a two hour trip and then a shuttle bus back. Does that sound correct? I'm not sure my kids will be happy with that. If we only choose either cruise or train, which would be best? (Plus the expense for both may be prohibitive.) Are there fjord cruises we that we can book while we're there if we choose? It may be best left to make the decision that day after the train and time to look around town.
  11. Hmm. Maybe the 1 1/2 hour Panorama Bus would be better with our kids since we will have done a two hour train ride just the day before.
  12. We will be on the MSC Poesia on Sept 4 in Flam and Sept 5 in Geiranger.
  13. Thank you! It appears that we will be the first ship in Flam and the only ship in Geiranger.
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