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  1. This would be impossible for me. We are leaving tomorrow for a 26 day plus 2 weeks in Australia. Two carryons, 2 large suitcases and two back packs, after I repacked!!
  2. Same price booking before your cruise or on the ship.
  3. Also is your husband is having a good day in St Thomas while you are strolling downtown it is very easy to jump on a tour of the island.
  4. No they are basing it on what floor of the ship you are on.
  5. I totally agree about the DJ, doesn't anyone check on them to see if passengers are enjoying the music. Also I wish Princess would bring back Happy Hour.
  6. No shots necessary but flu shot is a good ideal.
  7. I'm on next week SFO to Sydney, I'll let you know.
  8. In my experience the Europeans tend to dress more therefore most will be wearing suit/tux and tie.
  9. Sometimes it is just nice to relax. Of course not having to cook is another bonus!!
  10. Hilarious I’d love to see that!!😂😂
  11. Since tensions are on the rise again in this area of the World I agree with not booking any excursions with vendors where you pay ahead. In doing so it would be one less headache to deal with. This part of the World is not for me had enough with Egypt, but I hope everything goes well on your cruise😀
  12. Keep us posted, sorry this has happened on your cruise.
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