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  1. We have two cruises booked for Sept/Oct 2021. 16 nights thru the Panama Canal--LA to FLL and 9 nights out of Venice. I have notified my TA that while I am not ready to cancel either at this point when June/July come along they are not to make final payment without checking with me first. I expect the PC trip to cancel in the next month or two but the Venice to Rome is a total guessing game. No way I am going under current terms of masks required and only ship's tours allowed. I am not anti-mask in anyway but I am not willing to take an expensive vacation trip under those conditions. It wo
  2. We have been booked on a Panama Canal cruise from LA for almost a year now. 16 nights sailing from LA to FLL on Sept 26, 2021. I just looked at Celebrity and one other online site and they are both still selling this cruise at much higher price that we booked at. Quick look at deck plans show lots of empty cabins so I have to wonder what is going on. I guess I will have to wait for June or July to see what they do before final payment. The games get tiresome, really tiresome. First they devaluate our Elite status, now they are stinging us along with will this sail or not. Land trips are l
  3. Nope. More concerned about 7 months from now when the final payments for the already long ago booked far cruises come due...
  4. Go back to your credit card company. Celebrity refunded our canceled trips with in 60 days but Princess Lodges went way past that mark on our hotel refunds for Alaska post cruise so I simply filed a dispute with Chase and they issued a temp credit that became permanent once Princess Lodges/Carnival finally processed the refunds. There is no excuse or need to wait beyond 60 days
  5. You were a great help Steve. Dealing with two different trips, one canceled and one moved created some confusion for TravelEX but until you stepped in to help they were not even responding. After you helped us get our premium refund on the canceled trip I had to write to them one last time in 24 point, all caps, bold to get the changed trip properly sorted out. Now we can just wait to see if either of these trips really happen next fall.
  6. A long long time ago in a land that seems so far away we had 3 cruises booked over the next 19 months. With the invaluable help of Steve and his staff at tripinsurancestore.com we were able to get them all covered in a timely fashion finally settling on TravelEX for all three trip. And then came COVID-19 and the cancelations and changes and lots and lots of questions. I tried dealing directly with TravelEX after getting the basic information from Steve's staff. One trip from May was canceled and refunded, one for right now was moved to 2021 and one for Sept 2021 is still there....I got confl
  7. Yep, that is the craziness we are looking at with all of our plans for 2020 canceled. The Panama Canal was supposed to be the biggie for 2021 but things change. Man plans and Gold laughs.....for now we will wait and see what happens. Not much else we can do.
  8. We also canceled May and Oct 2020 along with the whole family in July 2020 to celebrate our 50th. We thought about booking May 2021 and decided to wait, glad we did. Long ago we booked the Panama Canal for Sept 2021 and I have my doubts about that one. The Oct 2020 got moved to Oct 2021 right after the Panama Canal to make the strangest back to back since we would have 2 days to get from Ft. Lauderdale to Venice.....Talk to me in July when final payments come due.
  9. I left my home in Central NJ about 8am that morning heading for upper Manhattan with plans to spend the day doing headshots for Columbia University's 700 student athletes. A little after 8:30am while listening to traffic reports I heard " we just got a report of a plane hitting the World Trade Center, we have the traffic copter headed that way...". I never got to Columbia that day. I spent my morning getting up the NJ turnpike and stopping where I could to make some pictures. AP picked up my images and kept me running for the rest of morning. Once I got home, moved the images to them I prett
  10. I don't have much faith in their "sales". We have two trips still booked, Panama Canal in Sept 2021 and Venice in Oct 2021. When I do a price check each time they announce one of these "sales" the prices are higher than we I am already paying. At this point, I don't even know if we will take those cruises next year if they sail. No way I am booking anything else at this time.
  11. Not a big drinker by any means but I picked up some 7 year old Cuban rum in Havana in Jan 2019. So smooth, so sweet. We were there for 3 days a 9 night Azamara cruise. Great times Hoping we can go back someday soon.
  12. My reflections one from May is there 10 times... they canceled that one, I canceled Alaska at final payment knowing it would never sail. October from Venice got a lift and shift.
  13. Yesterday marine tracker showed the Millennium headed to Long Beach from San Diego. Most likely for fuel and provisions before heading back out to anchorage.
  14. As bad as Celebrity's IT is you just never know. My past cruises is still showing 10 Iceland/Ireland for May 2020 and 1 Alaska for July 2020. all of course were canceled and I they are not showing the points but they are on my past cruises list.
  15. At this point I would talk to your credit card company about filing a dispute for the charges your TA has not refunded. The cruise lines, the TAs, the insurance companies are all using OOVIC-19 as an excuse to hold our money as long as they can. Anything beyond 60 days is just absurd. We had an Alaska cruise planned for July 3 and canceled on April 1 just ahead of final payment. Celebrity refunded our deposit with in a few weeks. Our pre-paid hotel with Princess Lodges took forever to refund and when I got to 50 days and they kept saying "sorry we are taking 90 days or more", after they or
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