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  1. Mr. Click

    time needed at LHR

    ANZ's premium economy is great. Immigration at LHR's T3 is not great unless you have their Fast Pass. When went through there last May coming off of a United flight and it took us 2 hours just to clear immigration. They were fully staffed but overloaded with passengers. You might want to check with ANZ to see if your PE fare includes LHR's FastTrack. There have also been some articles about the UK beginning to accept our Global Entry and chipped passports in their EU/UK lanes to help lighten the load on the Non EU/JK side but I don't recall the start date.
  2. Mr. Click

    St. Petersburg question

    A few years ago we visited St Petersburg on Celebrity and booked our 2 day tour with TJ Travel. We formed our own small group and had a great two days. Very intensive and very exhausting with lots and lots of walking and tons of steps to climb. We are not fans of big group tours so we almost always book private tours. With a small group and great service and planning by TJ Tours we never waited on lines.
  3. Mr. Click

    Shooting in the Snow

    Those spare batteries, keep them inside your coat so they stay warm. Cold alone can kill batteries.
  4. Mr. Click

    Review of my November Cuba Cruise

    Thanks for the detailed review. We are doing the 9 day deaparting in a few weeks. You answered a lot of questions for us about visas, ships tours vs private tours and the tendering Santiago de Cuba. One question, did your cruise have a White Night? With the changes in Santiago we are guessing that first night there will be the White Night dinner, especially since Azamara is not offering any excursions on that evening.
  5. Mr. Click


    You sound like me but the Hero 7 was not available on our cruise and because we had all EU ports I had to pay the VAT and then apply for a refund....Still free money that I was not giving back. Thankfully there are some great videos on YouTube showing how to actually use the thing from getting out of the box to actually making pictures.
  6. Mr. Click

    Why is it so hard to get a refund?

    Thanks LeniorM. We have been looking forward to Cuba for years and are finally making it happen. We have been on enough cruises to know what to expect, to know what we like and don't like so we will see how it all stacks up in a few weeks.
  7. Mr. Click

    Why is it so hard to get a refund?

    We sail in 32 days for Cuba so I guess we will find out of the onboard experience is better than the shore side experience. Their Cuba itineraries were the best I could find in what they offered and in cost so I booked it. More than once I have had second thoughts on this one but we are committed now. If the onboard experience blows us away that will be great but for now I am having my doubts.
  8. Mr. Click

    Why is it so hard to get a refund?

    just proves you really cannot fix stupid.......meaning them, not you Cruise Junky. You are far more patient than I am. I would have been talking to AMEX after 7 days, max
  9. Mr. Click

    Cuba visas

    Thanks Bonnie. I appreciate the info and the quick reply. Now can you make Jan 24 get here sooner?
  10. Mr. Click

    Cuba visas

    And how to the newbies know the difference? We are getting OBC from our TA but I have no idea if that comes with any restrictions.
  11. Mr. Click


    Thanks for the ideas and info. I guess I better get busy and get that gorillapod ordered. Unrelated to the gopro here is the link to my coffee table book that I did on the trip. I bought the gopro on the last day with our excess OBC so I never had a chance to really think about using it on the trip. I use a Canon 5D Mk III, lenses are 16-35 F2.8, 24-105 IS F4 and the 70-200 II IS 2.8, often with the 1.4TC Mk III. http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/7893541/2a25672cc174554601cbf74d7ecb407d861f2c29
  12. Mr. Click


    Thanks everyone for the ideas. I finally got it out of the box, charged the battery up, bought some cards, now I am considering attaching it to my almost 20 month old grandson......or maybe doing a time lapse for a friend who builds trade show exhibits.....
  13. Mr. Click

    Why is it so hard to get a refund?

    Your best bet at this point is to file a dispute with Master Card, that will force the merchant to respond. You should get a temporary credit from Master Card and they will file a charge back with the merchant.
  14. Mr. Click

    Why is it so hard to get a refund?

    Just take it to AMEX. Tell your TA thank you for the effort, you really appreciate it and then let AMEX handle Azamara.
  15. Mr. Click

    Azamazing Evening Journey Jan. 24 2019 MIA?

    Thanks for the update Bonnie. I am sure it will be a great evening but I am also sure I am tired to dealing the the general lack of reliable information in general. I know how hard it can be for Azamara and others to deal with any communist government and then you add in the US restrictions nonsense and it has been an up and down deal trying to plan this trip and maximize our time in Cuba. I will keep an eye out for more information from our TA and maybe even Azamara.