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  1. Thanks Dave, can I send the bills to you.... 🙂
  2. I can't compare the RX10 IV to the Rebel because I have never used one. I found the image quality of the RX 10 IV to be good, not great. It got chunky at any ISO over 2000 and while it is a 20MB file I would be afraid to try and make a 16x20 print from it. I did the like camera but I liked the a6400 better so I bought that and so far I am enjoying it. Lot of learning to do to feel really comfortable with it but I am happy with my decision. Actually thinking about selling my last DSLR body and 16-35mm that I have been holding on to for super wide moments.
  3. One note or warning on those 3-4 night packages. We booked one last fall on the Reflection. Once we boarded we went right to the Specialty Dining desk to make some reservations. They had NOTHING that fit our needs. They could give us 5pm or 10pm but nothing reasonable so I went to Guest Relations and just canceled the package. We did end getting to dining in Murano one night with some help from the Captain's Club hostess. It was nice but we really did enjoy the MDR.
  4. ShawninFL has it right. We did book a Royal Cruise once while on a Celebrity cruise. We got some extra OBC but not near the perks we would have gotten with Celebrity and I think we got a reduced deposit. The agent we worked with was knowledgable but the process was slower because he did not know the ships as well. I kept getting messages from him about better cabins while we were booking. In the end he did a good job and we did transfer our booking for our online TA to collect their benefits too.
  5. Thanks for the link. Sure is a lot to read and digest. Looks very helpful on the surface.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone. As long as we can get off the ship at 6am I don't see any issues making this work. I would never try it if we were docking that morning but since we dock and clear the day before it should not be a problem. Next on my list is to make sure our GE status is good through May. I can't quite remember when we got it but renewal could be coming up this coming year.
  7. Some follow up on my experience.....I got the RX10 MK4 from Sony a few hours before we left for a family adventure to Disneyland. I did have the good sense to look online for some manuals and reviews while I was waiting for the camera to arrive from NY so I was a bit more familiar with it when I took it out of the box. All in all, a nice camera and I loved being able to to go to "600MM". The image quality for me was good but not outstanding until I got the images into PS 2019 and did a bit of work on them. I found the ergonomics of the camera not to my liking. I was constantly having to stop and look for a switch to get where I wanted to be. Maybe it was just too different from what I am use to after using Canon gear for about 30 years. I just never got comfortable with it. The metering was good, the AF had trouble locking on things like a crescent moon at night and fireworks. I found it pretty jumpy in low light. The AWB was pretty far off when I was indoors in a slightly challenging situation. I also found that "24mm" was just not wide enough for me to commit to the camera. My son's father in law was with us and he had the Sony A6300 and I tried that out for a bit and liked it a lot better. The day I shipped the RX back to Sony I went to the local camera store and played with the 6300,6400 and 6500 and an assortment of lenses. I went home with the A6400, the kit lens, a little 16 to 50 ad the 18-200 from Sony. So far I really like the set up. Not really sure if the kit lens was a waste of money or not but time will tell, Europe is coming in a few weeks. All in all I just felt more comfortable with the A6400 and the pricing for what I bought was pretty much the same as the cost of the RX10MK4. So, anyone in the market for a very nice Canon BG-e11? or maybe a well used but nice 580EX II?? Maybe anice 5D Mark 3 with a 16-35mm 2.8 if I find the 18-200 wide enough for me on the upcoming trip?
  8. We are debating that very idea Cruiser Bruce. The folks over on Flyer talk tell me that US CBP does not open until 7:30am, I am guessing the UA counter opens around 6am. We have Premier status and Global Entry so I don't think we will have a problem The good news is we have 8 months to get it sorted out..
  9. It is a dilema that I battled with too but for different reasons. I worked my entire "adult" life as a photographer, I started with Nikon Fs, moved to Canon EOS, then to Canon 1D models until I hung it all up. I kept a 5D Mk3 and some lenses for family and vacation stuff but now I am the new owner of a Sony a6400 with the kit lens and the 18-200 from Sony. So far---3 days I am loving it as i learn more and more about it. I did a trial run with the RX10 MKIV thanks to Sony but I never got comfortable with in and I while I love the "600" tele the "24" wide was not wide enough. I still have the 5D3 and the 16-35 for those super wide moments but I have a feeling they will be gone after our upcoming trip to Europe in a few weeks. Honestly, cameras today are so good that it is more about how it feels in my hands vs the name on the camera. The name of the guy holding the camera matters too.
  10. For those of you who have been there, we are on the Celebrity Reflections in May 2020 and spend our last night docked in Dublin our port of debarkation. I am trying to figure out if we can make a 9:20am flight on departure day. Normally I would not try to make a flight this early but since we arrive the day before I am assuming we can get off the ship by 6am and head to the airport. Am I wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated since I have never been to Ireland.
  11. You will need to get to the ship once, you will want to get to transportation around the city several times. The Doubletree is very close , just minutes, to the Centraal Station. trains, trams, canal boats plus easy walking distance to a lot of other tourist areas and plenty of good restaurants. We have stayed there twice and enjoyed it both times. It is about a 15 minute walk with luggage from the hotel to the port. It is an easy walk. Yes, the Movenpick is closer to the ship but you only make that walk once.
  12. We did the fjords two years ago on Royal and Flam and Geiranger where the true highlights for us. We went in May and the rose gardens in Molde were not blooming yet and it was a damp, dark day so we opted to skip trying to do the Atlantic Road and just walked around the town for a few hours. We went back to the ship pretty early. along with most of our fellow passengers. The line to re-board was over two blocks long. Going in late May meant we got some nice weather, some not so nice weather but the waterfalls were going full force so that was a major plus. If I were going back, I would not go without a chance to see Geiranger and Flam again.
  13. Every day it is either chocolate cake with ice cream or apple pie with ice cream. I am a very basic type and I don't care for the fancier desserts with all of the whipped cream and gooey fillings. Ice cream vs real Italian gelato.....you cannot beat the real gelato but since I don't live in Italy and I have to watch what I eat anyway. a nice scoop of chocolate ice cream is always a great treat.
  14. You are half correct about "duty free" shops being closed. Alcohol and tobacco shopes are closed completely, other shops are open and do charge VAT. If you reach the threshold you can apply for a refund but that threshold is usually per purchase, not total purchases and if you have the ship process it their fees can be pretty high. I forget who they use to handle it but at the airport last year I only got about half of the VAT that I paid for my gopro camera back. It was not a killer because I bought it with NR OBC...but when you think you are getting 70 Euros back and you bet less then 40 it is not fun.
  15. Thanks for the input. The issue for me is the weight. After nearly 50 years of doing photography for a living I am now fully retired and find myself starting to be lazy when I head out for a day and just taking the 5D3 and the 24-105 and leaving other glass behind. As far as image quality I find the 5D3 to be a bit dull for my tastes but I am sure I could sit down and make some in camera adjustments or just continue doing a bit of color enhancement as part of my work flow when designing my travel books. 20 MP is more than enough for my needs today and shallow DF, I like it. I think that once I get a bit more settled with the move to NV I need to head over the the local camera shop and see the Sony first hand. Not sure how I feel about EVFs and then I wonder if there is a diopter adjustment on the EVF like Canon has on many of their DSLRs bodies.
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