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  1. Once onboard the prices are often subject to change because of supply and demand. If they are not busy you will usually see lots of discount offers. One warning on pre-purchasing a package. The one time we tried it once we got on board and went straight to the reservations desk for one of the restaurants we found that we could not get any time on any dates that suited us so we ended up just canceling the whole package and did one night in the Tuscan Grille. It turned out to be more of a pain in the neck for us and I would hesitate doing it again.
  2. I vote for the Scarlett A treatment but make it a big NV right on their forehead. Anything short of that they can fudge.
  3. We booked a dining package once because we had a lot of OBC to use up. As soon as we boarded the ship we went to make our reservations. We could not get any times that suited us so we went to guest relations to ask them to just cancel the package. Before canceling they tried to do it too and failed. I am sure things are different right now with all of the COVID capactiy controls but I would be hesitant to book a package again. It just wasted a lot of time for me.
  4. Another warning about gift cards, some insurers do not consider them as insured payments. I had the problem when I had to cancel a Baltic cruise last minute. When I filed my insurance claim they said the gift card I had used to put down my deposit. This company only covered things paid for with cash, check or credit card.
  5. So I have read all of this and I just have one question.....to quote Abbott and Costello "So who is one first???!!??"
  6. Seat selection fees, baggage fees are set by the operating carrier, not the code share carrier or the booking agency. Been there, done that and when it happened with Celebrity AIr they were less than honest up front and even less helpful when it became an issue. Unless you book with the actual operating carrier always the the time to go to the carrier's web site once you have your booking code and check your seats to make sure you really have them. Always be pro-active for yourself.
  7. The downside to that thinking is the Oct 27 trip has not been canceled yet and while it starts in San Diego it ends in Florida. As far as the not spending money in Florida now I have to agree with you. We looked at moving there on several occasions, I am glad now that it never worked out.
  8. I have never seen them either. They are a tricky dish to have. They don't feeze well and have a limited season. Besides, how do you eat something that is still looking at you? On the serious side after this long hiatus who really knows what the menus will be. Where will they cut corners? Where will they add something new?
  9. We did this a few years ago going north from Vancouver up the inside passage and ending in Seward. From there we had a tour company and pick us up for a full day tour of the Kenai Pennensula that ended at our hotel in Anchorage. Lots to see along the way and we found it nicer than sitting on a bus or train for 3 to 5 hours. Once we were in Anchorage we rented a car and did our own trip out to Denali, stopping when we wanted, where we wanted. We did book at the Denali area Princess Lodges because they are pretty nice and some places looked a bit more "rustic". After our Denali days we went
  10. In the past there was an expanded room service menu for CC and Aqua but going forward, who really knows.......
  11. We did Alaska on Celebrity about 5 years ago and loved it. We did a land trip after our cruise on our own and were very happy. We did use Princess Lodges for our Denali accomdations and they were ok. We were supposed to go back with our children and grandchildren but that got killed in the pandemic. We are not talking about booking it for next summer (2022) but if Celebrity sticks with their AI pricing plan we will be forced to look elsewhere. Since we do not drink and we have Elite Captain's Club status to cover our internet and a few waters and sodas each day it is just not worth the
  12. Regarding the deposit issue. We had a booking for Oct 2020 on the Connie out of Rome to Venice that we did the L&S to Oct 2021. Veranda cabin, good location and they assigned up a similar cabin on the new cruise. Then this spring they canceled all of the Connie's European trips. We were offered a choice of a refund of our NRD or the 25% bonus FCC. I took the refund, no questions asked. Once they canceled we had no problem getting a cash refund. Similar on our now canceled Panama Canal cruise. They offered to let us move to the Oct 2021 sailings or get the bonus FCC or get a cash refu
  13. Thanks everyone. With the pandemic we have not been down there much in the past 18 moths so I thought I would double check before I went in to renew our gold MGM status. I should also look at Ceasers, I know they did a match at hone time but I am not sure about the long term for that one. Parking fees are coming back and MGM Golds don't have to pay. 🙂
  14. Do they still have a marketing agreement??? Can we still get MGM status for having Captains Club status? We used to get MGM Gold for having CC Elite. A nice benefit but I don't know if it went away in the pandemic so does anyone know?
  15. Port side. around the pool deck, at the Sunset Bar, outside on deck 5 or 4, which ever is the promemade deck. I think it is 4 but I am not sure.
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