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  1. You can check the price of each restaurant by looking in the cruise planner. Booking a package in advance does save you some money but when we tried it pre-covid we could not book any reservations in advance and when we boarded the ship we went straight to the booking desk and found out there were no dates and times that worked for us and we ended up just canceling the package and did one night of specialty dining when things opened up later in the trip. I won't do it again, just not worth the hassle, even using their money aka OBC.
  2. Looking at deck plans it looks like you would be under the Tuscan Grille and their kitchen. Might not be the quietest place.
  3. romecabs.com a very very reliable car service offering transportation between FCO, Rome and the port as well as in other parts of Italy. Got it?
  4. Do you want to go into the city of Rome? If you do, plan to walk off nice and early, have a private transfer waiting for you and get going in to the city so you have a full day and night to see it. If are are content with just going to the airport, there are a lot of nice hotels around there and in the city of Fumincino right next to the airport. It is a nice little town to spend some time walking around, lots of nice choices for food and you are only a few minutes from the airport. Either way, do a private transfer from the ship, maybe join your roll call and find some folks to share the ride with you. From Rome, again, do a private transfer. If you are close to the airport, a taxi is cheap and easy, just arrange it the night before with your hotel. We have always used Rome Cabs, never a problem, always a smile.
  5. Primary ContactLisa Lutoff-PerloPresident and CEO1050 Caribbean WayMiami, FL 33132lLutoff-Perlo@celebritycruises.com Why waste time with anyone else at this point. If it was their mistake they need to fix it.
  6. IF you don't see it in 7 days poke your credit card company. Celebrity was fine with our refunds but Princess, not so much and I finally just turned it over to the card issuer. They issued a temporary credit and dealt with Princess for me.
  7. Understanding your wife's PTSD and anxiety issues I would suggest two things at this point. First, arrange a private meeting with the customer service manager ASAP. It is often easer to talk to these people when you are not standing in a crowd at the counter. Don't be afraid to mention the anxiety issues when making the request. Once she can sit down with the manager she should raise two issues. First, why was her bag opened with out her being present and second why are her items suddenly on the no no list when they never have been before and are not currently listed". No point in talking to the people at the counter, they are drones for the most part. If she does not get a satisfactory answer, then it it is time to politely say that you have 6 more cruises booked with Celebrity and you will not be making any of them. Again, all in a clam voice, yelling gets us know where. After that is done, regardless of the outcome, write to LLP, the CEO. She will not likely see it but her staff is very good at responding quickly. The executive offices want to know about these things because now is not the time that they want to have customers walking away. Cruises are our vacations, they are supposed to be fun and relaxing, what she is going through is neither and them opening her bag without her there, then lying about it and then admitting is is all wrong and you need to make them accountable. Forget the "we tried paging you" line, they are responsible for their actions the breach of protocol.
  8. Wrenches aka spanners can be dangerous weapons...so I was told once on an X cruise. I always kept one in my camera bag back in my working days for quick repairs to monopods, tripods etc. This happened about 5 days into a 10 night cruise when re-boarding the ship. Some of these "security" guys are on a power trip much like the TSA guys. They offered to hold it for me and I suggested that they keep in since I had six more at home....DW wold not let me tell them where I thought they should keep it......
  9. The draw back to her plan is the long line to use the cable car going up. We opted to pay the $40 pp to avoid the lines. Even on vacation my time has real value to me.
  10. Yes, they tender ship's tours off first to the old ferry dock and then they take others to the cable car dock. On your return you will have to do the cable car or walk down the donkey path. The ship's tours give you free time in Fria at the end and then you are on your own getting back down. In the time of Covid things could change but that was the old way.
  11. If you booked with a TA then they have to make the call. Celebrity will not deal directly with you once you involve a TA.
  12. It is all supply and demand. We have found on may trips that some good, deep discounts were being offered and we took advantage of them. The one time we tried the 3 day package they were giving out a lot of OBC to everyone and when we board we went right to restaurant to book our three nights only to be told anything we wanted was not available. I talked to customer service about it, I talked to the Captains Club rep about it. We ended up just canceling the package for a refund and used the OBC on other stuff. The Captains Club rep did get us one night in Murano that worked for us and that was comped so at least she did something. As a disclosure, food allergies do create some issues for and make things like La Pettite Chef, Sushi on 5 and the lawn restaurant that features seafood all non-starters but still I did expect to be able to book some things. Northing was working so I won't try it again, if we ever go back to cruising.
  13. But I have never had the room for seconds there..... just saying. The portions are not as small and the other dining rooms.
  14. Even trickier is the CDC has added St. Martin to their do not travel list. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/cdc-adds-very-high-risk-travel-destinations/index.html
  15. We had 4 cancelations with Celebrity during this mess and opted for a refund on all of them. Refunds were processed with in 30 days of cancelations. We had booked a few nights with Princess Lodges in Alaska are part of our Celebrity Alaska cruise in 2020. We canceled that long before they canceled the entire season and it still took 90 days for a refunds when they promised to have it done in 10 days from my original call. Yes, I know lodges are not cruises but it is still Princess/Carnival because that who I started getting emails and phone calls from trying to "explain" the delay. After 90 days I just turned over to my credit card company and they gave me a temp credit and eventually turned into a permanent one. The whole experience makes me weary of booking anything with Princess in the future.
  16. I always make it my business to check on my flights. Airlines makes changes all of the time. It used to be quarterly schedule changes but in the ago of COVID they are adding and subtracting more often. Be responsible and keep an eye on your travel plans yourself.
  17. Once onboard the prices are often subject to change because of supply and demand. If they are not busy you will usually see lots of discount offers. One warning on pre-purchasing a package. The one time we tried it once we got on board and went straight to the reservations desk for one of the restaurants we found that we could not get any time on any dates that suited us so we ended up just canceling the whole package and did one night in the Tuscan Grille. It turned out to be more of a pain in the neck for us and I would hesitate doing it again.
  18. I vote for the Scarlett A treatment but make it a big NV right on their forehead. Anything short of that they can fudge.
  19. We booked a dining package once because we had a lot of OBC to use up. As soon as we boarded the ship we went to make our reservations. We could not get any times that suited us so we went to guest relations to ask them to just cancel the package. Before canceling they tried to do it too and failed. I am sure things are different right now with all of the COVID capactiy controls but I would be hesitant to book a package again. It just wasted a lot of time for me.
  20. Another warning about gift cards, some insurers do not consider them as insured payments. I had the problem when I had to cancel a Baltic cruise last minute. When I filed my insurance claim they said the gift card I had used to put down my deposit. This company only covered things paid for with cash, check or credit card.
  21. So I have read all of this and I just have one question.....to quote Abbott and Costello "So who is one first???!!??"
  22. Seat selection fees, baggage fees are set by the operating carrier, not the code share carrier or the booking agency. Been there, done that and when it happened with Celebrity AIr they were less than honest up front and even less helpful when it became an issue. Unless you book with the actual operating carrier always the the time to go to the carrier's web site once you have your booking code and check your seats to make sure you really have them. Always be pro-active for yourself.
  23. The downside to that thinking is the Oct 27 trip has not been canceled yet and while it starts in San Diego it ends in Florida. As far as the not spending money in Florida now I have to agree with you. We looked at moving there on several occasions, I am glad now that it never worked out.
  24. I have never seen them either. They are a tricky dish to have. They don't feeze well and have a limited season. Besides, how do you eat something that is still looking at you? On the serious side after this long hiatus who really knows what the menus will be. Where will they cut corners? Where will they add something new?
  25. We did this a few years ago going north from Vancouver up the inside passage and ending in Seward. From there we had a tour company and pick us up for a full day tour of the Kenai Pennensula that ended at our hotel in Anchorage. Lots to see along the way and we found it nicer than sitting on a bus or train for 3 to 5 hours. Once we were in Anchorage we rented a car and did our own trip out to Denali, stopping when we wanted, where we wanted. We did book at the Denali area Princess Lodges because they are pretty nice and some places looked a bit more "rustic". After our Denali days we went back to Anchorage, looked around the town and flew home. We really enjoyed doing it on our own. We enjoyed the trip so much that had plans for 2020 to take whole family back to celebrate our 50th but we all know what happened in 2020 so maybe 2022.....we hope.
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