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  1. Even better for wheelchair users, the accessible cabins on S class ships have power entry doors. Swipe the room key and the door opens. There is a large button inside the cabin that you press to exit. There are small ridges to get out to the veranda but no challenge to a wheelchair. The entry to the bathroom is also ramped. I’ve traveled a bit and the S class ships are some of the best for my needs. There is a small lift that gets you down right in front of the stage in the showroom if you can’t see well from the very back where most of the accessible seating is. Probably best to ask a crew member for help the first time or two. Have a great trip and enjoy my favorite ship. I’ll be on her in October. Also you can ask the room steward to remove a veranda chair to increase the available space.
  2. Currently on the eclipse. Surf is fine for email. Text will depend on device. Ok on my pixel, doesn't work on my wife's Moto g6. Facebook, youtube, Instagram don't work on either.
  3. They do most of Work but you do get to work a few minutes with each tool. I think it was $89 when we did it but the memory is lasting and I am reminded every time I look at the fire place mantle. So to us very worth it.
  4. True, the app is not available for Eclipse yet.
  5. You lock in a price by ordering over the phone. For instance a few Months ago surf Internet on my cruise was $149. With the elite discount I paid $104. Today it’s priced at $179 so I would pay $125. So I save $21. It’s not a huge amount but every little bit helps.
  6. I also need a recliner/lift chair. I have always rented from Special Needs At Sea. The chair is always in the room when I get there and they pick it up. The most recent charge was for our upcoming 15 day Hawaiian cruise from/to Los Angeles and it was $367. We also get accessible rooms since I also use a wheelchair and need the roll in the shower. I would call Special Needs At Sea as they are always very helpful. They should know if your recliner will fit in a regular room.
  7. No cost, the app is “special”.
  8. Assuming it’s the same as the Summit, it will be on deck 12 forward.
  9. Looks like the February 15, 2021 Constellation is popular. We just booked it also, NRD was $400 pp cheaper and since we have never cancelled except for medical (thank you insurance) seems like a safe bet. We will enjoy trying our winter precruise in a the Tampa area.
  10. We were on the equinox in January. There were two other couples in sushi on five. So not crowded at all. A great alternative to the very crowded very noisy ocean view café. The manager came by and gave us the all you could eat lunch for $25 each I think and offered us the dinner for $30. If you go try the shrimp and scallop dynamite. I didn’t think it was spicy my wife thought it was. I’m not a huge sushi fan. There was plenty of options on the menu.
  11. Well, it’s free and helpful but not always 100% so I always verify details when i get onboard.
  12. According to the app, the fitness center is open 6 am tp 11 pm
  13. There is fresh fruit available but it’s put on in the back. I know there’s grapes bananas strawberries and blueberries available. Also pecans and brown sugar. I assume there’s other things but those are the ones that I use. not all at the same time.
  14. As far as I can tell the only muesli available is the soaked overnight bircher style.
  15. Yes eggs Benedict is on the new Blu menu. I think the asparagus frittata is also new. Sadly Muesli is no longer made table side. It’s still excellent but I preferred looking at all of the options to put on it.
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