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  1. I believe they require the physical card because fees from the credit card company are significantly lower if it is a physical present card.
  2. It's been a few years since we've been in Fort Lauderdale. As I remember you get in the taxi line. When you get to the front, the taxi coordinator signals to a van or large taxi to pull up to the head of the line and pick you up. We have also used Uber, just make sure you request a large vehicle. Also several of the Hotels that offer shuttle service have accessible vehicles. You might check with your hotel. From Port Everglades to FLL, the taxis work the same way. You can use Uber but finding your driver can be a challenge. Also check with the cruise line.
  3. The one I listed is one we use all the time on cruises and works quite well for us. We have labeled it “for cruises not surge protected”. I was just trying to note that if this one did not fit their needs, make sure whatever they buy is not surge protected.
  4. I wanted to try this a few years ago. Luckily I called my TA first. She said believed that there was no guarantee my move up would be to an accessible cabin. To confirm I sent an email to the accessibility area of celebrity. They confirmed her opinion. So things may have changed but at that time I was unable to bid on a move up since I need an accessible cabin.
  5. We've used this one for several years. We've been on several cruises with it and never had an issue. https://www.amazon.com/TESSAN-Portable-Charging-Station-Cord-BLACK/dp/B01H4YTH6W/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=Power+strip&qid=1624985290&refinements=p_36%3A-1300&rnid=386442011&sr=8-10 I don't understand all the electrical issues but from my reading it's the surge protection feature that can cause problems.
  6. We did the transit in 2014 on celebrity Infinity. We did not spend any of the lock time in our cabin. The view was much better from the various decks on the ship. Plus you could go from one side to the other to see what was happening on each side of the ship. We did spend time while in Gutan lake on our balcony. From the reading of the letter that will still be available to your parents. If they have any interest in the canal the transit is not to be missed.
  7. Slightly more than you want to spend. I've had a navigator XL by forcemech for over two years. It is a fold up heavy duty Power wheelchair. It's been on dozens of airplanes, through zoos, amusement park, Etc. It has great battery life which is often a problem for power wheelchairs. My other suggestion would be to check craigslist in your area. There are often used Power wheelchairs for sale.
  8. I have shipped luggage and golf clubs domestically but never internationally. I've always use UPS and never had a problem.
  9. Deciding to book an accessible cabin is a personal choice. Being assigned one is a choice of the cruise line. FYI I am a wheelchair user. I am lucky in that I can transfer and walk a few steps. I need an accessible cabin for the space to turn the wheelchair around, the roll in shower with the bench, the room to store the wheelchair, the automatic door (available on S and E class), the closet with the lowered clothes rack, and the sink that I can get my wheelchair under. We usually book the ship as soon as the itineraries become available, otherwise it can be difficult to find an accessib
  10. My favorite trick is to simply go to the other bank of elevators. Often when the theater/dinner lets out the elevators next to that venue are packed. Depending on the ship you can cruise to a different bank of elevator in the middle or other end of the ship. Most people don't want to walk that far but all it cost us a little battery charge.
  11. Currently on the Summit. We boarded in San Juan so your experience may be different. Our boarding time was 5 pm on the app. We arrived at 11. Followed the expedite arrival signs. Stopped maybe a minute so they could scan the app. 10 minutes at security. Dropped carry on in cabin collected keys on door. Total time less than 15 minutes, most of that at security - wheelchair can't use machine.
  12. Unlimited minutes, two different devices can be logged in at the same time. I used that same package on the equinox not long ago. It’s great for emails and surfing if you don’t mind slow response times. We used it mostly for email and downloading books and videos in the background. You can’t stream but if your service allows you to download you can do that overnight.
  13. We had the Surf package on the equinox from Los Angeles to Hawaii. It would not support Wi-Fi calling. It was significantly slower than the full package. I know because we used our elite minutes before we activated the Surf package and it was capable of supporting Wi-Fi calling.
  14. well I have been to all these ports but sadly I cannot remember. I’ve used a power chair or scooter for over five years So haven’t a needed a tram. Seems like most of the islands that had a long pier had something. I would suggest contacting the special-needs department of the cruise line that you are using
  15. I am certainly no expert but I’ll give you my experience. First I can also walk a little. However getting through an airport and on a cruise ship is beyond my capability. So my choices are a chair or not go. I have chosen to go. That’s my choice and he will of course make his. I have owned two different power devices. The first was a drive medical scooter the second is a ForceMech. Power Chair. I much prefer the power chair for two reasons. It’s much more maneuverable and the batteries last much longer. The total weight about the same both weigh around 60 pounds. TheDrive scooter would co
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