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  1. I was rethinking my decision to get a FCC instead of cash refund on our canceled March cruise. Can I change that now or is it too late? Thanks, XRAY
  2. If I book a cruise, possibly in late February 2021, using FCC can I get any price reductions that may come along later? I have enough FCC to pay for the cruise and taxes with some left over at current rate. We will use the "pick your room" option as we need a stateroom close to a elevator. If I decide to change my stateroom later can I do this without penalty? Also, I have used "Insure My Trip" for past cruises. Since our cruise was cancelled in March should I get "comprehensive" insurance? We will have enough Delta credit to pay for the flight and the pre-cruise hotel will
  3. My Daughter in Gulfport, MS. texted me that WLOX News was reporting that the Carnival Valor and the Carnival Freedom will be docking there today with the possibility of another ship as well. I know of at least one other cruise ship has done this in the past when the Mississippi River at New Orleans was too high to safely go under the power lines crossing the river. I also wonder if the Port of Mobile will also be used. XRAY
  4. What time do they open the whirlpools in the morning on the Adventure? I am a very early riser and enjoy the quiet with much less activity in the early hours. Thanks, XRAY
  5. For days I have been looking for my cruise docs and luggage tags to be in my email. This morning they were there and I was overjoyed (doesn't take much). Soooooo, I decided to fix me a cup of coffee while they printed. Upon removing said tags and docs I set them aside on my desk. After returning from waking my DW the good news and receiving only a grunt and a snore I promptly spilled my coffee on them. OK, I know I can reprint them but my elation had been soured as I cleaned up my coffee with chicory (Cajun metal dissolver). I'm going back to bed and hope I don't trip over the cat get
  6. I usually get up very early on a cruise to take advantage of the relative serenity of the whirlpools. Can anyone tell me the hours of the Solarium whirlpools and the ones by the pools? For the life of me I can't remember the times on our last cruise. Thanks
  7. How do I access the helicopter pad on the bow of the Adventure of the Seas. Can this be done while underway or only in port? Thanks....XRAY
  8. We will probably use Delta. We normally use the luggage valet for simplicity. Our past 3 sailings have been on the Allure and the flights had to leave after 11:00 to use this program. I've seen some posts where the participating ships, airlines, and times were mentioned but can't find them now. The ship arrives back in Port Everglades on a Sunday and we will fly out of FLL coming home to Gulfport, MS. Thanks, XRAY
  9. We are sailing on the Adventure of the Seas (8 night) RT from Ft. Lauderdale. Will the Luggage Valet be offered. Need this info to begin our returning flight search. Thanks. XRAY
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