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  1. There are a number of people for whom vaccines either do not work or do not work as well. Most of these people are taking some types of immune suppressant drugs (for treating other issues), chemotherapy or something else that has impacted their immune systems. These people can vulnerable even after taking a vaccine and are great reason why EVERYONE needs to take a vaccine. We have to help each other and not just be selfish and think only about ourselves.
  2. I took allergy shots for years - one every couple of weeks. Not a big deal.
  3. Cruise lines will not have a choice. By summer, I doubt any foreign country will allow people in without a vaccine.
  4. We always give shots to millions of people. I got allergy shots for years once every couple of weeks or so and so do millions of others. We give millions of flu shots every year, we give millions of shingles shots every year. Used to get flu shots in my office when I was still working. Had someone come in and probably gave 100 or them in an hour or two. The problem this year is (1) ramping up production of the vaccine and (2) some of the vaccines need special storage. The result is that shots are not being given the way they normally are. This will change.
  5. If we all get vaccines as soon as we can, continue to wear masks, etc., the less the virus will spread and replicate itself and the fewer variants there will be.
  6. We will see, but right now my sense is that you have a greater chance of getting the virus with the SA variant even after having the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, but your chances of having to go to the hospital or dying are still pretty low. And, isn't that the main goal. Not that worried about getting a mild case.
  7. From what I have read, there is some thinking that having had the virus may in many cases be like getting the first of the two doses of the vaccine. There is at least some thought that people who have had the virus may only need one dose of vaccine.
  8. Got my second dose this week. My wife gets hers tomorrow. There really is a sense of euphoria about getting the vaccine. I feel as if I am getting my life back.
  9. You are correct about these needing an IV, but as I understand it they are not in short supply but rather going around unused. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/23/health/covid-antibody-treatment.html
  10. My wife and I got the first dose of Pfizer vaccine last week. Cannot wait to get second dose.
  11. I agree that the Spring and Fall are better for Mediterranean cruises for the reasons stated. But, look at your ports at different times of the year and make sure you are not going at a rainy time. It is less fun to sightsee in the rain.
  12. I would put ports and time of year as more important for European cruises than ships. We spend a lot more time off the ship on cruises in Europe than on cruises in say the Caribbean. And, you want to make sure you have plenty of budget for shore excursions (whether with the cruise line, a private guide, etc.). IMHO, the reason to go on a European Cruise is to see Europe.
  13. Wonderland is the only really good specialty restaurant on either ship. Also, Jamie's on Anthem is much better than Giovani's Table, which isn't that good.
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