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  1. Tibetan??? Really? Sign me up! That's my native language. And all these translations to English are getting annoying. It's obvious that much of what I say here is being misinterpreted in the translation. What is Millenial nonsense? See the problems this causes?
  2. I see HAL, Princess, and X as cuts above average with a bit older and more refind demographic. All have far less Millenial nonsense and a far more refined approach to cruising. I see NCL as a budget class ship along with Carnival. Cram 'em in, load 'em up, and give 'em lots of roller coasters, rock climbing walls, and other "fun stuff". And then constantly hound the cruisers to buy the latest drink of the day along with the latest picture specials. Although I have not cruised on them, I too have heard that Oceania, Regent, etc, are considred 'premium'. If you can afford it, I say go for it. I'll stick with HAL, X, and Princess, because I feel I get the most bang for my buck on a cruise that meets my demographic and budget.
  3. 1980dory


    Mercy me! How do you get all that through TSA? Not to mention, even on to a cruise ship. Compound all that with the fact that you're Australian, and probably a terrorist or drug smuggler. (Those beans look terribly suspicious). Better step over here and get a thorough screening. Not to mention the fact that the cruise line won't be able to sell you a 'coffee package'. Very suspicious indeed!
  4. Scooter: I'm sure that a camo bikini or speedo in Alaska will be quite OK if you so choose. FWIW: I am a certified 'Polar Bear' after a short dip in the arctic ocean (au natural). You may be overdressed if you wear swimwear. However, it's all up to you. Men: Be aware of the shrinkage factor! Nothing to see here folks. Just move along.
  5. Additional solid advice indeed! Don't wear a camo bikini to antarctica and don't wear camo boots, gloves and overcoat to the caribbean. It's probably OK in NewJoisey and Ms. Zippy though. 123 Scooter: The best consideration might be pickpocket proof pants and don't try to show off or wear your expensive jewelry. BTW: Where are you going? Might be easier to offer more applicable advice with a destination. Also: Probably not such a good idea to wear camo on board one of the Cunard Queens.
  6. No rules. Just apply common sense. Don't wear an overcoat, boots and gloves in the Caribbean. Don't wear a skimpy swimsuit in Antarctica. Just dress accordingly as you would when walking out your front door in the morning.
  7. I think I just found the definitive answer. On the tours by locals site, there are two pictures of the Sitka port with HAL ships clearly tied up at the dock. Pictures (usually) don't lie.
  8. Just to add to the confusion: I contacted Celebrity re: Millenium port stop in Sitka. They said that it was a docked port. I wonder if there is anyone in Sitka who can go down to the water and tell us if there is a dock. It sure would be nice to get a definitive answer.
  9. Likewise here but we're still able to lift it into or out of the trunk. Just remove the battery.
  10. 1980dory


    Gut, Yes. That's OK too. That would be freeze dried coffein.
  11. My source says the Tzora Lexis Light weighs 54#. Also, there is a significant difference in the type of battery you use. I have the optional LED battery which weighs 10# as opposed to the standard battery which weighs 20#. If you removed the standard battery, it would be 20# less than your 62# quote, or 42#. Add another 10# for the optional battery and it would be total weight of 52#
  12. There are web sites that have cruise deck plans along with many pics of specific cabins. At the least, you can get specific dimensions for your HC cabin. All HC cabins are larger than their standard cabin equivalents. I found the web site and it is a gold mine of information. It's a shame I can't provide that info but with a little Googling, I'm sure you can find it if you look for 'cruise decks' and 'plans'.
  13. As chicken little said, "The sky is falling, The sky is falling". I quit using a straw to drink when I was about five years old. Now that I am a big boy 65 years later, I can drink out of a glass all by myself and don't have to worry about this nonsense. And on the extremely rare ocassion that I do use one, I'm not going to worry in the least about destroying the earth, the universe or humanity.
  14. I like the fact that USAA covers everything with their Travel insured plan. I walk out of my house to go to the airport and it's covered. Lodging is covered prior to the cruise. The cruise is covered and my trip home via train is covered along with any additional motel stays. Everything is covered from my beginning vacation date to my ending date. As I understand it , other policies cover you only for the cruise itself. I've had a couple small claims with TI, but have always had prompt and courteous, hassle free service. I can't say enough about the USAA service! Book early and get the free prior existing condition included. I've even changed cruises after booking and they will transfer the policy to the new cruise.
  15. I'm on my second Tzora Lexis Light and I have been very pleased with it! They have been unbelievably dependable and I like the fact that they are made in Israel and not some third world backwater. I also bought the upgraded LED battery and have never run it completely down. I've been all over the world with it and have never had a problem. I think the current cost is about $1500 and to me that is quite reasonable. Yes, I'm sure there are cheaper models, but do you really want third world quality? Mine have lasted for years and I would never consider renting a scooter for a cruise because of the high rental cost.
  16. Brenda: Please pardon me. I just didn't know of your extensive experience when I replied. Next time I'll think twice before trying to be helpful. May you have a nice worry free cruise .
  17. I wouldn't worry about it in the least. The worst that can happen is you will miss ports. In which case the cruise line will take care of it and you also. I'm sure that they (cruisline) will make the right decisions and will certainly take care of their passengers. Any variations are usually compensated in one form or another. If you're still really uptight about this, maybe you need to cancel your cruise until you feel more comfortable. As to encountering demonstrations: If you encounter one, just do an about face and walk away. Most demonstrations are peaceful. But if you want to participate, then your risk factor may go up a bit. You're probably better off worrying about flying on a 737 Max if you need worry material.
  18. How much was he paid to come up with the paint scheme?
  19. Likewise. I'm on my second Lexis and I love the lighter battery. I have never exhausted it, even in running around all day in foreign ports. If you look, there are many bargains out there including free shipping and many extra (free) accessories on this model.
  20. I've been usuing a Tzora, Lexis Light for years. It is collapsible, under 50#, and can easily be broken down into 3 pieces. It has been very dependable and very fast. The greatest advantage to me is that it is quality made in Israel instead of some third world backwater. Most nowadays are made in those third world countries in sweat shops with people working for slave wages. The employees have no desire to make a quality product. Scooters are made with cheap and flimsy parts that break easily and often times cannot be replaced. If you're going to be travelling with a scooter, it better be dependable. Choose wisely!
  21. Likewise, call your airline with your booking info and advise them of your accessability needs. They will take care of everything and advise you accordingly. You have nothing to worry about. You will not be left stranded and helpless!
  22. Me neither! They call this 'revolutionary'? I thought that going from black and white TV to color was truly revolutionary. But doing the reverse and calling it revolutionary??? That must have been one tremendous sale on grey paint!
  23. My experiences have been different. On a flight to Singapore, my scooter was not waiting for me on arrival. If fact no one knew where it was and advised me to walk all the way to baggage claim to find it. On another occassion, my collapsible scooter was not rolled around on it's wheels. Instead, it was dragged upside down across a rough (probably concrete) surface causing extensive damage to the console, instruments, and an expensive bell. The finish was also severly scraped. My airline tried to say that it was previously damaged but could provide no evidence of such. I asked why they had not noted any damage prior to accepting the scooter. Since they did not do a pre-acceptance inspection they could provide no answer to the question. Ironically, one of their counter employees noted that the condition of the scooter "looked new". And on arrival, the pilot of the flight exited the plane and could not believe the damage to my scooter when he saw me trying to deal with the problem. I filed a formal complaint and after many months of hassle, the airline finally paid for the damages and the airline was gigged fort the damage.
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