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  1. I would be most happy to greet you (with a smile) and ask how you are doing. I may even inquire about your wife, dog, etc. if you like. How much will you tip me?
  2. Interesting. I just got off the Millenium and had a chance to talk briefly to the Captain about the absence of a small table to set room service orders. He replied that there had many complaints about this and that 1000 new tables had been ordered but that the process would take a couple months. Calicakes, this has a familiar ring to it! We'll see.
  3. Just got off the Millenium and did try both the shampoo and conditioner. First time in my life that the conditioner left my hair dry and stiff. I mistakenly thought it was supposed to be soft and fluffy. Millie just revolutionized! Many comments from others that the designer had never lived on or been on a cruise ship. No more pictures on the walls. Absolutely nowhere to place a room service tray once received. Maybe it's just as well because the room service menu has been dwindled down to the point where there is hardly anything one might want. Are they trying to discourage room services? Bathroom with only one light over the vanity. Toilet and shower areas very dark. TP holder that doesn't work. Yes, that's right. Touch the roll or try to pull off a couple squares and it falls off the holder. And usually rolls across the bathroom floor just when you need it most! Go ahead, try to retrieve it at that point. If you like monochromatic shades of grey, you'll love the new designer look. Actual living there can be a bit of a challenge. I really do miss the old look. It was very nice.
  4. You're a Brit and don't like tea???! Your very first cuppa must have been the Field and Stream brand brewed in ditchwater. A good cuppa Earl Grey will set you back on the right track. True history: That tea party thing in Boston had nothing to do with taxation! That ship was carrying a load of Field and Stream tea! And that's the real reason Yanks prefer coffee instead. Just look at Mic from Canberra. He now prefers coffee way down in Australia! Celebrity must have got a heckuva deal on a shipload (sp.?) of the F&S tea.
  5. Mic, No sense changing drinks every day. Just go with the beer from dawn to dusk. You'll be much happier.
  6. Mic, You won't get it on Millenium. Just got off the Millenium and all they had was some 'famous' off brand named Field and Stream. The Earl Grey had not a hint of oil of Bergemont. Vile. But in all fairness,they ARE trying to cut costs and that justifies any alternatives to real tea.
  7. Isn't it time to stop flogging this dead horse and start packing? It seems like a whole lot of energy is being expended here in continuing this flogging and in the end no one is educated, convinced, changes their views or comes away with a happy perspective. At this point I really don't care because I'm going on a cruise soon and I have packing and prep concerns that are far more important. I'm going to have fun and this flogging drags me down. Maybe we could change the subject to something more upbeat like tipping, smoking, booze smuggling, chair hogging, etc.
  8. Morals: Yes I have perhaps been remiss here and I have thought about it. And I do appreciate the labels YOU used as examples such as: stuffy, pompous, folks and real folks. Reminds me of a quote on the side of my elementary school: Who dares to teach, must never cease to learn. Again, thank you so much for your moral lesson. Table for two please!
  9. Perhaps they could divide the MDR in two. Those who wish to comply with the dress code sit on one side in civilized company and those who prefer riff raff, Bubba Class, or Bilge class behavior and attire on the other. Everybody is happy and no one needs to infringe on the other. No judgement. Just choose.
  10. Today it's the 'Me Generation'. There is no kindness, courtesy, or respect for others or any rules. Everyone is entitled. And because of this, no rules are applicable. What a twisted society we are becoming!
  11. Sometimes? Sometimes? I would use the term, "often". It's part of the, "I love to be offended culture".
  12. Thanks Tee; Hey! You can't say that! That's sex discrimination. And what about those who identify as women even though they aren't? Nowadays you can be anything you want to be. Gotta go? Use any restroom you choose. Remember, PC is the new standard. As to the flip flops: The prime critieria is that the toenails must be properly pedicured and painted. Be aware: The toenail police will be watching for proper compliance. And thank you LLP for putting women first ahead of other well qualified men. Good PC and certainly nondiscriminatory since you did it. How long before this is deleted by the PC police? And for those who are easily offended by all this, please review the definition of tongue in cheek humor and don't take everything so seriously. Have fun instead!
  13. Exactly how many fires were caused by decorations? How does placing them inside the cabin eliminate the so called 'fire hazard'? What has been the dollar cost of removing the decorations that have been left? How much time does it take to remove decorations from one door? Why not just add a service charge for removing decorations that are left on doors after the cruise? Why not get serious about real problems like SOLAS violations of scooter, wheelchairs, etc left in hallways and blocking emergency egress? NCL needs a name change. Perhaps; PPP for petty party poopers. It's past time to start getting serious about real problems and stop this petty nonsense.
  14. You don't need to brag about how lucky you were. Can't you see that they don't want you to try their smoothies and therefor close the venue to minimize the number of dissatisfied customers. Makes perfect sense to me. Has anyone ever seen LLP with a smoothie in hand??? Be observant and you will learn much.
  15. It sounds very much like the responses we get from our politicians. Do you suppose she was a politician in her earlier years?
  16. Here's a simple solution to this question. Just contact LLP and she will resolve it by August 12, 2919. She promised! And she will be just as responsive to the problem as she was with all the hoopla over balcony seats, loungers, and miniscule tables. What a great program and offer!
  17. I've always been familiar with the phrase. Are you taking tongue in cheek humor as serious comment???
  18. Oh my! Now you've done it! Perhaps you could have called her pleasingly plump or even un-dieted. Nonetheless, I'm sure you'll be blacklisted for this. Oh no ! Now I've done it ! Can't use colors. Now the speech police are going to get me too. Oh well. At least I'll have you for company in the speech jail. P.S. Please bring a file. Remember the good old days when no one got offended and everyone got along because no ill intent was meant.
  19. We're sure going to miss Luckie! And as the late Billy Mays would say. "But wait. There's more"!
  20. My opinion: When I see 5 cruise ships in the port with an average of 2000 people getting off each, that's around 10000 people ashore shopping in all the 'approved' shops for souvenirs that are made in China. That's just not my idea of tourism or seeing a different country. You may also be able to factor in all the aggressive and rude touts pushing their wares to the hordes of cruisers. The experience is neither new, informative, or pleasant. After one visit, you soon learn that there is, "Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along. Move along."
  21. Also refer to post #23 for when clo DOES leave the ship. What was that they say about glass houses? The speech police are watching your every move. Watch your step, sail7. You're being watched, very closely. Don't let it happen again.
  22. I think cruise lines would be well advised to study this thread for strategic planning purposes. It's surprising how many people are burned out with the caribbean. I think the market will remain for those in the cold north to go to the sunny areas and for those new cruisers who have never been there. But will this eventually change the demand for caribbean cruises as more and more people can say that they've been there and done that?
  23. Oops. I'm sorry. I really did wander off subject on this one. I take it all back Joebucks. I certainly don't want anyone to get the idea that I'm trying to be positive. I made a terrible mistake and I'll try not to let it happen again. No more talking about LEAVING the ship! And thanks for setting me straight CLO.
  24. You have a nice positive response. Perhaps others could learn from your approach.
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