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  1. We are Hilton Honers with beaucoup points. Checked to see if we could book a day room in Buenes Aires cause our flight misses the cutoff by 20 min. Yes we can for $326. Won’t take points. Sad.
  2. Interesting. We have used Tours by Locals several times and the very best one of all was Mumbai.
  3. You are right about the beauty of the Santa Croce. The first time we were in Florence my DH had that visit at the top of our to do list. When I asked why, he said that as a Catholic scientist, he had to go and apologize to Galileo.
  4. We have sailed into Bergen twice and both times the weather was spectacular! The locals were absolutely giddy both times, an absolute carnival atmosphere.
  5. Hmm. Wonder why they have never been stolen from the other lines. Having only cruised on Princess one time in our 37 cruises, I cannot comment on the amount of thievery that takes place on their ships but, a search on the CC boards will turn up many comments on the remarkable R— R——- products.
  6. Have done that frequently. Especially when staying in a hotel pre-cruise. got to love those wonderful plastic flasks.
  7. I also use the laundry service about every other day. i put it on the bed before leaving to go to dinner. It is pretty much always back the next afternoon.
  8. Then, of course, there is Viking--lets you bring on whatever you want.
  9. I guess I don"t but, what I have ordered is always sitting beside the ice bucket when we walk in.
  10. Hmm. Wonder why they have never been stolen from the other lines.
  11. Went on our first Princess cruise in June. Was surprised to discover that the bottles were so small and that they would not be in the cabin on arrival. Every other line has a a full liter waiting in the cabin on arrival. I assume that Princess is counting on you running out quickly and then buying from the bars.
  12. Thanks. We love the DV1 cabins facing aft. Glad to hear closet space is good.
  13. Only been on the Orion. What about the Jupiter? Drawers in closet?
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