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  1. On our Sept. cruise we would send laundry out with our evening turn down service and it was returned the following afternoon.
  2. Thanks all for the great info. So, yesterday I was able to book seats on the United flights over to the UK. when I pulled up my frequent flyer account. The return flight is on BA and they say no. My biggest fear is that because this flight is on a Sat. afternoon in the summer, there may be few seats left and the grands will be separated from us.
  3. Color me confused. We will be cruising with Princess, for the first time, next summer. Used EZAir because the price was better than I was finding. Got our flight itinerary within two days and were happy with it. Since we are taking two Grands on this trip and want to sit together,I went yesterday to the United website to reserve our seats. Using the Confirmation number on the flight itinerary, I was informed that seats could not be reserved because the tickets had not been purchased yet!! DH"s opinion is that since Princess does not have our money until the final payment, that they can"t purchase the tickets. If that is the case, how did we get an itinerary and confirmation number?
  4. How does the Premier beverage package work? Will we have a special card to use? Must we still add a 15% gratuity for each drink ordered? Can we use it to order spirits from room service? Got this a a promotion when we booked.
  5. last year our twin 12yo grandsons wore kakie (sp) pants, dressshirt, tie (one wore a bowtie) and blue blazer. so many passengers and dining room staff came to compliment them.
  6. I got the same “gift” yesterday. It was worth a giggle. Marianne
  7. Any ship that is going WHERE I want, WHEN I want is my current favorite.
  8. Taking two grands on a land and cruise tour of Ireland and UK next year. The were half price as 3rd and 4th passengers in a Mini Suite.
  9. Thanks everyone. We will be flying domestic from New Delhi to Mumbai. After a little more research, I found that the cruise port terminal does have a duty free shop. That should solve the problem.
  10. Have searched and can't find the answer to my question. Is it possible to buy a full bottle of scotch on board the ship (room service or bar) for in room consumption? Not sure there will be a place to do so before boarding in Mumbai.
  11. Thanks Peregrine. You are right, the prices are quite reasonable. I also hate doing laundry when I am on vacation. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Can anyone tell me the prices for sending laundry out to be washed? Thanks.
  13. The clinics in the US are called Passport Health. They are in most bigger cities, or one day a week in smaller towns. We got a YFV when we went to the Amazon 14 years ago. Just got it again for a trip to India. This one is now good for life. Here is the thing, these places do not REQUIRE this vaccination if you are coming from countries where Yellow Fever is not endemic. We got it for our own protection since it is endemic in Brazil and Delhi.
  14. We are flyingClaeveland to India and back from Bangkok. Viking air, business class. Air Canada over and Korean Air, Delta back. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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