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  1. Right. And with that said, I would still like recommendations from those who've taken this trip.
  2. Does anyone with past experience have a recommendation for which side of the Koningsdam is best for a Circle Hawaii cruise? (My preference is to see as much land as possible.)
  3. IMHO - The bigger problem will be getting the ship's crew vaccinated. What "developed world" politician is going to offer up vaccine doses for cruise ship crew ahead of their own citizens! And will those of us lucky enough to be vaccinated want to sail with an unvaccinated crew?
  4. From the following email from Celebrity a week ago, has anyone received the promised "recording of the event? Yesterday we sent you an invite for an exclusive Captain’s Club webinar all about Alaska on Thursday, January 28, 2021. Due to overwhelming demand, the event filled up with thousands of members in less than an hour. In order to maintain the quality of the event, we had to limit registrations. We are so glad to see so much interest and we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to participate. So, we will be sending out a recording of the
  5. Does anyone have a guess-timate on when HAL typically announces their 2nd half, 2022 Hawaii cruises?
  6. I just applied to RCL for my Azamara shareholder credit for my upcoming cruise and was approved. Apply soon if you want yours too.
  7. Anybody have any great Celebrity back-to-back cruises they plan to book or can recommend in 2022?
  8. The movie sound is great! It must be on her end.
  9. Either my sound is bad or she's speaking in Swedish.
  10. Gosh - We're REALLY earning this PUPs tonight!
  11. I have to admit I stopped following all of the cruisecritic entries pertaining to this issue...too depressing. I'm glad that you didn't lose any money...like me.
  12. Correct! (I got tired of typing midway through my missive and decided to skip every gory detail.) I still stand by my $40,000 savings calculation, though.
  13. FOR US CITIZENS..... Do not make the mistake of thinking that cancellation insurance covers you in any way in the event that the cruise line cancels your cruise. I have had 4 TOTALLY uninsured cruises canceled this year - 3 due to Covid-19 and 1 cruise where the ship was sold from under me (thanks a lot Holland) - and have not lost a dime on any of them! (Okay, it took a while to get all of my dimes back, but, everyone experienced this.) Frankly, those people who had cancellation insurance for these cruises got all of their money back, too...EXCEPT for their damn insurance premi
  14. I'm thinking about sailing on the Westerdam in a veranda (VA) cabin and read that those cabins on the Veranda Deck have balconies that are 4.5 feet wide whereas those on the Navigation Deck are 5.5 feet wide. Is this true?
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