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  1. Still waiting for a call. Some have been booking since last Sunday.
  2. I agree. I have picked up a few books over time I would never have considered reading and thoroughly enjoyed them. I often take books I've finished to leave on board. I won't be doing this during the current health concerns.
  3. I didn't find the conditions on the cruise as bad as you. It depends what you expect from the ship and the places you visit. They can only do so much and if it means restricting or stopping activities to control the spread on nora virus then so be it. I have been on P&O more than once, when there have been cases of nora virus and they don't take the same stringent steps Saga have. They don't keep you as well informed and I think if they revealed the numbers we would all be shocked.
  4. I was relaying the information the Captain told us in his morning address.
  5. It the winter vomiting bug, gastroenteritis sometimes it’s called Nora virus. There have been fifteen cases according to the Captain, no new cases today and none of the crew have been affected. Providing you continually wash your hands and use the sanitisers, as I am, I don’t see it as a problem.
  6. The hot chocolate is lovely. I’m enjoying a cup in the living room as I type.
  7. The P& O ships also suffer from out breaks of Nora virus but apart from a notice sent to the cabin very little information was ever disclosed on any of the P &O ship I have travelled on.
  8. It is still onboard because passengers are not following the guide lines laid out. Failing to wash their hands. He has given the numbers affected and NO crew have been affected. You heard wrong, the theatre is operating normally and has never been closed. There is an option to see the shows later via the TV channels. Everything is cleaned right down to all the tour buses being used by passengers. Due to those passengers confined to cabins requiring three meals a day all cabin room service has been suspended. Those in suite still have this option
  9. It’s all just hear say. The theatre is open. The onboard performers are doing, well just that performing. New acts are joining the ship and those finished entertaining the passengers are leaving. Art and craft classes are well attended as are the dance classes. The gym is busy and the fitness classes are popular. Every thing is running like normal, yes there is Nora virus onboard but providing you maintain a high standard of personal hygiene every thing should be okay. I think you are wrongly trying to scare people.
  10. I’m very surprised to hear these comments. I am onboard this cruise and the Captain is being very open about the Nora virus, with regular updates. Procedures have been put in place and providing the passengers adhere to them, its working well. There were passengers onboard up until a few days ago still failing to wash their hands after visiting the toilets and some trying to enter the buffet without using the sinks. Staff are now stationed around the ship ( and with the Captain's full support ) are making sure hands are washed. All food is being served by the crew. There are hand san
  11. The ship is not due to dock until 12.30 today and we have a new sailing time of 10pm.
  12. Those that are onboard sailing back to back are being confined to their cabin for 48 hours. This is from a lady on board now.
  13. I’m looking forward to going on the Spirit of Discovery soon in search of the Northern lights. When the weather is cold and fresh you can’t beat wrapping your hands round a cup of delicious hot chocolate. Is there hot chocolate available?
  14. Interesting. I will have to check before or cruise on Island Princess next year. i always take my own coffee as I don’t like the Princess coffee.
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