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  1. Interesting. I will have to check before or cruise on Island Princess next year. i always take my own coffee as I don’t like the Princess coffee.
  2. Princess becomes a little more English when sailing out form Southampton. Kettles in the cabins and formal night although less nights, most people dress up. The passengers are International and so are the crew. It makes for a very enjoyable cruise. The drinks service charge is 18%,. English bacon is available in the MDR, Tea, take a chance, you need to ask for extra tea bags to get it strong enough. Just ask, nothing is too much trouble, excellent service. I love you can ask for iced water, coffee, tea at any time any where. The waiters are not on commission so everyone is happy to help. Cruised 2018 and 2019 on Sapphire Princess, booked to go on Island Princess and Grand Princess next.
  3. The meet and greet is up to the individuals. Sometimes we go sometimes we don't. I just depends what else is going on. Its a good place to ask questions about the ships and ports and it's always easy to find and go back to.
  4. We are sailing on Sapphire Princess the same day so that's two big ships in. I wonder if there are any more?
  5. Neptune grill on deck 9. On embarkation day it serves fish & chips, burgers, hot dogs and jacket potatoes. Later on the cruise they add handmade sandwiches and salads We found it very quiet when we went.
  6. On the Sapphire shortly. I will take a look.
  7. We've been April, May time and had mixed weather. One time we had perfect calm seas and wall to wall sunshine. Fingers cross for something similar and only carry waterproofs just in case. Not long now.
  8. Has anyone researched the weather for this cruise? Not been at this time of year before.
  9. Isn't the world cruise broken down into sections? Could it be applied each section? I don't know but just a thought.
  10. I will be joining you on this cruise. Can’t wait.
  11. This sounds interesting. Do you know what cabin grade they are or where to look on the ship plans?
  12. That's what I was lead to believe, Blue cards until they turn 18 and then the appropriate card for their loyalty cruise credits with the benefits.
  13. Two new Princess cruise ships to me. They are both coming to sail from Southampton in 2020 & 2021 What can you tell me about them good and bad, pictures too if you wish. What can I look forward to?
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