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  1. I want to thank everyone who replied to my not receiving a $500 refund on card. I am still fighting the issue. The Credit Card Co is investigation the problem. If all fails, I will start letter writing campaign. Sorry to be so late with my thank yous, but life continues to interfere. Will post outcome (if and when).
  2. I am posting this hoping that someone may have some ideas regarding this dilemma. I booked a cruise out of Galveston for April of 2022 on Allure. That cruise was cancelled. I requested a refund of my $500 deposit. RCCL say that my credit card was credited on 8/02/2020. My travel agent sent me an email with the aforementioned information and an internal number. The email was originated in the Resolutions Dept. I have not received the credit on my card. Credit Card Company says that they never received the $500. I have made numerous calls to both companies to no avail. I am open to any suggestions you CC members may have. Thank you.
  3. I am replying to the previous posts. I cruised on the RCL Liberty of the Seas. Like Texas Tillie says, I have come home from cruises and had the "cruds" for several days and then got better. This was totally different from anything I had ever experienced. I have never originated a post before and obviously didn't do it right. I meant to post it on the RCCL postings, not the Gulf Coast posts. I tried to look for my roll call to post my question but it had disappeared by the time I felt up to doing it. Thank you for all of your responses.
  4. I took a cruise in December from the 8th - 15th on the Liberty out of Galveston. Two days after returning home, I started feeling bad. Within 3 days I had severe breathing problems which acted like bronchitis. It got so bad that I rattled when I breathed. I got somewhat better in the following days but was never well. Finally went to the dr. on January 2nd and found out I had Pneumonia. Took another two weeks with antibiotics to get better. I would like to know if anyone else on that particular cruise became ill with similar symptoms. Thank you.
  5. We had a balcony cabin and the bed was not removed.
  6. My experience with renting a recliner is 10 years old. We rented a recliner from them in 2009 for our daughter. With a bad back that is what she sleeps in. The only other requirement was a handicap cabin in order for the chair to fit through the door way. The price then was about $275. Hope this helps a bit.
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