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  1. I want to thank everyone who replied to my not receiving a $500 refund on card.  I am still fighting the issue.  The Credit Card Co is investigation the problem.  If all fails, I will start letter writing campaign.


    Sorry to be so late with my thank yous, but life continues to interfere.


    Will post outcome (if and when).

  2. I am posting this hoping that someone may have some ideas regarding this dilemma.  I booked a cruise out of Galveston for April of 2022 on Allure.  That cruise was cancelled.  I requested a refund of my $500 deposit.  RCCL say that my credit card was credited on 8/02/2020.  My travel agent sent me an email with the aforementioned information and an internal number.  The email was originated in the Resolutions Dept.  I have not received the credit on my card.  Credit Card Company says that they never received the $500.


    I have made numerous calls to both companies to no avail.  I am open to any suggestions you CC members may have.


    Thank you.

  3. I am replying to the previous posts.  I cruised on the RCL Liberty of the Seas.


    Like Texas Tillie says, I have come home from cruises and had the "cruds" for several days and then got better.  This was totally different from anything I had ever experienced.

    I have never originated a post before and obviously didn't do it right.  I meant to post it on the RCCL postings, not the Gulf Coast posts.  I tried to look for my roll call to post my question but it had disappeared by the time I felt up to doing it.


    Thank you for all of your responses.


  4. I took a cruise in December from the 8th - 15th on the Liberty out of Galveston.  Two days after returning home, I started feeling bad.  Within 3 days I had severe breathing problems which acted like bronchitis.  It got so bad that I rattled when I breathed.  I got somewhat better in the following days but was never well.  Finally went to the dr. on January 2nd and found out I had Pneumonia.  Took another two weeks with antibiotics to get better.


    I would like to know if anyone else on that particular cruise became ill with similar symptoms.


    Thank you.  

  5. My experience with renting a recliner is 10 years old.  We rented a recliner from them in 2009 for our daughter.  With a bad back that is what she sleeps in.  The only other requirement was a handicap cabin in order for the chair to fit through the door way.  The price then was about $275.  Hope this helps a bit.

  6. I would suggest you contact this individual, with all the information concerning this incident. It's too late concerning your situation, but maybe a repeat can be avoided in the future.


    Aurora Ayera-Rodriguez

    Aurora "Laly" Yera-Rodriguez Director, Guest Relations & Shared Services Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, & Royal Caribbean International




    We want to thank you very much for giving us this information. The incident was handled to my in-laws satisfaction. Laly is looking into why this may have occurred.


    Thanks again!


  7. Here's the information for how to contact the ship to leave with friends and family back home. They will need to know the ship's name. I also give them my cabin number and of course they know my legal name.


    888-724-7447 ($7.95/minute)


    The number which you gave above is the number my in-laws' son called. The message was not forwrded to them.

  8. My BIL and SIL took a cruise on Liberty on April 3-10 of 2016. On April 6th a relative passed away. My in-laws' son called the ship and left a message telling them of the death with whoever answers the ships phones. In-laws never received the message. Found out when they came back home.


    This should be brought to someones attention. Fellow CCers who should be contacted and how?


    Thanks in advance for you help.



  9. Little confused about category D2 balconies...on Royal's site it indicates that D2 cabins are Oceanview cabins with larger balconies (the deck plan shows a larger balcony as well looking at the cabins). Yet a Google and Cruise Critic search for D2 vs D4 balconies results in numerous posts saying that the only difference is location...no mention of larger balconies except for category D1. Can anyone say for sure if D2's have larger balconies than D3-D8? Don't wanna pay the difference in price if the balconies are the same.


    We have balcony cabin 12242 on Allure in August of 2016. If you look at the ship deck plan for deck 12 starboard you will see larger balconies. It was explained to our TA that this area used to be a or several suits with larger balconies. This area was turned into balcony cabins. Don't know if this helps but that is what I was told.


    Good luck. If you have more questions - just post.

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