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  1. I loved the Inspiration as much as the Dream. I like the intimate feel of a smaller ship. But I also loved Allure! I think all the sizes have their plus sides.
  2. This post makes me very excited to experience the Miracle in Long Beach!
  3. not sure if these have been shared: welcome2winning welcome2deals welcome2offers
  4. the gift cards are now displaying for me with Allstate, all is now right with the universe 😂
  5. I can log in to Allstate but zero gift cards are available right now, maybe they are updating.
  6. What type of items are you referring to? I'm just curious as I was planning on ordering a few things through Carnival to be delivered to the cabin but when I put them in the cart it didn't show a delivery fee, and I don't want to have a surprise charge.
  7. What a nice surprise for your family!
  8. Can we have a list of where to get deals on drinks or free drinks while cruising? I know many will say "Cheers" but I can't see spending $858 plus extra tips for a week for 2 people on beverages. I think if I drank enough liquids, alcoholic or non, to break even or come out ahead I'd be floating away! I also don't want to be trashed, just a nice buzz is good 😁. I do like the idea of prepay but I also don't want to be consumed with getting my money's worth, especially on port days. I know Cheers is great for some, but what if it's not a fit? What are your best tips for Carnival for enjoying beverages without paying as much as one person's cruise fare? Bar deals, your favorite mixes you bring onboard?
  9. I think the art auction isn't a total waste, you get champagne.
  10. We haven't gone yet, but researched a whole slew of resorts before deciding. The reviews are really good, it's adult only and it's like 10 minutes away from port. We don't want to feel pressured or scared about the time, or traffic, so we decided against the resorts further away. The Marriott was a real contender too but we want to experience all inclusive, plus we aren't bringing kids. We have the option of checking out Now Amber from Secrets since they are sister resorts.
  11. We've been researching this a ton in the last couple of weeks. For what you're looking for, in Puerto Vallarta it seems the Westin or Marriott might be similar to the type of thing you are looking for. You pay $25 to $28 ish USD and get most of it back in credit towards drinks and food. We finally picked Secrets, $75 all inclusive and it's only 10 minutes away from port. Don't know about Cabo yet:) We did see some restaurants on the beach rent loungers.
  12. I believe the Carnival website states you shouldn't book a flight before 11:30 AM, I just looked it up a few days ago but can't find it now, but I think it depends on which airport and your own situation. If you have priority debarkation in various ways, or if it's Long Beach, an early flight is safer. SNA is furthest away and LAX is the most challenging to navigate, I've departed the Long Beach port to all three airports after a cruise and am personally uncomfortable booking prior to 12 30 to LAX and that's if I have priority debarkation. Long Beach airport is so much easier, we booked an 11 15 AM for our next one but we also have FTTF. Traffic can be so iffy and it's not worth it to me to depart a wonderful relaxing cruise only to be frenetic and crazed on the last day, worried about flight times and traffic.
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